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The Power of Thy Past

Sincera, one of the builders of Newgrange (above), speaks of the returning Pleiadian civilization mission in her prelude book, Ancient Pleiadians Return.

Sincera Speaks

The Power of Thy Past


Your first time, this must be, to read a book foreword by an extraterrestrial (ET). 


I, a Pleiadian ET, made the innovation for a reason: the book (Journey to Our Neolithic Self) and her twin brother (New Humankind: A Pleiadian Herstory) were written at my request.


The secret mission of my book twins, I can openly say, is to tickle thy memory. 


To kindle your remembrance of how things were on Earth before dark aliens came. 


Before dark aliens came and messed up our civilization. I, Sincera, am one member of a large collective of star human souls, on Earth to restore our civilization of light. You could call us the light ETs, benevolent sky beings, star people, or Family of Light. But never call us aliens, or gods!  


Call us ancestors, please. 


We are your ancient family from the sky. Ancient, for we have visited you in the ancient days of your timeline, yet contemporary, for we have never left you behind. 


Bringers of agriculture, builders of megaliths, founders of civilization, teachers, helpers, and friends—think of us in such terms, and without a sense of worship, of course!


It was but a family affair: one half of the family helping another half in need. So why deify family helpers as a holier kind of being?

Domestication Myth.jpg

One of the biggest lies ever imposed on your mind is “the domestication of animals and plants by Neolithic man.”


The Domestication Story was implanted in you at such a young age and in such a wholesale fashion that you come to think of it as a collective memory. 


No, it isn’t a memory. It is a chip of pseudo prehistory inserted in your mind to block your memory. 


Any child could ask, “Why did it take hundreds of thousands of years for humans to tame wild beasts and plants?” Any adult could ask, “How did it happen all of a sudden? What accounted for the vast differences between wild species and domesticated ones in their physical appearances and genetic structures?” 


The Domestication Story could never withstand the scrutiny of a true scientific mind.

Myth of HIstorical Progress.jpg

An even bigger lie imposed on your mind is the Myth of Historical Progress.


The myth tells you that there has been a process of evolution, a process of things getting better and better for mankind—history is better than prehistory, and historical man is better off than prehistoric man. Prehistoric man had wooden clubs, flint knives, and bone pins, whereas historical man has iron daggers, steel swords, and stainless guns.


On a subliminal level, the myth gets you to look at your past through the lens of material tools (of the weaponry sort). On a deeper level, the myth gets you to think of your past in terms of external novelties—more specifically, in terms of gadget upgrades. 


The myth prevents you from seeing into the human interior. Instead of looking at the inner quality of man, you are led to look at the outer quality of his things. Instead of evaluating the state of human consciousness, you are led to evaluate the state of human technology. Instead of evaluating the impact of human technology on the whole, you are led to evaluate the impact of human technology on domestic life. 


On the deepest level, the pretty Myth of Historical Progress covers up a very ugly picture:

Prehistoric man was free

          Historical man is chained.

You, humans of the historical era, have chains around your neck and weights on your back. Now locked into a rat race, you citizens of the First World have 9-to-5 jobs, meagre 3-week vacations per year, and 30-year home mortgages. You live in an invisible cage and in constant fear of losing the essentials of life. Thou art the wild animals tamed by a system of terror techniques. 


“Domesticated”—the best species to bear this label is unfortunately you. 


Time to get your history (and prehistory) straight. 


“What’s the use of going back to prehistory when we are going forward into a new age?” you might wonder. 


Let me remind you that time moves in a cyclical way—never in a straight line. 


Your current time wave is approaching the closure point of a great cycle. Like it or not, you are going backward to reach the start point. Only after retouching the start point can you move into a new cycle, into a new era. 


You see, on this circle of time, your future begins from your past. 

circle of time.jpg

A chip of linear pseudo prehistory works as a mental device to prevent you from reaching the start point. The device holds you back from flowing with the rhythm of cyclical time. It holds you back by giving you a false shallow ground so that you won’t bend all the way down to touch your roots deep in the earth. It holds you back by herding you toward an illusory future, further and further away from your source, from your origin. 


Remember: the power of a thing resides in its origin. 


A false prehistory thus works to break the link to your origin. The fake stories of planet Earth and fake stories of the human race all aim at cutting you off from alignment with your mother planet, with your star families, and with your true self. When you are cut off from your origin, cut off from your roots in the past, you turn small and weak, easy to dominate. 


How a non-human extra-terrestrial force came to dominate you, mighty humans on Earth, is revealed in New Humankind: A Pleiadian Herstory. The Bronze Age was where it went wrong. An alien force of darkness invaded the Earth domain and infiltrated the human genome around 3500 BC at Sumer in the Bronze Age. 


Known then as the Anunnaki, this invader force set out to hijack the civilization founded by us, your Family of Light, and to steer it onto an alien course against the original purpose of the blueprint of civilization. The hijacked civilization has grown to be a monster of destruction, and has driven not only the human race but also planet Earth into dire straits.


This event, spanning 5000 years of earthly time, is history. 


The master deceivers, of course, would not want you to see history as it is. To keep you ignorant of the very event of hijacking is their top concern. They succeeded in keeping you ignorant for so long because the hijacking took place so early in the developmental stage of you as a species. 


It was a childhood event, whitewashed by time. 

It was a traumatic memory, repressed by pain. 


