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Free from Machine Space & Machine Time

Ascend to Gaian Space & Gaian Time

Dear ones,

Many of you want to shift reality, jump timeline, and live in perfect alignment with the universe. Some of you took our initiation rite and became a Child of Light for a brand new vibrational start.

Yet, despite your determination and effort, you feel you are stuck in the old vibrational realm and plugged into the Anu Matrix still. Your reality hasn’t shifted.

“I can’t do this!” you sighed.

Don’t be discouraged, we say to you, for being stuck is a necessary step of your journey to freedom. In this message we will show you how to make the first move to shift reality and get unstuck.

The move is a two-step process:

1) Awareness; 2) Action.


To shift reality, you'll need to become aware of how your sense of time and space has been conditioned, controlled, and distorted by years of living inside the Anu Matrix. Only after seeing the distortions can you be ready for shifting into a new time-space continuum (i.e., timeline or reality).

You need to become aware that you have been living in machine space & machine time.

Take a look at the following excerpt from our upcoming book (to be released in the fall) and see if the diagnosis applies to you:


The majority of Earth humans today live by the clock. Their life is based on machine time, artificially divided into hours, minutes, and seconds.

Machine time is largely disconnected from the natural movement of the Earth, Sun, and Moon, and from the natural rhythm of the human body. Instead of trying to synchronize the machine time (a secondary) with the natural time (the primary), humans are forced to adjust their biological rhythms to fit into the machine time—the standard time.

The machine time is not elastic, not stretchable, not flexible, unlike the natural time that flows with the spontaneous movement of organic and inorganic things on the earthly plane.

By nature, humans don’t wake up in the morning on the exact minute every day. Yet, most humans begin their day with an alarm clock set on the exact minute and spend their day repeating certain acts at the same points marked on the clock. Very few have the luxury of living completely by their biological rhythms and needs.

The majority of Earth humans spend most of their time inside artificial spaces made by machines, run by machines, or even making machines (i.e., factories). Their working and living spaces contain all types of machines, some large, some small, some noisy, some quiet. All these machines create mechanical vibrations, and many generate harmful electromagnetic frequencies.

The mechanical frequencies disturb the natural fields of vibration and create disharmony and chaos that aren’t always apparent to human senses. Most machines make noises: sound pollutions that human ears can hear. Some machines make noises just beyond the range of human perception.

If you can take our Pleiadian position, you will see that you are living in a cacophony of machine noises, with a preponderance of metallic elements disturbing your living space.

You live in a chaotic, low-vibrational world. And you are not in charge of your time or your space. Machines control your time and your space. This chaotic, heavy, and controlling world has been presented to you, ironically, as civilization.

— End of Excerpt —

The diagnosis applies to you, doesn’t it?

Like everyone else, you’ve been living in an artificial, mechanical world—a fake civilization. The Anu Force of Darkness that has hijacked the original, true civilization is a reptilian-machine energy from space; its mechanical drive is directly responsible for the preponderance of machines now covering the planet and destroying the environment.

The artificial construct that the Anu Force has imposed on the nature of Earth, using you humans as its builders and defenders, is what we call the Anu Matrix.

This control system in which you grew up has distorted your sense of time and space (i.e., reality) besides making you dependent on machines for survival and wellbeing.

Now look at your own space. How many machines are occupying your living and working environment?

And look at your own time. How often do you force yourself to obey machine time?

See with your own eyes to what extent your reality has been dominated by machines (and don't forget, computers, tablets, and phones are machines as well).

Step 2: ACTION

Here, action means shifting from machine time & space to natural time & space.

Why back to the natural?

Because the natural is of a much higher vibration than the artificial and mechanical. In fact, there is no vibration higher than that of nature, since nature is the direct manifestation of the Source (or Prime Creator).

The best way to raise your vibration is to go to nature, leaving the artificial and mechanical space of the Anu Matrix behind for as long as you can. Unless temporarily out of balance due to human damage, nature can relax, heal, and uplift humans in stress.

And because nature is where true power is. Nature consists of multiple levels, from the planetary to the stellar, galactic, and universal. You must begin with going to Gaia’s nature, needless to say. Gaia’s nature is the primary source of power and you can tap this power without using any machine.

You can tap Gaia’s power with the totality of your being. It is your consciousness, not your technology, that taps the life energy generously provided by your Earth Mother. To do so, you’ll need to start a new relationship with Gaia: to see her, hear her, and honor her as a spirit.

Just as you are a spirit in a body, Gaia is a spirit in a body. Her planetary body has its own metabolism, its own cycles and rhythms, its own time. To enter a new relationship with Gaia implies that you begin to live in sync with Gaia’s time.

