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Light in the Dark Time of Coronavirus

Access Your 10 Zones of Power

April is proving to be the cruelest month for many people in the United States and around the world.

Some have been crying and some singing through this tumultuous and surreal spring.

Whether you’re at a safe distance or right in the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak, this is a time for all of us to pull back, watch from a distance, and see the big picture.

Here's a visualization exercise you may find helpful to gain some perspective.

Imagine a building with 10 floors.

The COVID-19 pandemic (some say plandemic) is a tragic show happening on the 3rd and 4th floor. On the other floors, it’s business as usual, because there’s a lot more to the universe than what we normally perceive.

Heartbreaking as it is, this pandemic/plandemic is an event within a narrow range of reality.

We live in a multidimensional reality.

The drama of COVID-19 is unfolding within the 3rd and 4th Dimensions: in the 3D, a corona virus is destroying the human lung; in the 4D, a fear virus is destroying the human heart. However dark it is right now in zones 3 and 4, it stays bright in the other zones.

As it gets darker in Zone 3 and 4, you can still always seek help from the cosmic light.

Light is your best ally.

At this point, you might say: “I’m not spiritually advanced. I’m just an average Joe in need of shelter and food. 10 dimensions of light sounds good. But only the rich and carefree can afford to access them. To be honest, I need money, not light!”

Well, light may not send you food money. But light will always send you survival ideas.

Light works in mysterious ways, as you know.

And light has many levels, or zones.

This article is intended to help you realign with your multi-dimensional self and access multi-levels of light power.

Don’t forget: you are a being of light, having an Earth-human experience!

10 Zones of Light Power

Zone 1: One Life

The 1st Dimension, at the center of planet Earth, shines with the brilliant Gaian light. In this source of light, in this inner sun of Gaia, all life forms exist as one.

One Life at the heart of planet Earth.

If you reconnect with the 1D level of yourself, you’ll experience a profound connection with the Earth, the solid One Life foundation of your being, which can’t be shaken by any virus outbreak.

To tap into the 1D power of light, you can use the Plug In strategy to reconnect your Root Chakra to the planetary center (click here to learn Chakra Clearing Strategies).

You can also enter the heart of Mother Earth to receive support from her womb space of light.

Zone 2 : Five Elements

The 2nd Dimension is the home of elemental spirits: earth, water, fire, air, and ether. These five fundamental elements are the primal builders of biological life. They also serve as the managers of your five bodies: the physical, emotional, astral, mental, and light. You can center yourself throughout all your bodies by communing with each of these elements.

To tap into the 2D power of light, you begin with the simplest act: talk to the water spirit in your glass and connect with manager of your emotional body.

Next, light a candle and talk to the fire spirit, the manager of your astral body.

Root your feet in the soil and talk to the earth spirit, the manager of your physical body.

Take a deep breath and talk to the air spirit, the manager of your mental body.

Meditate and feel the 5th element, ether. The soft light of the ether (or akasha) spirit provides nourishment for your 5th body—the light body.

Zone 3 : Physical Matter

The 3rd Dimension is the zone of dense physical matter. The microscopic coronavirus is also part of the dense matter realm. This virus is more than hype. COVID-19 is a real threat.

A material virus has to be dealt with materially. Thus it's important that you do whatever you can to keep this virus at bay: washing hands, wearing a face mask, social distancing, etc.

Like always, it's important to eat well and exercise. Even when your focus is on expanding your consciousness and connecting with all the other dimensions, it's important to keep your 3rd Dimension body in good health.

Even in a strict lockdown situation in Zone 3, you can find ways to receive sunlight, moonlight, and starlight, the sources of the 3D power of light.

Zone 4 : Archetypes

The 4th Dimension is a portal dimension, a zone between zones.

The 3D coronavirus has brought a 4D sidekick: the non-physical virus of fear.

Some say that fearvirus is the real agenda and coronavirus is only the transmission vector for infecting everyone with fear. The 4D pandemic is more destructive than the 3D pandemic.

Zone 4 is the realm of human thoughts and emotions. It's the realm of archetypes, concepts, symbols, fantasies, and memories, all vehicles of transportation.

To tap into the 4D power of light, the best thing you can do is choose your archetypes with care. Instead of being driven by the media to think its thoughts and feel its emotions, you choose the 4D concepts and symbols that transport you to the enlightened perspective you seek.

Zone 5 : Love and Light

The 5th Dimension is a celestial realm of light. Light is the source of truth, beauty, and love.

A spiritual dimension, the 5D is accessible via the portal dimension of 4D by vehicles of symbols and concepts.

Zone 5 is the home dimension of Pleiadian beings of light.

