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Bliss, Not Stress

"You are living in a control system that stresses you out on purpose."

There are many techniques on the internet, teaching people how to become stress-free (and you’ve tried lots of them).

Yet, they didn’t take you to the root level of the stress problem.

What made the stress so prevalent in human life?

We say to you: “Dear humans on Earth, you are living in a control system that stresses you out on purpose.”


Nature is not stressful, but “civilization” is.

Except occasional disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, and volcanic eruptions, Earth’s nature is peaceful. You Earth humans experience a sense of ease and relaxation as you enter a natural setting: be it forest, mountain, or sea. The natural state of Earth awakens the natural state of humanity—peace is your natural state.

The Anu Matrix masquerading as civilization operates through stress. If one word is to be used to capture the vibe of the Anu Matrix, that word would be “stress.”

The Anu energy is a stressful energy, being ultra-masculine, active, and restless in its character. The Anunnaki lords themselves are under stress; their relations with one another are full of stress. The Anu Matrix they’ve set up on Earth is a replica of their hierarchical structure of stress—the Dark Pyramid is a stressful space.

The Dark Pyramid can be likened to a high-pressure cooker, with domination and obedience as its basic mode of social relations. A hierarchical structure as such puts tension, pressure, and demand on the human captives inside on a regular basis.

The human body is stressed by mechanical noises and draconian vibrations; the human mind is stressed by overt and subliminal pressures. The natural man or woman becomes insecure, nervous, hyperactive, and neurotic as a result of constant stress.

Inside the Dark Pyramid, everyone gives everyone stress. The employer stresses the employee then the employee goes home and stresses his child. This is the daily drama going on in every society. Most of your institutions are stressful structures, and most of your activities are done under stress.

The Anu force exalts and promotes competition, which produces stress. Your schools are full of stress. Your sports are full of stress. Even your entertainments are full of stress.

Not some of you, but all of you are suffering from PTSD (Post-traumatic Stress Disorder).

As long as the Matrix exists, human race will never be stress-free.

(Above is an excerpt from our forthcoming new book, with a full exposé of how the Anu Force of Darkness hijacked civilization and enslaved humanity.)

2. Bliss

True civilization brings humans bliss, not stress.

The new Earth that you desire to live in is a place of bliss, not stress.

The awakening of humanity at Dawn must move beyond the conventional level of Stress Management (which is often employed by the control system to make people into better pyramid-climbers and better citizens of the Matrix)

The great awakening of humanity begins with you choosing a life of bliss over a life of stress, to become, in the true sense of the word, stress-free.

To make such a choice, you’ll have to first open your eyes and see that you were born into and tamed by a system that is intent on making you a Domesticated Human. The domestication of humanity (as you can recall by tapping into your painful memories) has been done through repeated stress.

If you don’t open your eyes, you’ll be stuck on the level of Stress Management.

. . . . . . .

We have said to you that Bliss is Your Birthright and every one of you can claim it. It sounds like something difficult to do, a mission impossible to those with severe PTSD. Well, it isn’t. You can effectively claim your birthright if you know the secret code word.

The secret code word is:


We’ve given you the code word, again and again. Yet, you seem to ignore our key message, for it sounds too simplistic, too easy, too good to be true.

So, we say it again: RELAX into Bliss. There is no other way. This is the way!

We know how difficult it is for you to relax. The Anu energy possessing humanity simply wouldn’t let you relax. It wouldn’t leave you in peace. You can relax your body but can’t relax your mind. Your mind is out of control. Why?

Because your mind is under the Anu force’s control.

The Anu force is a mental force of distortion, distraction, and disturbance. It hides in the 4D, invisible to your physical eyes. It is constantly there, harassing your mind, stressing your mental body and through that your emotional and physical bodies.

Your first weapon to break the Anu blockade of stress is to RELAX your mind.

We know, you’ve tried many types of meditation to relax, to calm, to still the mind. We encourage you to continue using all of them.

Here, we offer you an additional technique, which you can incorporate into your standard meditational practice. The technique is called the Nothing & Nobody Meditation.

Nothing & Nobody


It simply means that at the end of your standard meditation, you take one step further: you enter the realm of nothing and nobody.

In other words, the great void, the great emptiness, the great nothingness.

This is the 10D level of you, the womb-like source beyond all images and words, beyond even the concept and experience of the One in the 9D (by the way, most of the New Age practices stop at the level of the One).

The 10D is the yogis’ and mystics’ favorite realm, where they've found the highest bliss.

Consider treating yourself to something special on Summer (or Winter in the southern hemisphere) Solstice (6/20-21):

Realign with the 10D Level of You.

Drink from the Source Energy of Bliss.

Experience the Freedom and Happiness of Being Nothing and Nobody.

Channeler’s Note

(from Qin-Ra)

Who needs social media when one can be happy as nothing and nobody?

Most of our inner stress came from the urge to Be Somebody, and now in the age of cyber connectivity, from the urge to Be Somebody in social media.

What if you allow yourself to be everything in the universe, and more, to be the womb that births the universe? Be Somebody then takes on an entirely different meaning and purpose.

I wish you a truly blissful solstice!

May Your Heart Be Light as a Feather


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