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NESARA (GESARA) - True or False?

* Below is a copy of our Pleiadian Family Newsletter sent on August 15, 2020

Recently, a starseed from the US emailed me questions about NESARA/GESARA (The National/Global Economic Security & Reformation Act), believed by many as something able to bring in a global financial reset, to usher in a new era.

This is an important topic. I feel I should share our email exchanges with people on our mailing list. So here it is, a copy of her questions and my answers, for you to have something to think about.

Q: Do you have any insight on the various rumors I hear?

- USA, Inc. bankrupt and America's Republic and original Constitution being restored

- GESARA - Global economic security being restored to each individual? And all debts paid off?

  • Successful arrests of all the criminal persons involved in the enslavement of humanity?

A: Let me relay to you the advice I've received from the Pleiadian Group of 8: 

See through the tricks of the plethora of false alternatives spreading on the internet. They don't reveal the real problems and therefore don't offer real solutions. 

The problem of the Anu Matrix enslaving humanity for 5,000 years can't be easily solved by something like "arresting the criminals" or "canceling all individual debts" (by who?). These are just tricks to divert our attention. 

As individual starseeds, what we can do first is understand what's really going on. If we don't, we'd be swept into social movements orchestrated by sinister forces. 

This is the time to shine the light of our own wisdom, to follow our inner guidance. Our star families always communicate with us from within.

I know this advice isn't fashionable or trendy. But I believe this hard way is the way.

Q: When they (the Pleiadians Group of 8) said to forget about canceling personal debt, does that mean Trump will not be implementing NESARA? My understanding is that the illegal usery loans (i.e. mortgages and credit cards) will be eliminated/paid off using the NESARA funds. Could you confirm?

A: I can only speak truthfully what I think. Hope you won't be offended. :-)

NESARA/GESARA is a conspiracy scam at worst and wishful thinking at best. As you know, debt is at the heart of Capitalism. To cancel debt (and remove IRS, etc. ) is to cancel the very foundation that a system is built on. Why would a system even consider passing a bill like that?

Trump, who's part of the Cabal, may flash something like NESARA to gain voters. He is part of the problem, not the solution.

The whole Anu Matrix has to come down, and not just the banking system. We, starseeds, need to prepare ourselves for a long fight. We have to first fight through illusions, lies, and false alternatives. We have to see through a lot of false Messiahs.

Q: If Trump is still representing the Cabal, what is it that we are hoping to replace the Anu Matrix with? Can you describe what system would be preferable?

A: We need to rebuild a civilization of light. Instead of misusing our energy to destroy or to reform the Matrix, we use our energy to manifest a civilization of light. 

We are the ones to do it, to rebuild this civilization of light, first in our imagination, first in our personal life. We are the trailblazers, the path-makers. We are just waking up to the fake civilization (i.e. the Anu Matrix) and remembering the original true civilization.

We starseeds carry the blueprint for civilization in our souls. It's time to activate our inner blueprint.

(End of Q & A)

Now speaking to you, I feel it is my responsibility to speak (my personal) truth and caution people of false alternatives. As you know, the dark force created both the problems and solutions (i.e. fake solutions, designed to have massive appeal).

As a believer and walker of the individual path, I’d stay away from all mass movements.

I believe we are going to survive the darkest hour by following our bliss.

In other words, following the herd will not save your ass.

Well, what do you think? If you have any comments or questions, always feel free to email us at:

This is a difficult time.

Just keep breathing and keep going.

You are alive!

This is what matters.

Gaian peace and Pleiadian bliss to you…

Much love,

Wen-jie Qin

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