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How to Clear Your Chakras and Open Your Central Channel

How to Clear Your Chakras and Open Your Central Energy Channel

Please note:

You are about to read an excerpt from our book, New Humankind: A Pleiadian Herstory, Chapter 20, in which the Pleiadian being, Sincera, teaches us how to clear our chakras and open our central energy channel.

Mind you that this Pleiadian teaching on the chakras differs slightly from the Indian tradition: it places our root chakra down at the center of planet Earth and our top chakra at the galactic center.

Sincera Speaks

Chapter 20 "New Womb Temple"

The central energy channel in you is maintained by spinning energy vortices called chakras. When you were born, these energy vortices in your body were fast spinning, like wheels. As you grew up, your chakras were systematically bombarded, invaded, and blocked, and their spinning was drastically slowed down.

You became weak and sick because chunks of heavy energies were clamping your wheels. The journey from illness to health must begin with removing blockages from your chakra wheels.

Chakra Clearing Strategies

1. Root Chakra

You start with the first vortex: the Root Chakra, the masculine energy center ensuring your physical survival on this planet.

Your Root Chakra is located at the core of your planetary mother, in the heart of Gaia. You are alive because of the beating of Gaia’s heart, because of the shining of her inner sun. But most people are unaware of this vital lifeline. Their consciousnesses estranged from Mother Earth, their bodies alienated from her abundant force, fear of survival dictates their lives.

Seen from a 3D perspective, Gaia’s heart is located some 3000 miles below your feet, impossible to reach. You need to understand that this is a matter of awareness, and in the awareness of your own multidimensionality, Gaia’s heart in the 1D is not separate from you by space or by time. Gaia’s heart is you—it is the 1D component of you. You are Gaia’s heart, always. When you remember that, you reach Gaia’s heart in no time.

This awareness is as effective as connecting an electric wire to a socket: you get power supply, instantly. Thus, your strategy for healing the Root Chakra is Plug In.

2. Sacral Chakra

Your strategy for clearing the second vortex is Release Pain.

The feminine Sacral Chakra is the energy center managing procreation and social relations. It encompasses two traditionally differentiated chakras: Base Chakra and Sex Chakra.

The Sacral Chakra is where the human race was initially attacked by alien invaders. This is where a vast amount of pain from dramas of all kinds is stored. Here sit fresh pains from this lifetime and ancient pains from past lives. These pains are none other than vibrational weights.

To drop these weights, you must feel them and let go of them. The keyword is “feel.” This healing is not about feeling good, but rather, feeling the pain. Yes, feel the pain, and you will feel good afterwards.

The best way to let go of the pain you are feeling is to give it to Mother Earth. Gaia, a super mom, is the greatest healer of humanity. The red-hot furnace at her heart center can absorb and transform negative emotional energies of her children. Just as you release your physical waste into her sphere, you can release your emotional waste to her care.

3. Will Chakra

Your strategy for clearing the third vortex, the masculine Will Chakra, is Assert Inner Authority.

You were programmed by society and culture to listen to outer authorities, from parents, teachers, and bosses to politicians, doctors, and priests. Your will has been bent, again and again. It has become your second nature to give your power away to anyone higher than you in any kind of hierarchy, and to give up your own true wishes and desires.

The force commanding you to submit and obey, to kowtow to those in power, operates from within the Will Chakra. Here sits the royal seat of the imposed outer authority.

Your inner authority is a sovereign decision maker, who is attuned to his true desires, and is able to act on his gut feelings. This is a power being who dares to go his way and trusts his ability to deal with the consequences. A healed Will Chakra makes you confident and courageous—a being of spine.

4. Heart Chakra

Your strategy for clearing your fourth vortex, the Heart Chakra, is Forgive Everyone.

What can most effectively occupy this feminine space is the energy of resentment, with hatred being its extreme form. Resentment of whatever kind binds you to the low vibration of an event in the past, be it justified or unjustified. When you hold onto hurt and bitterness towards a person or event, the vibration of love cannot flow in.

