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Claim Your Day

3 Times A Day, Be a Child of Light

It can’t be an overnight shift to go from the Child of the Matrix mode to the Child of Light mode (or from the false self to the true self). The vibrational shift has to be a long accumulative process, which may last for many, many years.

To continue on this journey to freedom, you take it one day at a time.

Each day you give yourself some time to be a Child of Light, to be who you truly are.

You are born to be happy and free, entitled to the highest love and joy of a Gaian human being. As we said before, bliss is your birthright.

Whether you just heard about or completed the Newgrange Child of Light Initiation Rite (intended to give you a kickstart in claiming your birthright), you can use the following method to claim your day.

The 3-Times-A-Day Method

The method, in a nutshell, is that you

1) begin your day as a Child of Light,

2) end your day as a Child of Light,

3) carry on during the day as much as you can as a Child of Light.

By the way, Child of Light is a new symbolic device that we (the Pleiadian Group of 8) use to help you access the vibrational level of your true self. You can call your true self by other names (e.g. Buddha nature).

So, how do you claim your day?

1. Begin Your Day as a Child of Light

Each morning as you wake up, before your open your eyes, you make a conscious choice to hug the reality of the Child of Light, instead of the old familiar reality of the Matrix self.

So, before your mind has a chance to pull you into worries, fears, or plans, you tell yourself that you belong to the reality of infinite love/light.

You can say an affirmation (for example, the following) to yourself:

I am a Child of Light in a Womb of Light.

My home is in the realm of the Spiritual Sunlight.

I am one with the sea of golden sun.

I am the Source vibration.

I am this love.

I am this light.

After saying these words, you enter the realm of love/light. You really feel the Source vibration that you've experienced in deep meditation (or in our Newgrange initiation). Feel it with the entirety of your being and sustain the feeling for as long as you can.

This high-vibrational realm is where you truly belong.

“This is my home,” you can say to yourself.

This high-vibe state will give way to the old low-vibe reality, as the restless mind will resume its old programing of thoughts and worries. But before you open your eyes and hug the old reality of shadows, you can pat yourself on the back with a “well-done!”

You've claimed the precious first moment of your day.

2. Carry on During the Day as a Child of Light

At this stage, you can’t be operating in the Child of Light mode every moment. Most of the time, you’ll be operating as the Child of the Matrix, as the same old you.

Don’t worry. It’s normal to shift back and forth between the two modes. Accept this alternation and don’t force yourself to go faster than you can.

Just give yourself at least once a day where you can close your eyes and enter the reality of the Child of Light.

You can take a vibrational break from the Matrix reality. You can pop out of the reality of the restless mind. You can go home.

Escape to the home realm of the Child of Light, even if you can afford only 5 minutes of time. During this vibrational break, you realign your consciousness with the Source vibration of the universe. You drink from the sea of golden light.

Don’t underestimate the power of a 5-minute vibrational break. This is an act of breaking free. If you do so, the Anu Matrix that controls most of Earth’s humanity no longer has a full control over your day. You’ve made an act of defiance. You’ve asserted yourself. You’ve attained a moment of freedom.

Extend this vibrational break each day. Take more breaks. This way, you reclaim more and more precious hours of your day to be who you truly are.

3. End Your Day as a Child of Light

You repeat your morning act.

As you lie in bed, ready to fall asleep, you exit the old familiar reality of the mind and enter the reality of the soul. You can repeat the same affirmation to calm your mind.

I am a Child of Light in a Womb of Light.

My home is in the realm of the Spiritual Sunlight.

I am one with the sea of golden sun.

I am the Source vibration.

I am this love.

I am this light.

Then you relax into the reality of your affirmation. You relax into the blissful state of the Source vibration. You can even visualize yourself dissolving into the sea of golden light.

Let the last thought of your day be a praise to yourself: “I did it! I claimed the beginning, middle, and end of my day! Another day of success!”

Let yourself fall asleep with a smile on your face.

Dear one, each day counts. Each step makes up your path to becoming free. This journey to your true self is an upward spiral consisting of many cycles of the day, month, and year.

Just take one day at a time and keep practicing this method until the next Winter Solstice. If you do so, at the end of 2022, you will be able to look back at your trail and say:

“Wow, I’ve come this high on the spiral of my new life!”

Channeler’s Note

from Qin-Ra:

Another way to think of this 3-Times-a-Day Method is:

1) Begin your day stress-free,

2) End your day stress-free, and

3) Give yourself stress-free moments during the day.

Relax into the Child of Light position,” my P guide, Sincera, often reminds me.

Claiming your day also implies that you spend more time in nature. Exit the machine time and machine space. Enter Gaian time and Gaian space. In a purely natural setting, it is easier to feel the Source vibration and receive love from the universe.

There is so much love just beyond this low-vibe zone of the Anu Matrix. And freedom is within your reach.

No matter how bad you feel at the moment, trapped inside a COVID plandemic, the core part of you is always far beyond the Matrix, untouchable and indestructible.

This eternal light in you, this freedom part of you, is who you truly are.

Who you truly are is always free.


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