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Happy New Era, Children of Light!

Children of the Matrix no more! We are Children of Light. With this shift of identity, a whole new range of possibilities opens up, leading to more freedom and happiness.

- A Follow-up from Pleiadian Builders of Newgrange

The next three weeks are important for us, the Newgrange-born Children of Light.

If you can hold the Bliss Vibration, if you can lock the new pattern of vibration, the Child of Light becomes a new SELF, who's taking you into a new personal era.

If you can’t hold it, the initiation experience may fade away and become a distant memory.

As for me, I had a most magical Winter Solstice rebirth. Since the start of November, a powerful energy wave has been engaging me on and making me soar, higher and higher in a space of clarity. I’ve been in a peculiar state of sweet happiness for seven weeks now.

Heavy vibrations do come back from time to time to get me to repeat the old. After the Newgrange Initiation, however, the habitual old seems to have lost most of its grip on me. It's much easier now to clear invasive moods, to shift my vibration back to a happy one.

Has it become easier for you, to make vibrational shift? Just don't expect an overnight change. Just keep doing the "5 Minutes a Day" and it will become easier for you to get out of bad moods.

Bliss is a matter of what you align yourself with.

I'd stay aligned with the Womb of Light, where Bliss Vibration is abundant.

Hey you, a Child of Light, keep going!

Your future is super bright!


Bliss Vibration is our best weapon

to beat the plandemic and the Matrix.



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