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A New Way to View Your Traumatic Childhood

Pleiadian Message for Starseeds

“Why am I feeling bad in this lovely time of spring?” some of you say.

If you find yourself experiencing emotional pain and sinking into a dark hole instead of flying high as a Child of Light, you are not alone.

Spring comes with a powerful surge of energy, bringing to you the joy of life yet also awakening repressed memories of pain. Inevitably, some of you feel you’ve fallen into the same old low-vibrational state in which you began this life, back in your traumatic birth or birth-family experience.

You’ve not fallen. You’re exactly where you need to be.

Spring has presented you with an opportunity. By taking you back to your painful beginning, spring has offered you an opportunity to tap into a hidden reserve of healing energy. The untapped energy lies in how you view your traumatic childhood, and more specifically, in how you interpret your traumatic beginning.

1. Your Old View

When you look back at your traumatic childhood, you feel sorry for yourself, don’t you?

You wish you had had another kind of birth or birth family. You wish you had been born into a high-vibrational environment, not knowing why you had been thrown into a dark situation, to begin with.

Why? You still don’t know exactly why. But you’ve settled for a somewhat satisfying explanation: “It was my karma.”

You interpreted your birth as a karmic consequence. Somewhere in the timeline, you have committed a negative act, which led to the negative birth and childhood in this lifetime. It was your karma to begin life in a low vibrational state. This way you could pay your karmic debt and become a Wounded Healer later on in life.

You’ve lived with this view for many years, not knowing that you’ve placed a huge amount of energy in that view.

You’ve misplaced a huge amount of energy in that view, that is what we want to say to you.

For such a view, based on the conventional “karmic retribution” interpretation, breeds a sense of guilt and shame, and a feeling of inferiority: you began this life in a disadvantageous situation as a broken being.

Deep down, you feel bad about your bad beginning. No matter how positive a technique you use to forgive and let go, there always lurks a dark feeling of self-pity whenever you remember your traumatic beginning.

Self-pity is a powerful energy downwardly bound.

Self-pity is self-regard stated in negative.

2. Our New View

We are here to help you shine a new light on the old situation.

We are not discrediting the mechanism of karmic retribution but are reminding you that karmic retribution might not have played a lead role in placing you in this incarnation, which is a very special one.

We are here to inform you that a large group of starseeds have volunteered to come to the darkest spot on Earth in the current timeframe. They’ve volunteered to reincarnate in a most difficult family situation, to be reborn into a state of poverty and abuse, to start life from a lowest-vibrational state in order to accomplish tasks of light.

The tasks of light have many layers of meaning. One layer is to open a path of light through the realm of darkness. By journeying through dark zones with their life energy, these starseeds would leave behind trails of light. These trails of light would form the fabric of an emerging new civilization of light.

There is yet another layer of meaning. These starseeds also chose to be born into the darkest situations so that they’d have a full experience of the Anu force of darkness since the start of life, so that they’d know it from the inside out, deal with it since day one, and have a lifetime to transform it and defeat it.

The Anu force is the energy behind all abuse.

The Anu problem is the only problem afflicting Earth.

The future of Earth depends on the clearing of the Anu energy of darkness that had turned humans into destroyers of Earth. Since the Anu energy hides inside humanity, the only way to clear it is by exposing it to the light of consciousness.

Exposing it to the light is an inner process of shining the light into one’s own humanity. It has to be done by individuals healing themselves first. Once enough awakening individuals have cleared the Anu force of darkness in themselves, the human collective as a whole will be free from this alien force’s control.

It was a heroic act to volunteer to come into a birth-family situation where the Anu energy abounded. It was an act of great courage to choose to be born into a dark spot inside the Anu Matrix. Only souls whose light was bright and service-consciousness high were able to make such an act of courage. They had confidence and trust in their ability to take on abuse, to resist the dark takeover, to defeat evil, to win.

You might be one of these brave souls.

3. From Self-Pity to Self-Pride

How you view your past determines what kind of vibrational state you put yourself in. The same energy can express itself as self-pity or as self-pride, one downward, one upward.

For many years, a huge amount of your energy has been stored in the self-pity mode. Unknowingly, you’ve dragged yourself down despite your intention to heal and ascend. This misplaced energy can now be reclaimed and turned into new fuel for ascension.

Now looking back at your traumatic start, instead of a victim, you see yourself as a hero.

You watch your own life’s movie as a hero’s movie.

