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Newgrange Child of Light Initiation
Winter Solstice 2021


Born into the Light

Photograph by Cyril Byrne - courtesy of The Irish Times

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Dear ones, 


The theme for this year’s self-initiation rite is Be a Baby of Light


We emphasize the importance of you taking the Baby Position to receive love/light, whether this will be your first or second time to make such a soul act inside the Earth Womb temple of Newgrange.


You have been born into a low-vibrational realm, devoid of love/light. Your first experience in life was one loaded with fear and anxiety. (Read our description of your traumatic birth). 


You cannot go back in time and redo your biological birth. However, you can give yourself a new vibrational start. Such a start has to begin with the very first step:


that of a baby.



You give yourself a new start by symbolically and vibrationally birthing a new you as an infant in a space of unconditional love and abundant light—a baby born in love/light. 


In fact, through this rite, you are going to be born into a new womb space: a Womb of Light where you will be an eternal Child of Light. Child here means both a kid and an offspring (i.e., a son or daughter). And this Child in you will remain a permanent layer of you while you grow into an “Adult of Light.”


(Read Child of Light in Womb of Light)

1. When?

1. When?

Any of the three days (Dec.20, 21, and 22) that constitute the solstice phase will be fine.


The solar standstill lasts about three days during which the Newgrange “roof-box” window can let the light of the Sun into the chamber for about 17 minutes each morning.


You can synchronize your act with the exact Sun alignment period at Newgrange (about 9 to 9:20 am UTC). Or, you can choose any suitable timeframe to make this act in the 4D, a dimension beyond the limitations of 3D time.

The rite itself could last a few minutes or a few hours, depending on individual wishes.

2. Where?

2. Where?

You can access the astral temple of Newgrange in the 4th Dimension from wherever you are on the planet.


Any place outdoor or indoor that supports your journey is fine, including your bedroom.


You can sit in a meditation posture or even lie in bed.

3. How? For 1st-timers

3. How? For 1st-Timers


  • Focus on establishing the new archetype of a Child of Light within yourself (instead of contributing to the human collective, which was a theme for last year).


  • Become one with the golden light field of the galactic sun, Ra. Let yourself experience the blissful state of being one-in-all and all-in-one (learn about the 9D).


  • Give yourself the best birth that you can ever imagine. The goal is to experience the vibrational state of bliss from Day One of your new life.

    How? For 2nd-Timers 

  • You can visualize yourself inside Newgrange as a one-year-old Child of Light.

  • Take this rite as your birthday celebration. You enter Newgrange to receive blessings from Earth and Sun, who is a portal to the galactic sun, Ra.

  • Use this opportunity to charge your Ra Battery. You enter the alignment with the source field of Ra and drink as much as you can from the sea of golden light.

  • Ask for healing and guidance. Pray for spiritual assistance. Since Newgrange is a portal into many other dimensions, from within Newgrange, you can seek contact with your Pleiadian or Sirian families of light.


We say to you again and again.


You relax into the Baby Position and receive what you are entitled to—your birthright to bliss. The only bit of effort you’ll need to put in is to overcome obstacles and remove roadblocks.


We caution you that a negative force will try to stop you, or sidetrack you, from making this life-changing soul act. If you stay aware, this preventative force won’t have the power to direct your mind. It won’t be able to detain your soul’s destiny.


Remember that we are here, we Pleiadian makers of Newgrange.


We love you unconditionally. We are right around each one of you who have followed the heart and arrived at the right place at the right time to do the right thing:


Be a Baby of Light

born of the love union of Earth and Sun.

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Newgrange Portal Winter Solstice Sun.png
Qin-Ra (WJ Qin, Wen-jie Qin)
Channeler's Note

As a messenger, I can show people to the door or at least a direction, but can’t take people by the hand. Whether one wants to enter the doorway and how far one wants to go is something one has to decide with one’s heart.


I hope my series of messages (#1 Earth, #2 Sun, #3 Lovemaking of Earth & Sun) are clear enough as tips to aid your end-of-the-year journey. Soon, I’ll be starting my own solstice journey, unavailable from Dec.15 to Jan.15.


So, now, let me wish you a fantastic time inside the loving womb of Newgrange—a portal to the light field of Gaia and the light field of Ra.


Forget the dark reality of the Anu Matrix. Come out of the Cave of Shadows. This reality of sunlight, inside your heart, is what truly matters.


Happy (re)birth!

Child of Light Newgrange Initiation
Pleiadian Family Qin-Ra
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