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Newgrange Portal Open at Winter Solstice  

Born into the Light

2020 Message from Pleiadian Builders of Newgrange

Our signature temple, Newgrange, a miniature Earth Womb

is destined to birth new humans for the new Earth.


During the Neolithic era, Newgrange facilitated the biological births of special children, born into the light of the Winter Solstice sun. On 12.21.2020, she becomes a living Gaia Temple by symbolically birthing a new kind of human—a Child of Light—in galactic sunlight.


This special and exciting soul event (for the first time in history) is open to all who hear our call.


You can be that Child of Light.

Photograph by Cyril Byrne - courtesy of The Irish Times



This is a self-initiation rite.


"Born into the Light" refers to a symbolic birth—a soul act in the 4D. By making this ritual act, you birth a new self, thereby contributing to the collective birth of an archetypal new human for the new Earth: a Child of Light for the Age of Light.


One archetypal Child born in an Earth Womb by numerous individuals on the planet—one Child born by multiple initiates—this is a brand new act in your Earth human history (what does it mean? read Qin-Ra's note from 2023).


12.21.2020 is the coded time and Newgrange the designated place. 

Some Basic Facts:

- The 4D is the portal dimension between 3D and 5D. It is the realm of symbols, concepts, and archetypes.

- To connect to 5D light, humans must use 4D vehicles such as imagination.

- Newgrange is a multidimensional device, a portal into lower and higher dimensions. 

- Newgrange is a Temple of Life that celebrates the love union of Earth and Sun—the source of life.

- Newgrange imitates the Earth Womb.

- Newgrange commemorates the Pleiadian-Sirian Alliance, as a portal to the P Field and S Field.

- The Sun is a portal to the Galactic Central Sun, Ra.

When & Where

When & Where

Any Time


Any time in the three days (12/20, 21, 22) is fine. You can, of course, synchronize your act with the peak point of the Great Conjunction of Jupiter - Saturn (12/21 18:20 UTC) or the exact point of Winter Solstice Sun- Earth (12/21 10:02 UTC). The rite itself could last a few minutes or a few hours, depending on individual wishes. 

Any Place


No need to travel to Ireland! Just stay at your current location, be it New Delhi or New York.

Find a space where you can be alone, relaxed, and undisturbed for a while (e.g. on the beach, in a garden, in a room, or even in a car), a comfortable space where you can close your eyes and let your soul jump timeline and enter the womb reality of Newgrange in the astral realm (4D).


The astral temple of Newgrange is accessible from hereon to those who acknowledge and honor her existence.

Newgrange Portal Winter Solstice Sun.png

Photo courtesy of The Irish Times


"Born into the Light"— this soul act is done through the power of imagination (visualization).

Option 1

You imagine the whole scenario (inside Newgrange, a Child of Light is born into the light of the Winter Solstice Sun) in whatever way you like. 


Option 2

Follow the suggestion below:

Imagine a baby just out of its mother’s womb inside the Womb Temple of Newgrange.


The baby has made its first cry but not yet opened its eyes. The baby rests in the arms of its mother, surrounded by a ring of women who are singing to welcome its arrival. This is the early morning of Winter Solstice. Piles of fire light up the uterine space, making it warm and cozy.

Now, a spark of sunlight appears in the tunnel leading to the chamber. The spark of sunlight quickly expands into a sunbeam, which shines through the tunnel into the chamber and arrives at the position of the mother and child. 

The mother extends her arms out and places the child in the sunlight. The child, feeling the touch of the Sun on its face, opens its eyes for the first time. The child sees a sea of golden light, feels a sensation of liquid warmth, and hears the soothing sounds made by the ring of women. The sight, the sound, and the touch deliver to the child the message: “Welcome to a world of loving light!”

At hearing the message, all the chakras inside the baby’s body open up and connect to the high vibration of the golden light. In this golden light, there is love from Earth, love from Sun, love from the planets, love from the stars, and love from the Galactic Sun. With all chakras activated by this cosmic golden light, the central channel of light inside the child’s body is activated, and a base vibration of light is established for the child’s life. A Child of Light is born.

You are this Child. 

There's no other child in the background. Newgrange is all yours. You must imagine yourself as the one-and-only child of Earth and Sun, as the sole center of a vast field of light. 


Never underestimate the power of imagination. It is through this precious 4D endowment that you re-connect with cosmic light, that you re-connect with us, your Pleiadian Family of Light in the 5D.


And don't underestimate the power of the individual, who's never alone in the spirit realm.  



This soul act in the 4D isn't a mass meditation or a birth en masse. Numbers don't matter here - all it takes is one individual kickstarting the process.


Some individuals will hear the call, seize the opportunity, and make the act, thus forming a de facto group act. Some would imagine a girl and some, a boy. Some would wonder, “Who’s firstborn?” There is no birth order or gender priority in this simultaneous multiple-individual soul act.


You who make this soul act will be among the first group of initiates, symbolically born on the Winter Solstice of 2020. Another group will be born in 2021, then another in 2022, in 2023…all contributing to the establishment of the Child of Light as a new icon in the collective human psyche.

As for yourself, you've set a new standard and new paradigm. You've done something you can forever be proud of—you activated the Newgrange Womb (who'd been dormant for 4,000 years). In return, Newgrange activated the Light Body level of you. A mutual activation done!

Child of Light logo (sun).jpg

How to Prepare for this Initiation?

What to Do on 12/21/2020?

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