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Newgrange Child of Light Initiation
Winter Solstice 


Born into the Light

Photograph by Cyril Byrne - courtesy of The Irish Times

2022 Instructions from Pleiadian Builders of Newgrange

The theme for this year’s rite is HOME


Each year, our Child of Light initiation rite highlights a theme. 


For 2021 it was "Be A Baby of Light." 

For 2022 it will be “Return to the Home Vibration.”


Time to go home, to the brilliant true state of your being! 



1. When?

1. When?

Any of the three days (Dec.20, 21, and 22) that constitute the solstice phase will be fine.


The solar standstill lasts about three days during which the Newgrange “roof-box” window can let the light of the Sun into the chamber for about 17 minutes each morning.


You can synchronize your act with the exact Sun alignment period at Newgrange (about 9 to 9:20 am UTC). Or, you can choose any suitable timeframe to make this act in the 4D, a dimension beyond the 3D time limitation.

The rite itself could last a few minutes or a few hours, depending on individual wishes.

2. Where?

2. Where?

No need to travel to Newgrange in Ireland in the 3D! 


You can access the astral temple of Newgrange in the 4th Dimension from wherever you are on the planet. Any place outdoor or indoor that supports your journey is fine, including your bedroom.


You can sit in a meditation posture or even lie in bed.

3. How? For 1st-timers

3. How? For 1st-Timers

Your goal is to Taste the Home Vibration.

1) Prepare Your Body & Mind:

    Go to our Newgrange Initiation Main Page

2) Follow Our 2020 Instructions:

    Our 2020 Instructions are valid for this year.


Give yourself the best birth that you can ever imagine. 

How? For 2nd & 3rd-Timers 


Your goal is to secure the Home Vibration.


The Child of Light in you is going to be one year or two years old! You can celebrate your birthday and ascend to a new level.


You can go higher. 


What you do is, repeat the act “Born into the Light” that you performed at last winter solstice. This time, you focus on securing the Home Vibration.


You’ve found yourself shifting between two modes: Child of Light and Child of the Shadow (or Child of the Matrix). During the last year or two, you’ve been alternating between high-vibe and low-vibe states, between the new self and the old. 


You are not lost. This is the way. You just keep rolling forward.


For this year's rite, your goal is to set the Child of Light vibrational state as your At Home Mode. You relegate the times you fall out of that state to the Out There Mode


Out in the Cold, Out in the Dark, Out in the Wilderness, or Out in the Matrix … however you’d call this not-your-true-self mode.


Once they are set in your conscious mind, it’ll be much easier for you to shift out of a dark emotional vortex and realign yourself with the Source Vibration of love/light. Next time you find yourself falling out of bliss, you simply remind yourself:


“I must go home!”

4. Home Vibration
Home in Hands_edited.jpg

4. Home Vibration

Home Vibration = Source Vibration

Source Vibration: the original state of being

Source: the source of life


You, our beloved Earth-human family, have been living in alienation from your true nature: your thoughts and actions misaligned with the cosmic flow, your life dimmed by shadows, and your sense of the self built on delusions.


Awakening means that you remove the disturbing shadow and manifest your original brilliance.


The Source that manifested you is brilliant like a sun. The Cosmic Sun manifests many levels of suns, down to the level of your Sun and the inner sun of Earth. All of these suns can be called “Ra” and we, humans in the universe, had all originated from Ra. 


Newgrange is ultimately aligned with the Galactic Sun (portal to the Cosmic Sun).


We Pleiadians use metaphors to help you reconnect; we’ve built megalithic temples around the world to help you realign with the Source.

Here is the key to the Newgrange "Child of Light "Initiation:



Use Newgrange as a symbolic aid

to align your heart with the heart of

a line of suns.

In doing so, you return to the Source and restart your life as a Child of Light.

Newgrange Portal Winter Solstice Sun.png
Qin-Ra (WJ Qin, Wen-jie Qin)
Channeler's Note

Please don’t think that by becoming a Child of Light through this rite your life will be “happily ever after!” 😊


For me, the first Newgrange Child of Light initiation rite in 2020 marked the end point of a journey of many thousand years, as well as the start point of a new adventure that may last till the end of my days. 


A continuous process of self-transformation.


Two years later, I’m still here, breathing in and breathing out... 🧘🏻‍♀️


The rite didn’t kill me, but made me more alive. So, I’m looking forward to my 3rd time being “Born into the Light.” Winter Solstice (the portal phase of death-rebirth) has always been my favorite time of the year.


Since I’m also a participant in the rite, I cannot play the role of a guide. I trust that you guys and gals can take care of yourselves on your journey home.


Here, I wish you the following: 

Happy Winter Solstice!

Happy New Moon!

Happy New Year! 


Winter Solstice: 12/21/2022  21:48 UTC

New Moon: 12/23/2022 10:17 UTC

New Year: Winter Solstice

Become One with the Source Field

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