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Another Dark Night of the Soul

Do you feel like this?

The Lord of the Rings

Like Gandalf on the cliff, hanging on by his fingernails?

Or, like Gandalf falling into the abyss, accompanied by his #1 enemy in the universe, the ancient demon, Balrog?

I certainly did.

At different times, in this tumultuous year, I felt like Gandalf on the verge of losing everything, including his wits. At times, I felt like Arwen in the arms of Aragorn under a full moon in an Elf paradise. 2020 has been a year of dramatic shifts, intense, tough, yet rewarding—a year of test, and a year of ascension, for sure.

Have you been struggling, along with the rest of humanity?

Have you been crawling through a dark tunnel, seeing no flicker of light?

Have you scolded yourself, saying, “This shouldn’t happen! I’ve worked so hard on myself. Why another Dark Night of the Soul?”

You compared yourself to those wonderful 5D Ascensioners, those cheerful YouTubers, and felt bad about yourself.

"I failed," you said.

This delayed Samhain/Halloween Message from me (delayed because I was held up by my Balrog) is to remind you of the following fact:

Gandalf the Grey would never have become Gandalf the White had he not been pulled into the shadow, had he not lost every one of his companions, had he not been jerked into facing his worst, worst, worst nightmare, Balrog, and then forced to tap a hidden resource of power, to fight, fight, fight…and win.

No Balrog, No Gandalf the White

Whether you are dangling on a precipice, squirming in a pit, or perhaps sailing on a breeze at the moment, you are at exactly where you need to be.

Wherever you are right now (be it a grim or bright situation), is a precious segment of your journey, an essential step.

So, love it!

Love your situation.

Love your battle with Balrog.

You are on your way to becoming

( your name ) the White.




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