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Newgrange Portal Sun.png

Newgrange Child of Light Initiation
Every Winter Solstice

Born into Love/Light

Photograph by Cyril Byrne - courtesy of The Irish Times


2023 Instructions
from Pleiadian Builders of Newgrange

The theme for this year’s rite is LOVE


Each year, our Newgrange Child of Light Initiation Rite highlights a theme. 


2020 theme: Birth a New You

2021 theme: Be a Baby

2022 theme: Return Home

2023 theme: Cosmic Love



1. When?

Love Is Light

Light Is Love


Any of the three days (Dec.21, 22, and 23) that constitute Winter Solstice will be fine.


For three days during the solar standstill, the Newgrange “roof-box” window can let direct sunlight into the temple's interior for about 17 minutes each morning.


You can synchronize your meditative act with the exact Sun-Earth alignment point (Dec.22, 3:27 am UTC) or the Sun-Newgrange alignment point (about 9 to 9:20 am UTC on Dec. 21, 22, 23).


Or, you may choose any suitable timeframe, be it morning or evening, to make this private ritual act in the 4D, beyond the limitation of 3D time-space.

The self-initiation rite could last a few minutes, or hours, depending on the individual initiate's wish. 

2. Where?


Anywhere on Earth.

No need to travel to Newgrange in Ireland in the 3D. 


You can access the astral temple, Para-Newgrange in the 4th Dimension (the realm of thoughts and feelings) from wherever you are on the planet. Any place outdoor or indoor that supports your journey is fine, including your bedroom.


You could be sitting on a meditation cushion or even lying in bed.

3. How? For 1st-timers



In a nutshell, you visualize yourself inside Newgrange (the Earth Womb) as a baby born into the golden light of the Winter Solstice sun. You are reborn as a Child of Light or Child of Ra (i.e., the Sun, who is a portal to the Galactic Sun). 


Details on How are given on our 2020 Rite page. The ritual act can be repeated in 2023 and each year onward (why? see Qin-Ra's note below).

If you are a 1st-timer, simply follow our 2020 Instructions.


* If you are a 2nd, 3rd, or 4th-timer, you may repeat your initial act or use this year’s rite to bless and empower the one-year-old, two-year-old, or three-year-old you. Reread our guidelines from last year. Now you focus on the "love" aspect of Home Vibration

Here is the key to our Newgrange "Child of Light "Initiation:



Use Newgrange as a symbolic aid

to align your Heart with the Heart of

a line of suns.

Give yourself the best birth

that you can imagine!

4. Qin-Ra Note
Newgrange Portal Winter Solstice Sun.png
Qin-Ra (WJ Qin, Wen-jie Qin)
Channeler's Note

“Why repeat the 2020 rite?” You might be wondering.


The 2020 rite was most special. It was intended to be the groundbreaking act that would activate Newgrange. The 5,500-year-old temple was shut down around 2,000 BC and spent over 4,000 years in a dormant state (waiting for our kiss). 


Certain things were intended for the 2020 Rite only. For example, the planetary alignment known as the Great Conjunction and the deliberate "birthing of one Child by multiple individuals” about which you might be feeling a little perplexed.


Let me explain.


Urgently needed for 2020 was the intent on our (Earth Human) part to birth a new archetype for our race as a whole. We were expected to take the initiation not only for the sake of achieving a personal rebirth but also a collective rebirth.


Regardless of the year, the annual Newgrange “Child of Light” Initiation Rite will always be a symbolic act that can affect the human collective. The personal is collective! By embarking on the Child-of-Light journey, we are each in a unique way contributing to the birth of a new species: Humans of Light.


Every Child of Light is unique—there is no standard form. There are many Children of Light: always a colorful bunch, never a homogenized sort. Yet, paradoxically, there does exist an archetypal one Child of Light.


This one Child of Light lives inside each person. This is the new humanity in its initial stage of formation. Deep inside, in our core, we are one. 


It has always been one humanity who lives through you, me, and an infinite number of humans in the universe. 


One in all and all in one. 

One - in - All

All - in One

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