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Name & Certify Your Child of Light

If you don't honor the true you, who's going to honor the true you?

The fate of the Child of Light is in your hands.

Will you take good care of this newborn being? Or will you minimize, neglect, or even discredit this precious core part of yourself?

Do you honor your true self?

One of the first things you can do (after completing the Newgrange "Born into the Light" Initiation Rite) is giving your newborn Child of Light a Name and a Birth certificate.

Imbolc, the first cross-quarter day on the eight-spoke Wheel of Life, is an excellent occasion to perform the ritual act of naming your new self.

Read our two messages
and learn more:

(two samples attached)

2. Learn about naming yourself (and have a party with the Ps)

Happy Imbolc!
Happy First Day of Spring!
Happy Name Day!


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