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The Power to Choose

Be a Chooser in every situation

A Child of Light possesses three forms of power:

2. the Power to Choose

We’ve shown you the first, the Power to See; now we come to the second, the Power to Choose. You might think, “Oh, this is something I already know!” But do you, really?

You are a Chooser by design, having to choose constantly within a realm of contrasts.

To live means to choose.

Each moment you are making a choice, consciously or unconsciously. Yet often you were not choosing, but letting others choose for you.

Real choices must come from your free will.

1. How Free Is Your Will?

Free will is the greatest item in your Earth-human endowment.

You are designed to be an autonomous being of consciousness, who can self-decide and self-direct. Since you live in the 3rd Dimension, your consciousness must navigate through a world of dualities and deal with a stream of possibilities. Life requires you to exercise your free will and choose a way to survive and grow.

The majority of the human race, however, are not living as autonomous persons, their lives ruled by others, their free will denied or trampled upon repeatedly. They are not free humans whose lives are built entirely on free-willed choices.

You decided to break free and consider yourself now a Child of Light. Let us remind you that the first item in the package of birthright that you awakening humans must claim at Dawn is your free will.

Free will means the freedom of your consciousness to choose.

Until awakening, you had been serving as a Domesticated Human whose will had been bent, and like other Children of the Matrix, you had developed a limited sense of how free your will can be. Freedom meant a tiny space inside a box of shoulds and shouldn’ts.

We, your teachers from the stars, are here to help you expand your sense of freedom. We are encouraging you to cross boundaries and shatter limitations—to give yourself the greatest amount of freedom in asserting your willpower.

The freedom you want to give yourself now is one in which every opportunity is considered and everything allowed—in your consciousness. Every possibility has a right to exist in your awareness.

Of course, each possibility produces a chain of events and results in a karmic consequence. Karma, as the built-in mechanism of earthly life, limits your freedom. Thus, a choice will send you onto a particular track of experience and the only way to get out is by reaping what you’ve sown.

Freedom comes hand in hand with karma.

While considering karma, you can stretch your sense of freedom to everything imaginable. You can treat yourself to a “Freest of Will” exercise. The point of this exercise is for you to break down the mentality of reward and punishment, and break free from the box of shoulds and shouldn’ts.

Free will also means the freedom to do otherwise.

Imagine, no matter which choice you make, no matter what you do, you will get the same treatment: the universe loves you.

It isn’t easy to imagine so, for you’ve been deeply traumatized by a fear of punishment. You have difficulty believing in a presence that loves you regardless of the bad things you’ve done, even crimes you contemplated.

Imagine the taste of a freedom that says:

“No matter what I do, I am loved!”

This is the kind of love that we want you to feel. We, your Pleiadian family, have always been sending you this kind of love. We love you no matter what you do on Earth.

Only in connecting with such love can you fully claim your free will. Only after tasting such freedom can you make the best kind of choice. Because beneath your sense of freedom, there lies the ground vibration of love. Your freedom is no longer sourced in fear, which is a dualistic state, but is springing from the Source energy, which is a non-dual state of love.

You’ve touched the origin of your freedom.

2. How Aware Are You?

You can be a Chooser who operates in an unlimited sense of freedom sourced in unconditional love. This new kind of human is fundamentally different from the chooser as a consumer intoxicated by a delusion of freedom and power.

A Chooser is like a VIP guest who’s been invited into the garden of Earth, who’s being presented with an endless array of possibilities. You, the Chooser, are the laidback one sitting in the chair and receiving what life delivers to your table. All you have to do is select.

All you have to do is say yes to one possibility and no to others.

What a Chooser does is choose what to experience. Earth has been set up as a planetary garden for experience, all types of experience. Each moment, life presents you with a variety of directions and tracks to choose from. As a free-willed conscious being, you can pick a direction, select a track, and start a timeline.

These possibilities are different states of energies or vibrations. Choosing a possibility means choosing to enter a particular frequency range. It’s saying yes to the invitation of a particular bandwidth of energy and no to other invitations.

Earth human is designed to be a receiver and transmitter of energies. Like a radio or TV, you can tune into a wide range of stations and transmit different types of programs. It is you who decides which frequency you want to connect, resonate, and vibrate with.

The Chooser sets the dial and says, “This is the type of vibration I want to tune into.”

Are you aware of what’s going on at the vibrational level when you make a choice?

3. How to Be a Chooser?

You want to be a powerful Chooser, who makes choices that empower oneself, don’t you?

