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Agriculture: A Spiritual Movement

You're about to read an excerpt from Chapter 10 in  New Humankind: A Pleiadian Herstory, a book channeled from the Pleiadian being, Sincera, by the starseed author, WJ Qin.

In Chapter 9, Sincera spoke of the introduction of agriculture by a civilization mission from the Pleiades.

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The Celestial Gift of Agriculture

Sincera Speaks

Agriculture: A Spiritual Movement

We provided you Earth humans a jump-start for civilization. Our gift of agriculture was a first-degree initiation, which bestowed upon you a sparkling new status.


Before we made contact with you, you had been primarily taking life from animals and plants while giving life to human children.


After our contact, you were placed in a new position to actively participate in the creation of life forms. We gave you the knowledge, skill, and material to breed livestock and grow crops. You became thereby co-creators of life with your planetary mother, Earth.  


Our contact with Earth humankind was a milestone event that forged a new bond between us, between the stellar and the planetary side of the same human family. Recognizing and honoring the kinship tie that already existed between us, the new bond was to be strengthened through the two sides entering a new relationship—that of teacher and student. 


The growth of civilization is similar to the developmental process of an individual child. From infant to adult, a child receives nurturing first from parents and next from teachers. The task of our Pleiadian relief mission was to play both a parenting and a mentoring role in the early stage of your civilization process.


Far from being authoritarian parents or stern teachers, we have said to you many, many times, “Please do not worship us, because we are your equals!” 


Indeed, we came to assume a superior position as your parents and teachers, but such temporary earthly sense of rank was based on a deep understanding of the inherent oneness of our souls.


Besides, free will was the basis for all our interactions—there was no action you had engaged with us that had not come of your own will. Such was the true state of the parent-child and teacher-student relations that we had agreed to enter. 


Our relationship was not comparable to that of a biblical covenant.


Neither had we forced upon you a set of commandments, nor had we lured you into a contract with terms. Never had we threatened you with punishment if you disobeyed our teaching, or promised you any reward.


We came to give, not to promise.

We came to guide, not to rule.


And we came to you as your Family of Light.

We are your Family of Love.


We came to teach you love—to help you regain your ability to love.


The love we came to teach was not meant for your species alone. We wanted to steer you Earth humans toward a love for all life forms living on the planet, toward a love for your mother Gaia and for the Source that had birthed you both. 


The civilization that we had ushered in was quintessentially spiritual—a spiritual civilization we had initiated worldwide. Although it was necessary for us to start from the material level, from the most basic issues of food and survival, agriculture carried within itself a core spiritual component, that is, the elevation of human consciousness from struggling against matter to working with matter.


Ultimately, we hoped, this spiritual civilization would progress to the point that Earth humankind could transcend matter. 


Civilization can be described as a process of raising the human vibration.


Civilization, which means human evolution, moves in the direction of human beings elevating themselves from dense and heavy vibrational states to lighter and higher ones. 


In order to raise your vibration, it is important to take care of what you eat. Meats are bound to produce heavier vibrations than vegetable foods.

The Agriculture Project that we initiated on Earth was, ultimately, a vegetarian movement.

vegan salad-nadine-primeau-n4RrgczkLJM-u

   Photo by Nadine Primeau / Unsplash

Our intention was that you would gradually move away from a meat-based diet to a plant-based one. The farm animals that we had created for you—cows, sheep, goats, hens, and pigs—weren’t meant to serve as chunks of meat on your dinner plates, not in the long run.


We gave you those animals to help you make a gradual transition to a non-carnivorous lifestyle.


You were supposed to receive milk from cows and eggs from hens. Combining these with wheat, barley, rice, or beans as your staples, as well as nuts, fruits, and legumes as your supplements, you would have a range of foods capable of meeting your biological needs. 


Earth humans at the time of our contact had an immense craving for meat. This was understandable, considering that Earth humankind had been carnivorous since the beginning of the post-Fall cycle (and cannibalistic at times).


Therefore, we taught people how to obtain meat from some of the farm animals (we had created pigs out of wild boars to serve as a main source of meat). We taught people how to minimize the suffering in killing a farm animal for food. First, people would hold a ceremony to thank the animal for sacrificing its life. Then, people would take the animal’s life in a ritualized way to minimize the pain. When they ate its meat, they were to take in the cooked meat with gratitude for the animal’s gracious gift of life-energy. 


The farm animals were intended to be temporary helpers, playing a supportive role in the early days of your civilization. As you grew less and less dependent on them, they would retire to the sidelines and eventually exit the stage.


Civilization would slowly progress to a level where the need for farm-animal support became obsolete. While still needing and using their support, you were supposed to honor and care for your animal helpers.


-  End of Excerpt  -


Photo by Doruk Yemenici / Unsplash

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