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Artificial Moon?

“Is it true that the Moon is an artificial satellite dragged here by the Reptilians and used by them to project illusions and control human minds?”

A starseed from the U.S. emailed me this question a few days ago.

I know, the concept of an artificial Moon is becoming popular on the internet. Even lead researchers like David Icke speak of it as Truth.

What is the premise of this concept?

The concept states that the origin of the Moon was not natural, but artificial: the Moon was made/built by an intelligent force from space to function as a hollow, satellite-like device; its goal is to monitor and control Earthly affairs.

This intelligent force has often been identified as the Anunnaki (commonly called the Reptilians), a dark extraterrestrial (ET) force whose core agenda is to enslave and surveil humans on Earth, using secret devices such as the Moon.

Is it true?

I passed the question on to my guides in the 5D, the Pleiadian Group of 8, and received from them an amusing answer:

“If you believe that they [the Anunnaki] made the Moon, you might as well believe that they made the universe.”

Below is their full answer.

* * * * * * * *

Dear ones,

On your path to awakening, many of you have come to know that thoughts create realities. When it comes to the Moon, however, you seem to have forgotten your knowledge.

Your concept of the Moon determines your experience of the Moon.

If you think of the Moon as a celestial, divine being—a sacred presence—you are bound to have a positive experience of the Moon as something spiritual or even magical. If you think of the moon as a cold, material, ruthless control device, you are bound to have a negative experience of the Moon, laden with fear, anger, and even hatred.

The Moon reflects back to you your thoughts and beliefs, as she reflects the light of the Sun.

You get the point. We can even stop here.

But we must continue, because there is more to this concept of an artificial Moon. Far from being informational and intriguing, this is a tricky concept designed to confuse, mislead, and entrap many seekers of truth.

We warn you that this is another one of those false concepts unleashed to block your awakening and ascension at Dawn. The concept of an artificial Moon carries a set of dark agendas, hidden in plain sight.

Look deeper and you’ll see.

Dark Agendas

#1 - The Concept Makes You Fear the Moon

When you look at the Moon you may shiver in terror as thoughts of a monitoring satellite run through your mind. “Oh, there is that surveillance eye in the sky!” Along with fear, there comes anger from being deceived and controlled as well as lethargy from feeling trapped on the earthly plane. You feel victimized by the Moon.

#2 - The Concept Blocks Your Connection to the Cosmos

If the Moon is a sinister device, what else is up there, you wonder? From distrusting the Moon, you may grow to distrust the other planets and stars. As you embrace the concept of the Moon being unnatural, you may cross over into the realm of doubting the universe as a natural given. Little by little, your connection to the natural ultimate (the universe) gets broken, and you become more and more cut off from nature.

#3 - The Concept Empowers them and Disempowers You

“Them” means dark ET entities headed by the Anunnaki group (mislabeled as the Reptilians). The concept of the Moon as a monitoring satellite makes them appear super powerful: “See, we’ve built the Moon. We’ve been ruling over you for ages and you humans are our slaves.” That’s the subtext. The Anunnaki always try to make themselves look more powerful than they actually are. They want you to worship them as creator gods.

The core agenda is to close your heart to the Moon. When your heart is closed to the Moon, you cannot love the Moon and cannot fully receive the energy of the Moon. As you know, the Moon regulates the tides of life on Earth and protects your life force. A false concept such as the Moon being artificial alienates your consciousness from a vital energy source.

“So, is the Moon natural?” You want a firm answer.

Yes, the Moon is as natural as the Earth and Sun, and as natural as you and we. The force that has created the Moon has created you and everything else in the cosmos. We recommend that you call this force “The Source.” What The Source has created/manifested is what we mean by the term, “natural.”

“If the Moon in her origin is not an alien construct, are there alien bases on the Moon?”

You are in the process of finding out. We are here to reveal what you should know. You should know that planet Earth and some of her companions in the solar system have been invaded and colonized by dark ET forces, and utilized to serve as their bases. Earth has been forced into serving as an Anu base for over 5,000 years, but that doesn’t legitimize Earth’s role as an alien base. No extraterrestrial group has the power to change the Moon’s role from a positive one into a negative one.

“Now what should we do with the Moon?”

Ask yourself, what kind of vibrational state do I want to be in? Do you want to feel secure in the cosmos, protected, nurtured, and loved? Or do you want to follow popular trends even though they lead you to low vibrational states?

It is your choice.

What kind of relationship you want to have with the Moon is your choice. As we said before, the Earth, Sun, and Moon are the three keepers of life. Without the Moon, there is no life on Earth. Your relationship with the cosmic triad determines the state of your well-being.

Do you want to hug the Moon, talk to the Moon, and play with the Moon? Do you want to flow with moon tides and let your life be guided by Moon wisdom? Do you want to seize every opportunity to experience LOVE, abundant in the universe, starting with your nearest companion, the Moon?

If yes, then simply do as your ancestors did.

Honor the Moon as a spirit.

Channeler’s Note

From Qin-Ra

David Icke has always been an inspirational role model for me—he was, and still is, my hero. Out of deep respect and gratitude to this man who has awakened so many on the planet, I take the opportunity to say something critical about him.

Despite his good intentions and vital information, David Icke has blind spots. He doesn’t have the whole truth and none of us do. Understandably, he is not aware of the deeper, dark agendas behind certain New Age concepts circulating on the internet. Because of unawareness and careless usage of popular concepts, David Icke sometimes ended up misleading many seekers of truth.

The artificial Moon, as we’ve seen, is quite a dangerous concept. David Icke seems to be unaware of its dark side, as he frequently uses it in his talks.

Another misleading concept that David Icke has been using for over two decades is calling the Anunnaki “the Reptilians.” This is a misnomer.

Such a misnomer makes all Reptilian species look bad. It ends up blocking our connection to the good Reptilians, which is precisely the aim of the bad Reptilians (read more: Good Reptilians vs. Bad Reptilians).

My point is, we must stay vigilant in our awakening process and be careful in our usage of concepts. Concepts are 4D vehicles taking us into disparate realities. The Anu force hiding in the 4D controls our minds through deceptive, attractive concepts. We need to be mindful of what 4D vehicles we use.

The coming full moon on July 23 is the Guru Full Moon (“Guru Purnima”) in Eastern traditions, an annual occasion to honor all teachers of dharma (truth). Teachers of truth come from all walks of life. On this occasion, the first teacher that deserves my remembrance and honor is that beautiful teacher in the night sky—Guru Moon.

I wish you

a blissful Full Moon!

The Cosmic Triad



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