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Civilization was originally a dome of culture based on the foundation of megaliths.

To rebuild a civilization of light, you need to rebuild the foundation first.

1. Who built those megaliths?

We, civilizers from the stars (known to your ancestors as the "Star People" or the "Shining Ones") built most of the megalithic sites on Earth during the New Stone Age and Bronze Age.

Are you "ancient aliens?"

No, we aren't ancient aliens; we are ancient families.


"Alien" isn't the right word because we, star humans, are related to you, the Earth humankind. We are all members of the galactic human family. As extraterrestrial human civilizers, we came from the star world of Pleiades and Sirius to bring civilization to our family on Earth. You can call us "Pleiadian and Sirian builders of megaliths" or "Pleiadian and Sirian families of light."

Are you gods and goddesses?

No. It was never our intention to be worshiped by you, our family on Earth. We welcomed honoring from you but did not demand or need worshipping from you. We were your teachers and guides. We were your friends and allies. We are always your family, equal to you in spirit.

Are you light ETs?

Yes, we are light-bodied human souls from other (or extra) dimensions. We are spirit beings of light. We are celestial energies of love and wisdom.

Are there dark ETs?

Yes, there are dark ETs—extraterrestrial beings with ill intentions.


The Anunnaki is the leading dark ET force intent on destroying Earth and humanity. The Anunnaki are non-human extraterrestrials who, during the Bronze Age, hijacked the Human Project and our civilizations. They built their style of megaliths (the ziggurats) in ancient Mesopotamia. As they conquered the world through warfare and trade, the Anunnaki occupied many of our megalithic sites. The Anunnaki are truly the aliens. (Read More: The Anu Age of Darkness)

What is the difference between Pleiadian and Sirian megaliths?

Pleiadians and Sirians are the two main groups in the Civilization Mission. We worked in different time periods, played different roles, and built different styles of megaliths.


Basically, the Pleiadians were mound builders and Sirians were pyramid builders. The majority of the world's stone circles, dolmens and mounds were built by Pleiadian civilizers during the "mother era" of civilization, with some sites containing a layer of Sirian post-construction. Similarly, some Sirian pyramids and megalithic cities which were built in the "father era" contained a Pleiadian layer of prior-construction.

Newgrange wide.jpg

Pleiadian Style

Image by Jeremy Bishop

Sirian Style

2. Why were megaliths built?

2. why built megaliths?

To support you and Earth.

The Civilization Mission sent by the galactic council aimed to establish a Civilization of Light on Earth after the cataclysm of 10,000 BC. We came around 9,500 BC and initiated the worldwide Neolithic Revolution. Megaliths were an integral part of the Neolithic Revolution.


In fact, the building of megaliths preceded the seeding of agriculture. 

Megaliths were intended to serve as foundation and pillars for the Civilization of Light. 

The human body

is a microcosm

of Earth.



sit on Earth's 

acupunctural points.

Multi - Functional Mega Stones

megaliths as acupunctural needles.png

as Acupunctural Needles

- revitalize Earth


- heal her wounds


- balance her telluric forces 


- strengthen her biosphere     

as Power Plants

Pyramids lighted.jpeg

- harvest energies


- transmit energies


- energize nature   

- energize culture     

as Portals

Sunlight into newgrange.small.jpg

- into other dimensions


- into other states of consciousness


- into other selves 



as Temples

Gavrinis chamber.jpeg

- for meditation


- for communication


- for medication 


- for education    


Megalithic Renaissance

For protection, we sealed off many of our megalithic sites as the vibration on Earth became increasingly heavy during the Bronze Age. To prevent power from falling into dark hands, we shut most of our megalithic power plants down before we retreated from Earth's physical plane.

We sent them to sleep.


Our megaliths have been lying dormant in hibernation mode through the long night.

Although occupied, vandalized, or even damaged, our mega stones are still alive. 

They await activation.


Dawn is here—time to wake up these sleeping giants. 

3. How to activate megaliths?

3. How to Activate megaliths?

Step 1 

Seeing through Lies

Tomb Conspiracy.jpg

Step 2 

Two-way Activation

Activate Megaliths small.jpg

Step 3 

Life-long Relationship

Chinese dolmen with man.jpg

Step 1    Seeing through Lies

Tomb Conspiracy.jpg

Tomb-branding has become standard practice: an academic party line.

