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Is the Sun Conscious?

Prepare for 12.21 Solstice Initiation - message #2 from Qin-Ra

For some of us, the question is: “How do we communicate with the Sun?” We’ve moved past the question—Is the Sun Conscious?—since we knew the answer from the depths of our being.

But if you are new to such a question and want to dig deep, you might be interested to know that Rupert Sheldrake, renowned biologist and author of the book, The Science Delusion, is still exploring the issue from a scientific point of view.

Just this year, in April 2021, Sheldrake published an article titled “Is the Sun Conscious?”

Another influential figure in this respect, from the new consciousness movement, was Gregory Sams, well-known for his book The Sun of gOd, The book aims to bring the divine nature of the Sun and the intelligent design of the universe back into human awareness.

Since you are here, reading a blog on a Pleiadian site, you want to hear a Pleiadian answer to the question.

The answer that I received from my Pleiadian guide, Sincera, which I think all Pleiadians would agree, is a big YES.

Earth, Sun, Moon, stars, and in fact, the whole universe is conscious.

Sincera thus stated:

The materialistic outlook is a grave distortion of the true nature of the cosmos.

From our Pleiadian perspective, the cosmos is fundamentally spiritual, not material—“spirit” is another word for “consciousness.”

As a Pleiadian human, I, Sincera, see the cosmos as a self-manifestation of the Divine Consciousness, whom the Native American peoples on Earth have rightly named “the Great Spirit.”

Now, step out of your old paradigm of “matter vs. spirit,” resting on a rigid and illusory sense of dichotomy. I invite you to embrace a new way. One that sees everything in the universe as manifestations of the Great Spirit.

You, too, are a manifestation of the Great Spirit.

You are, without exaggeration, the Great Spirit.

Planet Earth is a spirit. So are Sun, Moon, Mars, Venus, and all the other planets. Our galactic central sun Ra is a spirit.

I am a spirit, speaking to you, a spirit.

When you make this radical shift, your relationship with everything changes. Suddenly, the universe becomes alive! You find yourself in communion with endless arrays of conscious vibrations. You now meet trees and birds, mountains and rivers, planets and stars in their living spirit essence.

- Excerpt from our upcoming book,

A Pleiadian Revolution of Love -

I grew up in communist China, where materialism ruled. For seven decades, Chinese children have been trained in schools to see the Earth, Sun, and the universe as dead matter, and see human life as an economic event.

But a hundred years ago, people in China (and in many parts of the world) saw the Sun in very different ways. And 3,000 years ago, the Bronze Age inhabitants of the region where I was born saw the Sun as something like this:

Notice the 4 and 12 in the symbol. The exquisite artifact excavated in 2001 moved those in power to the extent that they decided in 2005 to adopt the Golden Sun Bird as the official logo for China Cultural Heritage—as the symbol for Chinese civilization.

It will take some time for a dead symbol to become a living symbol, but this is a good start for China. As you know, each culture on Earth had its unique repertoire of concepts and symbols before the global conquest of materialism/consumerism that forced us to see the universe in a homogenized grim way.

Needless to say, we need to break free from its tyranny and to reconnect with our ancient origins. But I’ll save the issue of reviving ancient solar symbols for another blog.

Here, I focus on the question:

How do we communicate with the Sun?

I always speak from my experience, and share with my readers what I know for sure. Below are three steps, or three ways, that I shall offer as tips to anyone interested in developing a new relationship with the Sun. Communication springs naturally from a spiritual relationship with the Sun.

3 Steps

1. See the Sun

You look at the Sun, through new eyes. You see the sun, as a spirit, as a soul, as a sacred presence in the sky.

Sun gazing, in other words. Contrary to popular beliefs, the soft light of the rising and setting Sun doesn’t hurt our retinae. Sometimes I even gaze at the midday Sun.

Mobile phones, sadly, have prevented many on the planet from seeing the actual Sun.

2. Hear the Sun

You listen to the Sun.

This might sound farfetched to you: our Sun has his own kind of sound, just as our Earth has her kind of sound. In fact, planets and stars carry their unique sound gestures—they exist in their own sound frequency ranges.

Our ancient ancestors, whose auras were purer than ours, could hear many kinds of subtle sounds from the terrestrial and celestial realms. Today, some mystics and psychics still possess the ability to hear the sounds of planets and stars.

To hear the Sun is much more difficult than to see the Sun. I don’t claim that I can. I’m not there yet, able to hear solar sounds. But I believe we can. We’ll get there if we keep raising our vibrational standard.

3. Talk to the Sun

Yet, I can hear solar messages sometimes. That is why I feel confident enough to share this step with you.

You speak to the Sun as a father, just as you speak to Earth as a mother, or to your guides and angels in the spirit realm. You pray to the Sun and listen to his response.

The Sun, as a spirit, as the father source of your life, can see you and hear you. The Sun knows you intimately, and is always interacting with you whether you recognize the interaction or not.

The Sun speaks to you in ways that you know. The Sun’s messages can be decoded in whatever language that you speak: English, Arabic, Urdu, Korean…any tongue.

Or decoded as visions, even equations. Nikola Tesla once, or perhaps more than once, received a breakthrough revelation when he was gazing at the Sun.

The key to communicating with the Sun, however, lies not in the head, but in the chest.

The Heart (i.e., Heart Chakra, or Sacred Heart) is the communication portal.

If you align your Heart Center with the Sun’s Heart Center, you can indeed feel the love from the Sun. Love from the Sun is more important than messages from the Sun. Feeling the Sun’s love is the beginning and end to a communication with the Sun.

As you may know, the Sun was the first God to our Neolithic ancestors, and Earth the first Goddess. My message #1 was focused on the awareness of the Sacred Feminine (Goddess); its earliest expression was the concept of “Mother Earth”.

This message #2 is intended to help you regain the awareness of the Sacred Masculine (God); its earliest expression was the concept of “Father Sun”.

To Feel the LOVE from Mother Earth and Father Sun

—this is the best way to prepare oneself for the upcoming Child of Light initiation rite (12.21.2021), intended for both newcomers and those who took the rite last year.

Our Sun is a portal to the galactic sun, Ra.


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