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Inner Sun of Gaia

The 1st step in ascension, for the Earth humankind, is realignment with the Heart of Earth.


- the Ps    

The Inner Sun of Earth

Pleiadian Revelations -

Pleiadian revelations of the Earth's core began with transmissions from Satya (a Pleiadian teacher from Alcyone) through the channel of Barbara Hand Clow and continued through Sincera (another Pleiadian teacher from Alcyone) who works with WJ Qin, the keeper of this website. 

Below is Sincera's revelation of the vibrational essence of the Heart of Earth.

Not quite what you expected.

Image by Patrick Hendry

Sincera Speaks

Excerpt from New Humankind: A Pleiadian Herstory,  p.80-82

I am fond of the Greek word, Gaia. It is a lovely name for the soul of Earth—a unique planetary consciousness manifested by the Great Spirit for a special purpose. 


“What exactly is the planetary consciousness of Gaia?” you ask.


* * * * * * *

Come with me in a travel to the core of Gaia.


Close your eyes and let your spirit descend to the center of your planet.


Feel your way into the core of her being

—a crystalline structure radiating tremendous light and heat.


This is the inner sun of Earth. 

* * * * * * * 


You may want to enter the inner sun, the soul of Gaia, and feel your way around.


How does her soul feel to you?


I tell you how Gaia’s soul touches me, a Pleiadian being.

Image by Kew Li Wen

Strange as it may sound to you, it expresses as an orgasm! 


It is a rhythmic contraction and release, very much like your climax in sex. Gaia’s inner sun is best described as a seat of erotic power, similar to the G-spot in an Earth woman’s body. From that brilliant spot, the contraction starts; the orgasmic waves radiate out to her spherical surface. The result is a myriad of life forms: the flora, the fauna, and the microorganisms, all offshoots of Gaia’s contraction and release. 


Gaia—a sexy goddess.


When you are climaxing during lovemaking, Gaia is climaxing together with you.

When you are bursting with joy, Gaia is enjoying herself through you.


In your personal ecstasy, you are touching the pulse of the planetary woman and dancing in sync with her heartbeat.


Orgasm is what made you in the first place.


Orgasm is the way of your planet.


Here you see the diamond stud on your keyring. 


Aren’t you happy about this jewel of a vision?


You may notice that you have missed the whole point of being a human on Earth.

You may realize that you have fundamentally misunderstood your mother planet.

You may start to feel that you are not only a child of Gaia but also Gaia herself.


Yes, you are.


Gaia is not just an environment that supports your lavish living.

Gaia is everything you are in the 1st to the 4th dimension of your being.


You are Gaia, and Gaia is you. 


The inner sun of Gaia is the Root Chakra of all her human and nonhuman children. It is from her warm heart that her energy ascends and animates your individual bodies. There, way down there, lies the first vortex of the human energy system. Here, at the center of planet Earth, lies the beginning of your pranic tube—your central energy channel.  


Sadly, most humans on Earth are loosely rooted in their Root Chakra, thus blocked from the inner sun and stripped of the experience of Gaian ecstasy.


What if you were all firmly rooted in the Root Chakra?

What if you were all vibrating in sync with the blast from the Earth woman’s G-spot?


The G Center (Gaian Center) is always aligned with the G Center (Galactic Center).

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Ascend with Earth,

not from Earth!

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