If human bones are found at a house, it doesn’t mean that the house was built to store dead humans. Simple logic, yes?                         


User ≠ Builder

“User = Builder” is the unspoken premise which most archeologists work under. Whenever human remains were found at an ancient site, the academic party-liners would automatically hark back to their default Tomb Theory. The vast majority of our megalithic sites, therefore, have been labeled as tomb, grave, burial chamber, house of the dead, cemetery, or necropolis.

This Tomb Conspiracy, supported by pan-academia, has its secret agenda written all over its forehead: to scare you away.


To disgust you, another may say.


The subliminal message it plants in your head is a death consciousness: dead stones for dead bodies, opposite to life, joy, and power. The aim is to keep the stones as dead as the dead can be, to prevent them from becoming alive and vital again.

The megalithic cairn on the Hill of Tara (the so-called "Mound of the Hostages" in the image above) was a Womb Temple for initiation. Ashes and bones of an estimated 500 individuals have been found in both the chamber and the mound. What does this solid piece of archeological evidence prove? It proves of a Bronze Age vandalism, done by invaders and squatters, who had no connection with the original cairn or the indigenous people of pre-Celtic Ireland.

Stone Age Savages.jpg

Seeing through

the smokescreen of

"Neolithic Savages"

Your Stone Age ancestors are often portrayed in mainstream media as savages who were hairy, dirty, dumb, cruel, and bloodthirsty.


In fact, they weren't that savage-like in the old Stone Age even. In the New Stone Age, living in the light of civilization, your ancestors were refined humans, with fit bodies and bright minds. They lived in harmony and peace. Their vibration and consciousness were higher than yours.

The Savage Myth, now confusing the minds of the world’s majority, serves one sinister agenda: to block your memory and access to sources of power.

Time to get your prehistory straight.

Step 1

Step 2    Two-way Activation

Activate Megaliths.jpg

You activate them; they activate you.

It's always a two-way process, a win-win situation.

To activate these mega stones, you need not be anybody, or with anybody. You need no costume or wig, no technique or technology, no magic wand or magic word. You need no wisdom, no information, no knowledge. You need no training, no practice, no credential, no resume, and no diploma.


You need only one thing—your heart.

“Is that all?” you frown.

Isn’t that enough? Why do you always look down on the heart as an inferior thing to the head?

Try not to go to a megalithic site with your head, busy analyzing what this is for and what that is about, who has been here and done what, which kind of measurement would yield the best result. The head will never open the magic door. The heart will.

- Read the rest in  Ancient Pleiadians Return   p.49-58

To fully activate a megalithic site, 3 key elements must be in place:


1) Planetary alignment, 

2) Star builders' invitation,

3) Earth-human participation.


Full activation is the last step of a long process.

But each step of human activation counts.

Every personal activation adds to the warm-up.

3 points to bear in mind as you visit a megalithic site:

Conscious Stones

Our megaliths serve as holders of information and keepers of memories.    They are communicative with one another and with you.

Living Stones

Our megaliths are vibrational fields with dynamic personalities. They talk, sing, and move. They provide abodes for nature spirits (divas and fairies).

Magic Stones

Our megaliths are rooted in natural and supernatural realms. They possess powers to transform human life: not for the elite but for everyone. 

Human love is what activates mega stones.

Step 3    Life-long Relationship

Chinese dolmen with man.jpg

We had intended a 

symbiotic relationship

between you and our stones. 

Activation isn't a one-time event, but a continual and repeatable process that can last for a lifetime.

Our mega stones have their own life cycles. Just like you, they grow and become mature. Now waking up from millennia of hibernation, they can resume their growth process and fulfill their life purposes.

As you support their growth, they support your growth.

They need you as much as you need them.


See them as friends, as allies, and as companions.

Relate to them as living beings. 

Make a bond with them.

Grow a relationship with them.

Let them empower you, enrich you, enhance your being...till the end of your life.

You aren't supposed to live at a megalithic site. But you are supposed to visit a megalithic site that you've bonded with repeatedly, however long or short the intervals. 

You can bond with multiple sites and activate as many sites as you wish.


Every act of love counts.

Every bit of activation helps. 


Time to build a megalithic foundation for your personal life.


Always remember: 

Mega stones are mega tokens of our love for you. 

Step 2
Step 3

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