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5 Misconceptions of Ascension

Misconceptions about ascension make you stuck, unable to ascend.

As the Buddha (the one who has ascended) said, spiritual practice begins with the right concept, right view, and right understanding.

Since "ascension" (meaning going higher) isn’t a New Age concept but rather an age-old element of human spirituality, let’s take the Buddha’s advice.

Let's get our beginning step right.

This blog exposes 5 misconceptions that are common among seekers of ascension today.

1. Ascension is a straight line up.

It is like an elevator ride to a higher floor, or at least, an escalator ride.

I bet this image is in your head, as it’s been in my head for a long time. Even though deep inside we know that spiritual masters from any age and any tradition would say, “No, no, no! Ascension is never a straight line up.” We don’t want to admit that it’s like this: zigzags, curves, spirals, tunnels, labyrinths...chaos.

We want a straight line, don’t we?

Something nice and easy and quick.

This linear view of the ascension process sets you up for disappointment and despair. Suddenly there comes another Dark Night of the Soul, another fall, another chaos. Out of the blue, your elevator dropped from the top floor to the basement. If you hold onto this linear view, you’d panic.

2. Ascension means “no more negativity!”

You become more and more positive till no more negative vibration exists in your being. Congratulations! You’ve arrived.

I bet this image is also in your head. It is what everyone says, “Be positive!” A famous American writer banished all negative people from entering her house. I did that too, until I realized that I was the negative one.

And I realized something else.

Without the negative, there wouldn’t be the positive. Without yin, no yang. You’ve read the Tao Te Ching, yes? You think Lao-Tzu (another ascended one) would urge us to become all positive and no negative?

Life would end if we become all positive and no negative. We’d be dead if there’s no more negative vibe (such as fear) in us.

In fact, the stronger the positive, the stronger the negative. The brighter the light, the darker the shadow. The higher the peak, the lower the valley.

Ascension is really about embracing both sides of the duality, and only in doing so, can we go higher into the state of unity.

3. Ascension means away from the material.

The material realm is heavy, restrictive, and low. To be freed from matter and exist as a free spirit unbound by material time and space, is the goal called "moksha" in ancient India or "ascension" in our New Age.

How many lifetimes have I been stuck on this misconception? This is the lifetime I’m getting it right, I hope.

Many starseeds are stuck here, like me. Because of the star origin of our souls, we want to leave the material realm and return to our souls’ celestial home. And because the dark Matrix imprisons us in a materialistic consumer paradise, we starseeds want to fight our way through the material, to be free of anything material.

I think, for starseeds, the real liberation comes from realizing that soul and matter are not really in conflict, and more importantly, realizing that matter is sacred. Without matter, there wouldn’t be life. We came to planet Earth for this, for this grand adventure called life. Life is rooted in matter.

Realizing that matter is not as solid as we think, that matter and consciousness are mysteriously linked, ascension for us then is no longer a desperate attempt to leave, but rather a change of attitude, to embrace the material from a higher position.

From a higher position, that’s ascension, isn’t it?

4. Ascension means into the 5D and no return.

Forever dwelling in the 5th dimension of love, light, and joy, that’s the final goal.

It’s a mono-dimensional goal, I have to be negative here, and mono-dimensionality is not what ascension means.

Ascension means that we become multi-dimensional, not mono-dimensional.

We are not leaving behind the 1D, 2D, 3D, and 4D realms of Earth for a celestial 5D to stay there forever.

Earth is expanding into the 5D and our consciousness is expanding into the 5D. The 5D is a new level added to what we already have.

By design, we humans are 10-dimensional beings. We are just starting to remember our forgotten 10 dimensions.

Each one of us will be able to access more and more dimensions, and be able to travel between realms (i.e. time-line jumping). This was the old way of shamans. We are becoming new shamans, regaining skills that our ancestors once possessed.

5. Ascension is something you strive for.

People think of ascension as overcoming a tremendous gravitational pull to fly up, like an airplane, in the sky of 5D. And there are all kinds of workshops and programs available to teach people how to drop weights and rise up.

Is ascension a spiritual feat that requires tremendous discipline and hard work?

For the lazy bones, maybe.

You are not from that category. You are one of us, souls who have worked too hard on themselves. We, the spiritual Protestants, we work, work, work; we work on achieving our ascension goals.

The irony is, the moment we stop working on ourselves, we rise up. To use a familiar metaphor, we move faster, carried by the river, once we stop flapping in the river.

Planet Earth is ascending.

Do you realize that?

She’s becoming lighter since she’s moving into the Age of Light.

We are ascending with Earth, like it or not.

We are floating with Earth, naturally, into the light.

So here comes the good news. The keyword for ascension is, guess what, relax!

Relax into your body, into life, into the natural flow.

Relax into the mysterious movement of the cosmos.

Relax into the Now.

Relax, hmm, that’s something some of us have to work on :-)

In short, if you stress yourself to ascend, you won’t ascend.


If you want more, if you want to go all the way, then come with me to a place where all ascended masters meet, a place of awakening, awakening to something you’ve long forgotten:

That you are originally high. You just forgot how high you are. Ascension, therefore, is not becoming someone new but remembering who you originally and eternally are.

You are the universe.

You are it.

Tat Tvam Asi.




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