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Happy Birthday, Child of Light!

"What do I do after my rite of passage?"

Dear Child of Light,

You did it!

You rode the magic flow of Winter Solstice and gave birth to a new vibrational state within yourself.

Think of this new state as the Little Buddha within, the Little Christ within, or the Little Neo within, who represents who you truly are. This precious little one needs your utmost care to survive and grow in the coming days and years.

From here on, you stay focused on nurturing the newborn.

The Child of Light becomes the #1 person in your life.


1. If Your Are One Day Old

Please take the following steps:

1) Read our Follow-up Message and hold the high vibrational state that you just experienced.

2) After some days or weeks, give your Child of Light a beautiful name.

3) Follow our instructions for the last two years (read the entire Child of Light series).


2. If You Are One Year or Two Years Old

Please look back at your journey and celebrate your achievements.

Not Quitting is an achievement.

It’s been two dark years for many around the planet, with a major war breaking out in the midst of a global plandemic. But you survived and shone your light.

You are still on the path, still connected to the Pleiadian family and the Gaian Dream. Your Ra Power has grown steadily, even though you fall into self-doubt from time to time and wondered if you've made any progress.

You’ve made it to your birthday! That’s progress.

It is time to celebrate.

We are right around you, clapping and singing for the precious one at the center. Many light beings can surround a single Child of Light. As higher-dimensional beings, we can be omnipresent and support each one of you simultaneously.

Can you feel our hugs?

Yes, you can, because you’re a Child of Light.


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