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Are you ready for a time travel to meet our Neolithic and Pleiadian ancestors?


Are you ready for a spiritual adventure into a golden era when Pleiadian ETs walked side by side with Earth human beings, when tribal societies were equal, human relations were kind, and sexual life was free?


Journey to Our Neolithic Self ventures to the last time period when Earth humans were happy and free.   

Pleiadian initiators of the Neolithic Revolution return now to uncover an alien hijacking of civilization during the nighttime of history. The future of Earth depends on a radical return to pre-history, to the pre-hijacking phase of the Neolithic, to realign with humanity's true origin.


This book takes the reader to the heart of Neolithic life.


Two true-life stories (from Ireland of 3800 BC and Holland/China of 2006 AD) and two spiritual journeys (spanning 6000 years of time), capped by a Pleiadian Foreword and Afterword, constitute this multidimensional adventure—a nonfiction thriller.

A new wave of Pleiadian information arrives on the planet as book twins. New Humankind: A Pleiadian Herstory is the boy and Journey to Our Neolithic Self, the girl. Together, they tell a revolutionary story of Earth humankind—a radical alternative to official histories.


The twins’ real author is the Pleiadian human consciousness, Sincera, who is one of the returning ancient bringers of agriculture and builders of megaliths. The twins’ actual author is the Chinese American messenger, WJ Qin


Both are nonfiction. Each can stand on its own, yet begs to be read in company to make the picture complete. Which book to read first, the boy or the girl? The choice is to be made by the reader’s own heart.

Book Twins

Author’s Note

WJ Qin

A channeler is a translator. She converts spirit messages into words or images—she decodes. An act of interpretation, channeling can never be 100% pure or 100% true.

A responsible channeler, I think, is one who makes it a practice to test and critique the very information that has flowed through her body-mind-soul complex.  

Since my meeting with the Pleiadians in 2006 and my growing ability to channel Pleiadian messages, I have applied the test-and-critique method to each of my steps. What it means is, any information from my trusted Pleiadian Family of Light has to undergo the first test of the trained scholar in me.

But more important than applying the tools of reason and intuition is sending extraterrestrial information into the arena of personal experience. As you would agree, there is no better touchstone than that of one's own life experience.

I have spent over a decade testing Pleiadian information by way of experience. Twelve years of deep experience later, having zigzagged through trust and doubt, I can now say with a smile on my face that there is no inauthentic element in my books. It doesn’t mean that my books are totally or universally true. It does mean that they are experientially true to me, a responsible channeler.

I hope you, dear reader, will apply test-and-critique to every word I said or said through me. True or untrue? YOU are the judge.