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The Great Conjunction


Birth a New You 

-  Message from Earth -

Gaia Speaks

What to do on 12/21?

What to Do on 12/21?

WJ Qin

Channeler's Note:

On the morning of 12/7, I received Pleiadian advice on what to do on 12/21. In the afternoon, much to my surprise, I received another piece of advice—from Gaia, the Earth Spirit herself. The Gaian advice came as a flash of insight when I arrived at my spirit tree by a creek. Yes, Mother Earth can talk to us through her trees and you can speak her voice too!

My dear human child,

You want to know what’s going to happen on 12/21 when the two planets, Jupiter and Saturn, come to a special alignment with me and the Sun. You are full of anticipation and hope, and maybe a little fearful, for this upcoming Great Conjunction.

It’s good to educate yourself with astronomical and astrological information.

But too much information would confuse your mind and clog your channel.


You need to know the basics:


that the expansive energy of Jupiter and the constrictive energy of Saturn, aligned with the Winter Solstice energy of me yearning for the Sun, would bring about a reset of patterns, norms, and paradigms in your personal life: a new way replacing the old way.


The process has begun weeks ago and will culminate around 12/21. Some of you have already felt the departure of the old and arrival of the new, caused by the four of us moving toward the position of alignment.

The energy of the Great Conjunction doesn’t begin or end exactly on 12/21. Better to see this date as the peak point of a gradual process that lasts for several months and this peak point as a duration of three days (12/20-22).

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This is no guarantee that everything in your life will change. But those who consciously tune into the Great Conjunction energy would benefit from it in their personal development. Like catching a ride or sailing on a gale, they will go faster and higher. If you align yourself with this Planetary Alignment, you can accelerate your spiritual transformation.


Spiritual transformation is likened to birthing a new you, continuously.

“Birthing a New Me on 12/21” is a strategy:

a conceptual and symbolic strategy you can use to stay focused during the alignment. 


“Birthing a New Me on 12/21” is a prayer:

your soul inviting the soul of Sun, the soul of Jupiter, the soul of Saturn, and the soul of Earth, me, to assist your transformation. 

Image by Patrick Hendry

“Hey Mind, get Out of the Way!”

Now we've come to the key point of my message:


the best way to birth a new you around 12/21 is that you do nothing.


You do nothing to interfere with the process, which is happening by itself. 


You do NOT control, direct, or influence this process.


Your restless mind would want to control this pattern-resetting process (e.g. to impose your wishes on it, to speed up changes, to manipulate for desirable results). Your mind wants things to go in certain ways. Your mind wants the New You to be like this or that.


Your restless mind will be your main obstacle on 12/21.

So watch out!


Make sure your restless mind doesn't get in the way.


Let Jupiter, Saturn, Sun, and I do the work!

Always remember: 

I am your Earth Mother.

I carry you in my Heart.

What to Do on 12/21?

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Ascend with Earth,

not from Earth!

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