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Pleiadian Love (5D Love)

How to Feel This Love?

After many messages to help you think, we send a message to help you feel.

Pleiadian Love

P Love. This is something that many of you want to experience.

You know of us, the Pleiadians, as beings of love and light. And you know of Pleiadian love as 5D love, a celestial love from the 5th Dimension, above your 3D.

You know this love in your mind, yet not really in your body.


So how to feel this love in your body?

Let’s do an exercise.

Take another long look at the baby picture (above). Feel the soft and warm sensation in your chest, in your Heart Chakra. Feel it.

This is love, isn’t it?

If you find that difficult, look instead at the picture below. You can see people in the background, and they felt about this panda the same way as you do.

Feel the tenderness in your Heart.

Everyone loves this panda.

How we love you is like how you love this panda,
or the baby above,
but many times more strongly.

You may think the love of a mother for her child is the strongest in the world, yet our love for you is even stronger.

5D love is unconditional, limitless, and timeless.

We are not high above you, but right around you.

No matter who you are, where or how you are, we love each one of you equally. And simultaneously, for we are beyond the time-space limitation of your 3D.

Now take the Baby Position.

Feel the tender love from us, light beings surrounding you in a circle. Feel the abundant love being poured at you, the Precious One, at the center.

Every one of you is precious to us, your family from the stars.

We love you much more than you love a baby panda.

Can you feel our embrace?

Can you receive our love?

Channeler’s Note

From Qin-Ra

Take the Baby Position—this is a challenge for us, the wounded adults.

I received the above message last night in my meditation. Sincera, my Pleiadian guide, asked me to use a baby or a panda as the symbolic bridge to invite people over to the other side, so they can see how the Pleiadians see all humans on Earth.

They see us as their darlings.

It is a dark time for many on the planet. People feel abandoned, directionless and hopeless. Yet I believe many can lift themselves out of sadness or despair by allowing their wounded hearts to receive the love so abundant in the universe, just beyond our zone of darkness.

Two things I keep reminding people of:

1. Karma

It’s not the job of our Pleiadian family to solve our karmic problems. We’ve been damaging Earth and destroying ourselves. Our heavy karma is to be cleared by ourselves.

2. The Anu Roadblock

What the Anu Force of Darkness does is block our connections to love. The Anu Matrix is a structural setup to keep us in a Hunger Game, starving for love.

So keep removing roadblocks.

Keep exposing shadow forces to the light of your awareness.

Keep receiving love.



Our new book is nearly ready.

I set out to update our book twins, not knowing that they'd grow into a book series!

Much new information had been transmitted in the last few months. This alchemical process needs my patience, and your patience.

Thank you for waiting!

I look forward to sharing our exciting new book with you.

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