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Marija Gimbutas Was Right

Prepare for 12.21 Solstice Initiation - message #1 from Qin-Ra

Marija Gimbutas deserves to be known

to every awakening starseed.

Watch the documentary below

(written by Starhawk)

and you’ll see what I mean.

This video comes as the 1st in a series of messages, which I’ll send to help you prepare for the upcoming Newgrange Child of Light Initiation (12/21/21).

Marija Gimbutas at Newgrange 1989-09-29

Marija Gimbutas was right about a not-so-distant era when our societies were egalitarian and relationships harmonious—the Neolithic times—when our ancestors lived in peace, in conscious alignment with the Sacred Feminine (Goddess) and the Sacred Masculine (God).

- An excerpt from our upcoming book -

"The Goddess was a concept that we, the Pleiadian Civilization Mission, had brought to you Earth humans at the start of agriculture. It was introduced to help you make the transition from struggling against nature by taking life, into co-creating with nature by giving life.

"The symbolic concept of the Goddess could help you, Earth humans, to honor and attune to the force sustaining all life forms on Earth. In most instances, we used Goddess and Mother Earth as interchangeable terms.

"When our mission came 11,500 years ago, you were in the middle of the Galactic Day, peaking in feminine power. Although our mission was a masculine act, the gift of agriculture we gave you was a feminine gift—it was a sacred feminine power that pulled you out of a dark pit.

"One could also say that civilization began with the seeding of the concept of the Goddess.

"The Goddess is a personification of the Sacred Feminine, the Giver of Life. The Goddess is not a woman living somewhere outside you, up in the sky or below in the earth. The Goddess is the life energy that vibrates WITHIN all living creatures in the earthly realm.

"The concept of the immanent sacred feminine power—a concept inherent in all agricultural practices that we introduced to Earth humans—would continue to serve as the bedrock of Earth human evolution, well into the Age of God.

"The Age of God would follow as the natural next step when you went deeper into the Nighttime."

My next message will help you attune to the love from God.

and you’ll feel motivated to reconnect with

the Goddess: our Mother Earth.

Additional Notes:

For those who want to explore Marija Gimbutas' work, below are two YouTube videos that might be of interest to those who seek info with intellectual depths.

A documentary featuring Marija's public talks and interviews.

A round table discussion with lead scholars such as David Anthony about Marija's famous Kurgan Hypothesis. Finally, in 2021, Marija was vindicated!

* In Marija's Kurgan Hypothesis, I've found a solid academic confirmation of the shocking information (about the Anu conquest of Europe) that I had received from my guides, the Pleiadian Group of 8. The full story is to be revealed in our upcoming book, A Pleiadian Revolution of Love.


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