You have been kidnapped in your childhood. Taken out of a playground, you were sent to a labor camp and fed with a porridge of lies. With your mind stuffed with your kidnapper’s story of who you are and of what the world is, you were incapacitated in recalling the distant days of a childhood prior to the event of kidnapping. The disease of amnesia has become your normal way to be. You can’t even see that you suffer amnesia—such is the lethal effect of this top disease of the soul. 


It was an idyllic childhood, remember?


Idyllic not in the sense of being perfect, but in the sense that all key elements for a healthy child development were there. The Neolithic world was a milieu devoid of malice and chaos, an environment rich in love. 


What’s more, your parents were there—parents who respected you as equals and nurtured you in every possible way. 


Your parents didn’t abandon you—they were driven away. They were forced to leave the Earth shore. Not because they had no strength to fight sky invaders or alien kidnappers, but because they had to respect the choice of their earthly offspring. 


You went with the kidnapper! You chose to go with the seducer, to whatever place he had promised. You couldn’t resist the candy at first, and then you couldn’t resist the whip. 


How could we kidnap you from your kidnapper?

How could we impose our will onto your will?


We are your family, and family means respecting your wishes. We had no choice but to watch our beloved drifting away into the wild blue yonder while we clung to a pillar of faith and murmured, “This is only a bad dream that will end as soon as daylight arrives!”

Anu Nightmare Gaian Dream
Neolithic and Megalithic Dream
Anu Nightmare.jpg

Before the nightmare of history was a beautiful dream. 


A dream woven out of the dreams of many beings in the universe, to launch a civilization with infinite potentials and endless possibilities. A civilization rooted in the earth and reaching for the heavens. A civilization embodying the virtues of many species under the leadership of a most blessed species: the Earth human race. 


Ah, the Earth human race!


The center of cosmic attentions, the delight of the world soul, the grand experiment—an adventure guaranteed to last. An ultimate adventure, with unforeseen ups and downs, twists and turns, with unprecedented trials and tests, coming many a time to the brink of failure, and to the brink of success.   


So close to success were we, makers of a dream within dreams, we, masons of a stone dream. A new stone dream—a Neolithic Dream—had called us to fly across space and land on the shore of Earth. Soft earth, hard earth, sand, mud, pebbles, and rocks, whatever you could ask for from a material world was there in the playground of this open planet, a universal attraction.


Yet, we came not with an intention, but with an ambition. We came as a celestial team to expand the terra world of matter, starting with her quintessential kind: the earth. 


The earth element. The building block for a planetary structure was going to receive an initiation, an empowerment. Not that the earth element was weak or inert, not that the earth spirit was limp or dead, but it was time for an upgrade. 


A drastic upgrade was needed after the damage of the recent catastrophe done on the aura of planet Earth. Instead of a mere recovery, what the soul of Earth needed was a transformation—a leap of vibration, together with her human children. 


For that, we came.

Gobekli Tepe.jpg

We came to create new stones besides new species.


We, the bringers of stellar energies, and Gaia, the mother of planetary energies, were to co-produce new types of stone for this energetic upgrade. On the one hand, her native stones would receive a power charge from our starlight. On the other hand, an entirely new assortment of stones would be made, to store, convert, and transmit energies gathered from all directions. 


The new stones were power stones. The power stones were synthetic stones, manufactured with an artificial intent, “artificial” in the sense of having an origin in stellar human intervention.


The synthetic megaliths came in all shapes: round or square, triangular or irregular, slabs or blocks, and they came in all types: granite, basalt, sand stone, lime stone, or quartz. 


Quite often they were big, huge, gigantic. Their mega size wasn’t made to intimidate or to impress the human onlookers of then or of today. Their mega size simply served their purpose to stand as holders and transmitters of mega energies. Inevitably, their size reflected the size of their makers.


We were giants to you, and we were gentle to you.  


The giants raised the megaliths to raise human awareness of the sacredness of stones and the magic power of the earth element. The loftiness of these stones, the liveliness of these stones, and the supernaturalness of these stones were accentuated for an ambitious goal: to inspire Earth humans to grow tall and mighty, in spirit. So that they no longer think small of themselves, no longer feel helpless, no longer let external setbacks detain their divine destinies. 


The mega stones were meant to support a new relation with the earth, and with Earth. Our seeding of agriculture, prior to our making of mega stones, had produced a new bed soil, a new zone of earthy energy that expanded the planetary biosphere, that formed a uterine lining for the fetus of civilization. 


The mega stones were carefully placed at key spots of this energetic topsoil to serve as markers, as centers, as stations supporting the growth of this new relation. It was for both the planetary mother and her human children that the new stones were made, purposely made to work as cornerstones upholding an energetic foundation. 


And you humans were meant to live among and live with these stone posts of your greenhouse of civilization. Never to treat them as blocks of mute sculpture decorating your nature parks, or as chunks of nuisance clogging your wheat fields. Never to let them be covered by wild grasses or littered by unruly herds. But to maintain a symbiotic relation with them, to be fully co-dependent with them, to abide by them in life and in death. For, despite their mute appearance, they were family members: alive, buoyant, conscious. 


You were to go to the stones, alone, in pairs, or in groups, in health or in sickness, in sunlight or in moonlight, to ask or to pray, to take or to receive, as you would with the trusted elders of your own tribe; and more, to breathe with them, to sing with them, to listen to their whispers and their silence, to travel through them, to travel with them to reach the sun in the earth and the sun in the sky, to let them surprise you, play with you, stretch your imagination in ten directions—to grow up, with them as your companions. 


That was the megalithic dream within the Neolithic Dream.

. . . . . . . .

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