The hero went through challenges, one after the other and defeated attacks, one after the other. The darkness actually augmented the hero’s light. The darkness helped the hero become a hero. Not only can you now appreciate your strength but also the dark situation, and can celebrate the powerful light that you, as a child, carried within.

With the new view comes liberation.

You are liberated from the heavy vibrational state of guilt and shame. A huge amount of emotional energy is freed.

You’ve reclaimed the power of self-love beyond the conventional sense of self-appreciation. Because you understood the deep spiritual reason behind your birth into darkness, you can see yourself, admiringly, as a Fighter of Light.

You came into this life to fight against the Anu force, to fight for humanity, to fight for Gaia. This fighting is higher than any battling of the dualistic kind. You fight with Light, higher than the light as an opponent to the Anu force of darkness. You were born with a connection to this higher Light.

When you genuinely feel proud of yourself as a result of seeing the real reason why, you are back in alignment with the original starseed energy of light that you had come to Earth with—the unwounded and unwoundable level of you.

Feeling proud of yourself enables you to access an even higher form of energy—that of the non-dual galactic source vibration, which is the energy that ensures the final victory of light over darkness on planet Earth. The galactic source vibration is what we call the Light.

The Light can absorb the Anu force of darkness, thereby healing humanity.

Of course, it takes time and patience to heal your childhood traumas. Feeling proud of yourself cannot miraculously heal all your wounds. But feeling proud of yourself can help you reconnect with an energy that truly heals—the Light.

Spring Equinox is coming up.

You could make it a Spring Equinox you’ll never forget.

On this Day of Power, you make a revolutionary change. You change your attitude toward your traumatic childhood. From here on, you view your traumatic beginning from a new angle of self-pride.

Whenever you think of your difficult beginning, you allow yourself to feel the surge of self-pride that warms your heart.

“My goodness, I went through all that!” you say. “I am so powerful!”

“I am so powerful!”

May this be a new mantra that empowers

your life as a Fighter of Light.


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17 commentaires

Our history is so diverse so fulfilling and only recently coming to light through the love wisdom and history of the past revisiting the present. I live in Ireland and these megalithic sites are everywhere, the nearest one from where I reside is only 12 miles from my home. The Slidderyford Dolmen looks wonderfully sculptural against the backdrop of the Mountains of Mourne.

I am going to spend more time around these standing stones and perhaps have a few meditation session to see where it leads or guides me. Well Brothers and Sisters, I shall close for now thanking you all for your support!! Light and love to all who may read this note. God Bless.

01 avr. 2021
En réponse à

You are in a Pleiadian play park. Welcome home to Ireland, a "kindergarten" for starseeds! Each dolmen and cairn is special, but all are mega tokens of their love for us. For me, the key is going deep inside this ancient love feeling in our chest. It is in this love that we meet them, our Pleiadian family. It is in this love that they reveal information to us and guide us.

People go to megalithic sites with their heads, buzzing with mental energy, and therefore are easily disappointed. The best is to go see the stones as dear old friends. Just go there to hug the stones and hug the Pleiadians. So much is happening in the non-verbal realm,…





Hi , the secret I believe is “MEDITATION .. MEDITATION... MEDITATION .. It will help us see through the fog of the physical construction in life that weighs us down

and blocks out the light and love of the creator.“ THE I AM THAT, I AM is my chant....We will all find our life’s purpose by. fulfilling our contract with the creator!. May the favour of the great geometrician be in us all at this special time!

I send my Light and Love my friend!!

01 avr. 2021
En réponse à

Thanks! I'd say to you to trust this presence you felt in your meditation. You are already (and have always been) in contact with the Pleiadian energy of love, beauty, and light. Just let yourself dissolve in this field of light. The best contact is not two but one.


Greym Day
Greym Day
18 mars 2021

Your posts always have a synchronicity with my life, and this change of perspective has put me in a much more positive space; thankyou.

27 mars 2021
En réponse à

Thank you for your feedback! Glad to hear that the change of perspective helped you access positive energy. Fear not negativity--see it as a dark portal to light.


Muhammed Wally
Muhammed Wally
18 mars 2021

Thank you, right place, right time. This has helped me transmute a mass of negative emotion into...well, light? (the essence of a true alchemist's work, I gather) Additionally, for some time, I am unable to rationalize an instinctual rejection of traditional duality, especially the free will vs. destiny dilemma. Until now, my personal explanation for "why" and "how" is the "I" that is not "me" has placed me within distinctively difficult circumstances to accelerate change/learning. This affirmation that my instincts are not misguided means so much.

29 mars 2021
En réponse à

Many thanks!

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