Gaia’s time is sourced in her movement in space, and in her relations with celestial bodies. Her time is determined by her spatial positions. Gaia’s energy fluctuates as she moves through her trajectory demarcated by a set of key positions. These key positions hold special configurations of cosmic energies, hence the term “the Days of Power.”

What we just said isn’t a New Age message, but an ancient message that we have delivered to your Neolithic ancestors. As Pleiadian and Sirian bringers of civilization, we have taught your Neolithic ancestors ways to align human life with the movement of Earth, Sun, Moon, planets, and stars.

You’ve been living out of sync with the universe for so long that you forgot your Days of Power. Your common calendar (which the Anu Matrix is based on) is punctuated by dates that purposely set you off from the real moments of power; its goal is to trap you in artificial and mechanical time management that disrupts the natural order of the Sun, Moon, Earth, and you.

Thus, you who want to shift reality must start with the most basic. You start with reclaiming your space and your time. To reclaim your time, you need to, on the one hand, find ways to free yourself from machine time and the Anu calendar, and on the other hand, reinstall the original calendar based on Gaian Time.

Your action goal is to shift into Gaian Space & Gaian Time.

Realign with Gaia before you are able to realign with the universe.

Gaia’s Days of Power

Every moment in time is powerful, and on a higher level, there is no time. If you wish to become a powerful and blissful human on Earth, however, you’ll have to flow within Gaia’s timeline and tune into her moments of power.

Gaia is powerful in each moment, yet she is most powerful on 8 days during her 365-day cycle around the Sun. Her heightened power is sourced in her spatial relations with the Sun. These eight days refer to the two solstices, two equinoxes, and four cross-quarter days.

The 8 Days of Power has served as the foundation of Neolithic calendars and continued to uphold Pagan traditions in the West up to this day. We, Pleiadian bringers of agriculture, seeded the concept of “8 Days of Power” along with the seeding of farming practice in many regions on Earth. Therefore you can find the symbol of an 8-armed cross in many ancient cultures.

We, the Pleiadian Group of 8, were eight personifications of one Pleiadian soul. We took the form of eight during our time in Neolithic Ireland to teach the “8 Days of Power,” just as our colleagues (i.e., other members of the Civilization Mission) did in teaching tribes at other locations on Earth.

Besides the 8 Days of Power, we Pleiadian teachers also taught the concept of “4 phases of the Moon” (dark/new moon, full moon, quarter moons), hence the 4 Days of Power within each lunar cycle. These are the moments when Gaia is more powerful due to her spatial relations with the Moon.

Thus, the original Neolithic calendar consisted of 8 solar Days of Power plus 52 lunar Days of Power (4 X 13 rounds of the Moon), which amounted to 60 Days of Power (including the overlapped days).

This most basic and most ancient calendar is what we urge you to return to if you want to begin living in alignment with the universe. To return to it simply means to use these 60 occasions in a cycle (longer than a solar year) to make conscious alignment with the Earth, Sun, and Moon—the three Keepers of Life.

To make conscious alignment with the three Keepers of Life entails that you fully open your heart to them, honor them as a sacred presence, listen to them as your guides, communicate with them as teachers of your life, receive from them nurturance and healing, and allow them to empower you in mysterious ways.

When you are aligned with the movement of Earth, Sun, and Moon, inevitably you shift to a reality that is sacred and magical.

We send you this message about time on the special occasion of Lughnasa (Aug. 7, 2021, 6:53 UTC), which happens to be the 15th anniversary of our reunion with our two messengers at Carrowmore in Ireland in 2006, to be followed by a New Moon on August 8, 2021 (13:50 UTC).

This is a powerful time, dear ones.

To tap this special power, you'll need no fancy ritual or hard work. You only need to treat yourself to some quality time in nature, where you align your Heart with Earth’s Heart, Sun's Heart, and Moon's Heart, and the rest is magic.

Channeler’s Note

From Qin-Ra

Timeline jumping requires a change of consciousness, not just a change of mind. The mind can visualize all sorts of shift, resulting in a change of scene in the head and nothing more. This is where I (and many others) have gotten it wrong.

The above message from the Pleiadian Group of 8 shows a direction and a beginning step. There is much more to reality shift than returning to nature and honoring the Earth, Sun, and Moon. And as you know, it takes time to become free from the Anu Matrix.

Therefore my message to you is: Be patient and go step by step.

Life is on your side.

Life supports your journey to freedom.

I wish you a blissful Lughnasa and more freedom each day!


Watch the Video of Our First Contact

with the Pleiadian Group of 8 in Ireland

on August 7, 2006:


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