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Newgrange - an Earth Womb Temple

Built by a Pleiadian Team 

A Womb, Not a Tomb!

Newgrange - The First Pleiadian Temple Revealed at Dawn

Pleiadian bringers of civilization and builders of megaliths return to reveal one of their key sites: Newgrange—an Earth Womb temple for initiations of light.

Ireland’s World Heritage Site, Brú na Bóinne, originated as a megalithic campus. It was built by Pleiadian civilizers during the Neolithic era to help local tribes develop a civilization of light.

newgrange pleiades

 The Brú na Bóinne Complex Included Newgrange, Knowth, Dowth, and more.  Photo courtesy of

Around 9500 BC, a Civilization Mission from the Pleiades landed in the Middle East and initiated the Neolithic Revolution. Around 5000 BC, after seeding agriculture in many parts of the Earth, the Pleiadian mission came to Ireland, landing first at the Hill of Tara.

Ireland was a designated “kindergarten for starseeds,” a preschool with three grades that taught the Neolithic "children" skills to grow civilization.

Pleiadian Ireland

One of the "kindergarten" teachers was Sincera, a Pleiadian wisdom being.
Now back on Earth, Sincera revealed through her channel Qin-Ra (WJ Qin), the Pleiadian and Sirian roots of Earth-human civilization.

Newgrange was built by her team, the Pleiadian Group of 8.  
Below is Sincera's account of why the Pleiadian Group of 8 built Newgrange.

Newgrange Pleiades

Newgrange - A Womb Temple
for Initiations

An Excerpt From Chapter 11 "The Sirian Father" in New Humankind: A Pleiadian Herstory

Sincera Speaks

After the equilibrium point, the Female Wave started the course of descent, the Male Wave the course of ascent.


In terms of child development, you starseeds in Ireland were leaving the Age of Mother and entering the Age of Father, ready to learn a new repertoire of knowledge from the father figure—the Sirian Techno intelligence.


Thus, upon your completion of Grade 2, we invited our Sirian ally to our Irish kindergarten to co-teach the next grade. The curriculum of Grade 3 was centered on learning technology, in a broad sense of the word. 


We, the Group of 8, had moved back to the east of Ireland and opened up a new center. At Boyne River Valley, not far from the Hill of Tara, our first landing site, we constructed a mega temple complex, today known as Brú na Bóinne (including Newgrange, Knowth, Dowth, and more). 


Around the same time, we added new structures to the Hill of Tara and constructed an elaborate complex on the hill site today called Loughcrew, known then as the Hills of Initiation.


These megalithic sites on the east of Ireland became new centers to learn higher knowledge; meanwhile, older sites such as the field complex of Carrowmore on the west continued to function as centers for traditional/foundational knowledge.  


For these new building projects that spanned through the fourth and third millennia BC, our architectures became more massive in size and more intricate in style. These mega stone temples had been created in stages, to accommodate the changing needs of our initiates. Our megalithic sites would evolve in time: they would grow with human consciousness and go through their own life cycles.


That is to say, a megalithic temple has her childhood years and adult years. 


Besides having multiple layers of design purposes, our megalithic temples were anchored in multiple dimensions. Vibrationally rooted in Gaia’s heart in 1D, they served as the abodes for 2D nature spirits (the fairy-like Tuatha Dé Danaan, for example, turned our cairns into their palaces and in return served as site keepers and site protectors). And they functioned as portals into 4D planetary realms, into 5D, 6D, 7D, and 8D stellar realms, and even into 9D galactic realms.


In the 3D, many of them were (and still are) Earth Womb temples, made to mimic the everlasting uterine energy of your mother, Earth.  

Newgrange Pleiades

The Earth Womb (the Cave-like Chamber inside Newgrange)

Our womb temples were living classrooms for the third-grade education on technology.


Grade 3 was a period of great advancement in both material and spiritual dimensions. To put it in grossly simplified terms, during Grade 3 the Sirian teachers taught you material technology while we Pleiadian teachers taught you spiritual technology. 


I speak first of the Pleiadian side.


With the advent of the Age of Father and the Age of Sun, you began to expand beyond your tribal and regional boundaries to acquire a broader perspective on the interconnectedness of all. We had taught you the concept of sacred place and sacred time in Grade 2. Now in Grade 3, we taught you the concept of alignment and correspondence. 


You learned to align your personal complex of five bodies with the complex of Earth energies and the observable cosmos. We introduced you to the celestial mechanics of Earth, planets, and stars to help you develop a holistic perspective on the cosmos as well as a unified sense of the self. Thus your chief assignment in Grade 3 was to embody the cosmos.


