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From Gaza to Newgrange

Pleiadian Initiations of Light - Winter Solstice 2023

Winter Solstice is coming. On this most important day of the year, two iconic events are bound to happen, so polarized that the pair seems like a head-on collision.

One event features the reality of a child being blown to pieces and buried in the rubble. Born into a dark prison, the child dies in an even darker prison. A child of the shadows is being killed as a sacrificial victim by the light of exploding bombs.

The other presents the reality of a child being welcomed into a world of infinite light and endless love. Born into the golden light of a rising sun, the adult human begins a new phase of life as a Child of Light: a sacred son or daughter of the divine.

One reality shows death, the other birth.

One features a tomb, the other a womb.

One is hellish, the other heavenly.

The two are "iconic" in the sense of being archetypally symbolic: they represent the two futures of Earth; they stand for what the Pleiadians call the Anu Nightmare and the Gaian Dream; they signify… I leave the further analysis to you. 

Here, I remind you that there is an alternative reality beyond the barrage of dark events reported in the media. Dark events such as the war in the Middle East carry an even deeper agenda: to distract our attention and entrap our imagination. So that we Earth humans leave what’s real and forget what’s most important.

What’s most important is the dynamic presence of Earth, Sun, and Moon—the three keepers of life. The lovemaking of Earth and Sun (which produces the source energy of life) is the greatest event of all time. 

At Winter Solstice, this ongoing event is commemorated on a monumental scale by the live demonstration built into the temple design of the 5,500-year-old Newgrange. And anyone from anywhere can participate in this cinematic cosmic love union. 

Where would you like to be on Winter Solstice?

On the calendar of nature, Winter Solstice marks the beginning of a new year. How would you like to celebrate your new year? What kind of reality do you want to enter? 

Numerous realities co-exist on Earth. We have a vast spectrum of events, ranging from the extreme negative to the extreme positive. To pinpoint the two extreme ends, I can’t think of a better way than using the metaphors of Gaza and Newgrange, can you?

Gaza: fear & pain - Newgrange: fun & joy.

Gaza: dystopia - Newgrange: utopia.

Gaza in Anu Timeline - Newgrange in Gaia Timeline.

“Gaza” can mean two things for us: 1) the war reality that we refuse to participate in; 2) the initiation reality that we choose to participate in. We are connected to Gaza on multiple levels, emotionally, spiritually, and vibrationally. 

Gaza (as an initiation test) will accompany us through our Winter Solstice crossover, and Gaza (in either sense) will be a part of our new year. Therefore, I’m not asking you to quit this tough initiation called the Gaza Test. I’m reminding you of another spiritual initiation, which can help you pass your Gaza initiation. 

This winter, two sets of initiations are available—Gaza and Newgrange—guided by the Pleiadian Family of Light. Seemingly contradictory like a clash, the two are interconnected as a whole. They constitute a grand initiation in the human ascension at Dawn

As for you, there is the choice to do none, to do one, or to do two.

For example, you can use #1 Gaza Initiation as a portal to get to the bottom: to the root level of life. The deaths of Palestinians and Israelis can in a catalytic way help you rebuild your relationship with life. You can then use #2 Newgrange Initiation to kickstart a new relationship with Earth, Sun, and the cosmos. 

Hey, don't be afraid of “solar flares” or “geomagnetic storms.” That is still the materialistic way of looking at the Sun, which leads to fearing the Sun.

Relax! The Sun and Earth are taking care of us as a reliable father and dependable mother.  

Change your attitude toward the Sun.

Let nothing block your connection to the Sun.


You know how hard it is to drop a phone. 

How much more so for a soldier to drop a gun!

Coming soon is Instructions for the 2023 Newgrange Initiation. While waiting, you can prepare yourself by exploring the links below. This is a self-initiation rite (free & open to all) that you can perform (or call it DIY) as a 1st-timer, or 2nd, 3rd, and 4th-timer. 

This will be my 4th time!!!! 

I Qin-Ra am a Newgrange-born Child of Light (1st generation). Each year, I repeat the act of rebirth and make myself born again into cosmic love/light. I look forward to Winter Solstice as much as kids look forward to Christmas. 

But this is the real Christmas.

You got it,

the esoteric meaning?


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