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How to Know What's True?

There are so many alternative theories on the internet.

How to know which is true?

Is something true because it has many followers?

Is something true because it looks beautiful?

Is something true because it makes you feel good?

Of course, you know the answer is no.

So how do you know what's true and what's untrue?

My answer is:

The LIGHT IN YOU knows what’s true and what’s untrue.

The light in YOU is the seer and judge.

The light in YOU can shine its rays on a thing/person/situation/belief and see its essence.

The truth flame in your heart can burn away all the fake stuff and find the true gold.

So dare to put everything through the test of fire.

What's untrue won't outlast the fire of truth.

On a macro level, the trying years of 2020-21 have put all of us through a test of fire. All aspects of ourselves and all our relations are being tested in an unprecedented way:

How true are you?

How true are they?

How far do you want to go in your pursuit of truth?

Either we survive and shine or we won't survive or shine. But as you know, without the fire of truth, there wouldn't be any ascension process.

Ascension means becoming truer, lighter, and therefore higher.

And ascension means that you keep passing the test.


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