You learned to embody cosmic time.


Time wasn’t a number to you then. Time was still a place, perceived as the changing place of Sun, Moon, planets, and stars across the sky.


Our megalithic classrooms in Grade 3 were built in the round form not only to mark celestial movements with their curbstones but also to teach you how to flow through time in spatial movement, how to dance through cyclical time in a conscious and fluent way. You would physically move around these giant stone calendars, these “megalithic clocks,” and receive psychological guidance on how to organize your life in harmony with cyclical time.

Concurrently, you learned to embody cosmic space.


Space was perceived as concentric rings of planetary and stellar spheres, represented by the various celestial bodies twinkling in your eyes. As guiding devices, our megalithic temples were astronomically aligned with a multitude of celestial bodies.


Yet, they weren’t "astronomical observatories" for the purpose of watching and studying the sky as a curious but separate other. Rather, these astronomical temples lived to help you experience being one with the sky, being an integral part of the moving whole.  


Newgrange in the Boyne Valley complex is a fine example of our Grade 3 facility. It was the top classroom for experiencing “cosmic sexual union,” you could say. 


We built the dome structure as such to mimic the body of Earth Goddess in an anthropomorphic form.


The entrance is her vulva, the interior her uterus with two ovaries. 


This graphic resemblance to female genitalia was purposely done to heighten your awareness of the awesome Gate of Life.

Newgrange Pleiades

The Gate of Life  (Newgrange's Entrance and Passage)

The Newgrange cairn was primarily an Earth temple for Sun initiation.


The cairn should be seen as Gaia’s body personified. With its main energy gate (that is, the small rectangular window above the door) aligned with winter solstice sunrise, the dark womb space would be penetrated by a shaft of sunbeam on the shortest days of the year. 


The beneficiary of this extraordinary love union was not the temple itself, however, but the human initiate lying inside. Transformed by the unified energies of Mother Earth and Father Sun, the initiate would emerge from the birth chamber, reborn with a new aura and new awareness.

Newgrange Sun Alignment .jpg

Newgranges's Alignment with the Winter Solstice Rising Sun

The Newgrange cairn was secondarily an Earth temple for Moon initiation, where the initiate would experience oneness with the Moon, who is a spirit being, a field of vibration, a luminous aspect of one’s own planetary self.


At various times in her 19-year cycle, the Moon would cross the region in the night sky to which the window of Newgrange was aligned, and moonlight would shine into the dark womb space, flooding the initiate with moon wisdom and moon power.

The Newgrange cairn was thirdly an Earth temple for star initiations.


Newgrange’s window featured a most special alignment with the Orion constellation and the star Sirius during the second half of the 4th millennium BC. Around Winter Solstice, just after sunset, the Orion Nebula rose in front of the Newgrange widow (but hardly visible to human eyes due to twilight) about an hour and a half before Sirius rose on nearly the same trajectory. 


As for the initiate inside, the consecutive rising of the two sacred stellar beings would send into the chamber an intense stream of 8D-6D energy, perceived by the initiate’s inner eye as brilliant starlight. In that masculine starlight, the Light Body of the initiate was given the fuel for space travel—the Light Body acquired the power to fly to Sirius, to become one with a field of star intelligence, to become Sirius.


The alignment of Newgrange to Sirius commemorated the beginning of a Sirian Age in Pleiadian Ireland ca 3500 BC. We built the Newgrange temple also as a monument to the Pleiadian-Sirian Alliance, which commenced its operation in Ireland around 3500 BC.


From thereon, the Sirian “father” figure would join hands with us, the Pleiadian “mother” figure, and co-teach the Neolithic “child.”

Newgrange Sirius

The Sirian Age in Ireland  (ca 3500 — 2000 BC)

There is a lot more to Newgrange than meets the eye. 


Bordering the physical and the non-physical, the Newgrange temple has a visible part (the physical temple) and an invisible part (the astral temple).


While the visible Newgrange facilitated the initiation by the Sun, the invisible Newgrange facilitated the initiation by the Spiritual Sun (that is, Ra).


The hidden dimension of Newgrange could be seen by clear inner eyes and accessed by qualified initiates. To those who could access it, the astral Newgrange may have come across as an interactive temple of light. 

—   End of Excerpt  —

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Newgrange - A Temple of Light

Photo by Ruhrfisch / Wikicommons

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