Our mission is to empower you, our family on Earth. We are here to assist you in becoming mighty Choosers—awakened ones with the power to choose the highest possibility of being a human on Earth. The highest possibility implies that one’s potential is being fulfilled, that one is living in maximal health, wealth, and happiness, in other words, a dream life.

What is the way to a dream life?

Well, you choose your way into your dream life. You keep making choices that are vibrationally aligned with (and energetically delivering you to) your dream life.

How to make a power choice in each situation? Where to get the power to tune into and stay tuned into the frequency of your dreams?

Try the following method.

This meditation method, sourced in our Pleiadian love for you, features a 3-Step Process. It will put you in a power position wherein you can make a power choice.

3 Steps of the Chooser

Step 1 - Align Yourself

You are a multidimensional human, having a Lower Self in the 3D and a Higher Self in the 5D and beyond. Power comes from aligning the different levels of your Cosmic Self, and aligning yourself to the Source Vibration—the energy of the Source that manifested everything in the universe.

To begin with, you align your 3D self with your 5D self. We’ve transmitted a two-part message series that shows you how to expand/ascend into the 5th Dimension. If you follow our guidelines, you will sooner or later arrive at the state below:

Your 5D Self hugging your 3D Self.

In this mystical state, you are embedded in the 5D energy field of love/light while in the material realm of Earth—you are in multiple dimensions simultaneously. You are not out of your body but expanded and elevated in your body. You would feel the 5D energy of love/light flowing through your body as if a presence is hugging you.

The 5D is a portal to the cosmic Source. When you are in the 5D field of vibration, you are also connected to higher vibrations that originate from the Source. If you feel aligned with the 5D vibration of love/light, you can tell yourself that you are aligned with the Source Vibration.

How do you know you are really aligned?

A powerful energy vibrating at the center of your chest is the sign.

Step 2 - See in the Light

This powerful energy vibrating at your Heart Chakra can be described either as light or as love. When the energy is felt in your chest, it is called love; when perceived in your head, it is called light. There is a difference in sensation as you shift your awareness.

In Step 2, your awareness stays focused on the sensation in the head. It brightens your Vision Chakra and opens your Inner Eye; the powerful energy is experienced as inner light.

The inner light shines on your situation and reveals to you hidden details and patterns. In this light, you see what you couldn’t see as a Lower Self in the 3D. The 5D light lets you observe your life from a higher perspective, above dualities, beyond the confines of earthly emotions.

In this light, you can see the range of possibilities life has presented to you. You can see the karmic consequence of each choice, and beyond that, the unconditional love of the universe. While seeing into all possibilities, you connect each to the knowing of unconditional love.

In this all-allowing universe, you have total freedom: you can fly in any direction.

From the state of everything being equal, there emerges the sight of one possibility. This possibility appeals to you more than others. Glowing in your inner light, it looks more attractive and inviting than other possibilities.

A direction has revealed itself.

Step 3 - Choose in Love

Now shift your focus to the energy in your chest called love. Simultaneously, you hold the sensation of love (in the chest) and the sensation of light (in the head). In doing so, you are aligning your Vision Chakra and Heart Chakra.

You've seen the direction in your head. Now you feel the direction in your chest. You do a double-check with your Heart Chakra.

What you do is, you feel your way into love. You descend in love and reach for the deepest level. You reconnect with the essential energy that sustains your existence, that drives your quest. This energy that defines who you are and why you are here can be called your Dominant Love.

Your Dominant Love isn’t the mushy feeling out of a sentimental heart, but a strong force bursting out of the epicenter of your Heart.

Listen to what your Dominant Love has to say about the direction you’ve seen. Let your Dominant Love voice its desire. It might say something like, “That is where I want to go!” or “I cannot flow in that direction.”

This love in your Heart knows that it is loved. Being loved, it knows what it loves. It then desires a direction. “This is it,” says your Heart, “this is what I love!”

Love has made the choice.

Dear Child of Light, if you follow these three steps in any decision-making, the possibility you chose would be the most powerful choice. Because it was the most powerful energy, Love/Light, that made the choice.

What may come of such a choice doesn’t really matter, for it shall lead you to simply a state of experience. There is no right experience or wrong experience, good experience or bad experience, for all experiences are valid and valuable in the sculpting of a new you.


Channeler’s Note

From Qin-Ra

Here’s another way to do it:

a checklist.

Before making a decision, you ask yourself three questions:

1. Am I aligned with my Higher Self?

2. Am I seeing in the light?

3. Am I choosing in love?

You can use this checklist in any situation.

Wherever you are and whatever you do,

you can always remind yourself:

“I've got the power!”



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