Many of you are stuck in a sense of justice. You think what happened to you was “unfair”. You become either self-pitying or self-righteous—two sides of the same coin. Many take the victim positions and hold onto the hurtful stories, forgetting that in the broad spectrum of reincarnation they have been both: victims and victimizers. Here, you must give up seeking “justice” and even thinking who’s right and who’s wrong. You quit the dramas of duality and enter the field of oneness, you embrace unconditional love, a force transcendent of all karmas, and you shine the light of wisdom on your life situations.

As you rise from a lower mindset into a higher perspective, you will forgive those who have brought you pain. When you see that those who hurt you in fact helped you and that pain turned out to be an ally in disguise, you will begin to feel grateful. It is impossible to resent the person you feel grateful for. This seeing from a higher perspective makes true forgiveness possible.

5. Throat Chakra

Your strategy for clearing your fifth vortex, the Throat Chakra, is Speak Truth.

This masculine energy vortex is the power source for self-expression. You have been severely oppressed and repressed in this area of your life. Either you were not allowed to say what you thought or you were forced to tell lies to fit in and survive. When this energy center is clogged up, you have difficulty meeting your real needs and fulfilling your true wishes. And worse, you may lie to yourself and even like your own lies.

Falsity is what clogs the Throat Chakra. You know how to lie and how to pretend. You can be phony and fake every now and then. When you express yourself falsely, you fall from the truth vibration, and will sooner or later hit the cement.

Express yourself truthfully, in word, in image, in movement. Speaking truth is a powerful way to raise the vibrations of human society, even though in certain situations it is better to remain silent than to speak up. Still, you can always speak and write truthfully in your private space; you can always tell truth to yourself at your womb temple. In this safe home environment that accepts you and validates you, nothing stops you from being true.

6. Vision Chakra

Your strategy for clearing your sixth vortex, the Vision Chakra, is Imagine Paradise.

This feminine chakra of the human race is stuffed with hallucinations—illusions cast over your eyes to get you fixated on false substitutes. Junk images, fed incessantly through the media and the entire artificial world, flood your mental space and hypnotize you into a zombie-like trance.

Imagination is Earth humans’ number one power tool. When this power tool is misused, your creative energy goes into supporting the monstrous Matrix machine that abuses and depletes you. When it is used correctly, you thrive as co-creators with your Mother Earth, as builders of the Gaian Dream.

The Vision Chakra inside your forehead is the access portal to the Blueprint of the Earth Paradise Project. The Blueprint is not some distant map-like thing beyond your grasp. The Blueprint is right inside your ideals—your dreams about what Earth and human life should be and can be. These ideals are not wild fantasies produced by a heated brain. It is the other way around: ideals are glitters of the Blueprint stored in your memory.

7. Crown Chakra

Your strategy for clearing your seventh vortex, the Crown Chakra, is Trust and Hope.

Not trust and hope in a president or pope, but trust and hope in your higher power, in your higher self. You trust the greater intelligence that is running the show.

The crown of your head is a gate. When the gate is open, you are connected to the light of the central sun, Ra. When the gate is closed, you are blockaded from your cosmic power supply. As a gateway linking the local self to the cosmic self, the finite to the infinite, the material to the spiritual, this masculine energy vortex is the starting tip of an upper umbilical cord, tied to womb within womb within womb on the cosmic level.

What blocks this doorway is ignorance (for those who deny the existence of spirit world) and doubt (for those who respect spirit beings). Governed by their senses, Earth humans have a natural tendency to doubt and distrust what they can’t see or understand. The door to the spirit world is often shut, by default. To keep this door open requires a leap of faith into the unseen, unknown, and unfathomable. Blind trust, so to speak. Hope, in spite of everything. It is a choice you make.


To summarize, chakra clearing is “pipe-joints” cleaning.

With all of your chakras cleared, your central pipe becomes clean, thus able to channel the inner sunlight of Gaia and the galactic sunlight of Sophia into your own Light Body universe. Then, your pillar of light is raised. Your obelisk of Ra is up.

Pillar of Ra


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