Love and light, which we've all experienced from time to time, is the 5D emanation of a higher galactic source of light.

To tap into the 5D power of light, you simply need to realign with your Heart. By removing blockages from your Heart Chakra, you'll open it so that it can receive the abundant love flowing from the 5D into your aura. Use symbols and concepts to anchor and reinforce this love.

The galactic light and love is unconditionally there for you, whoever and wherever you are. You simply need to open your heart to receive it.

Zone 6 : Sacred Geometry

The 6th Dimension is a realm of numbers and geometric forms that make up the ideal forms of all things on the Earth plane. Zone 6 is the realm of Platonic Forms.

Zone 6 is also the home dimension of Sirian beings of light.

There are two kinds of Sirians active on Earth: the light Sirians and the dark Sirians (also called the Anunanki, whose home planet came from the Sirius star system). The light Sirians have been teachers to Earth humankind, just like the Pleiadians, and have seeded traditions such as alchemy, astrology, medicine, and mathematics.

To tap into the 6D power of light, you can start by organizing your life around sacred numbers and geometric forms. When you start looking, you'll find them everywhere. If you pay attention to how they're arranged in your life, you can begin to achieve harmony and balance. You protect yourself with numbers and signs.

Zone 7 : Sacred Sounds

The 7th Dimension is a realm of sound harmonics. In our physical dimension, sound can create visual patterns. The 7D sonic forms create the 6D geometric forms.

In addition to your outer physical ears, you also have inner spiritual ears, which can hear subtle sounds from the spirit realm, the most famous one being the subtleties in the sound of OM.

To tap into the 7D power of light, you can use 3D sound to help you meditate, or you can use the power of silence

You can connect with the 7D sonic light with your 3D outer ears. If you listen to the sound of water and birdsong, for example, or use your voice and musical instruments to tone your vibration in the form of sound meditation, you will connect with a higher source of sound energy.

You can also connect with the 7D sonic light with your inner ears. Through silent mediation, you can tune into the ethereal sounds from the spirit realm and feel the power of 7D sonic vibrations. Zone 7 is the realm of celestial music.

Zone 8 : Primal Dualities

Zone 8 is the realm of the great Two.

The 8th Dimension is that of primal duality—the root division of yin and yang, light and dark, good and evil. The origin of many of our problems in Zone 3 can be traced to Zone 8.

You're probably aware of the Galactic Federation of Light located in the Orion stars. There's also a dark Orion Empire that’s destroying Earth. Both of these are located in the 8D, which is connected to the Orion constellation.

To tap into the 8D power of light, you start with the root symbol of yin and yang. Keep the truth that every phenomenon has a counterpart at the front of your consciousness. Every good has an evil side, and vice versa. As you embrace both ends of the spectrum, you claim both sides of a duality. You become the balanced Two.

You trust that in time COVID-19 will be corrected by its counterpart.

Zone 9 : Galactic Sunlight

Zone 9 is the realm of the great One.

The 9th Dimension is the highest manifest realm of the Galactic Consciousness. It is a single unity, transcendent of all dualities.

Zone 9 is the realm of the Galactic Sun. You can call it Ra for effective communication. The Light of Ra is a higher Light that births the light and darkness that we know.

The Galactic Sun is located at the Galactic Center. This is where the human design has come from. You, as a child of light, have come from there.

To tap into the 9D power of light, you don’t have to go very far. You simply realign with the Heart Center of your human design.

Your Heart is your Star Gate to Ra.

Zone 10 : Galactic Womb

The 10th Dimension, as the unmanifest side of Galactic Consciousness, exists beyond images and words. We can metaphorically say that it is the womb that has birthed our 9-dimensional galaxy.

The galactic womb is a great mystery. We can experience it, but can’t pin it in words.

10D is the mystics’ favorite zone. They love going there, to feel the power of all powers.

Zone 10, simply put, is a blissful state of being nothing and nobody.

If you are nothing and nobody, what can a “virus” do?


In these difficult times, just remember that there is a brilliant world beyond the dark drama of coronavirus.

Our reality contains 10 zones of light that any child of light can access.

By design, we are all 10-dimensional beings. It is our birthright to thrive on 10 levels, to shine as a multidimensional human on Earth and not this fear-ridden beast of burden locked inside Zone 3.

The current coronavirus drama can drag us down, or lift us up. It can trap us deeper in a narrow range of negative experiences inside the Matrix, or set us free to manifest a new positive reality of the Earth paradise.

Through a virus outbreak, the year 2020 has presented us with a window of opportunity. With so many social problems exposed by a medical problem, there comes a burgeoning demand for change.

Real change.


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