• WJ Qin

Womb Consciousness

Womb Consciousness is the seed's awareness of its being one with the apple and being other than the apple.

Womb Consciousness produces a sense of security (i.e. peace and warmth) and purpose (i.e. direction and motivation).

Where are we?

We are living in womb within wombs.

We are living at the center of a multi-tiered cosmic womb space

as children of an ongoing love union.

This new type of conscious and deliberate self-centeredness defines the "I am" state of a new humankind for the emerging new Earth.

To learn how to grow Womb Consciousness, a key element in spiritual awakening, you can read Pleiadian teachings in Chapter 19 "Healing Primal Trauma, Entering Womb Space" and Chapter 20 "New Womb Temple" in New Humankind: A Pleiadian Herstory p.392-422


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