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Calendar of Light

Start A New Timeline

“Timeline” is but another word for “reality.”

“Reality” is another word for the time-space continuum.

The message below from me (Qin-Ra) could get you started in changing the time aspect of your reality.

. . . . .

A Child of Light can live by a Calendar of Light. Do you know that?

But there’s no such ready-made thing. You’ll have to create your own Calendar of Light.


Not from scratch, of course. There is already a foundation laid long ago by star teachers who had seeded civilizations of light around the planet. They seeded calendars as well.

Those ancient calendars ought to be serving as the bedrock of our civilizations, well into the Age of Light. But we’ve been made to follow what I'd call an "Anu Calendar" instead.

The Anu Calendar is a time-management system whose goal is to control us humans and turn us into slave workers for the Anu Matrix. The Anu Calendar featured festival dates that were (purposely) misaligned with the astronomically based original dates.

That is, purposely misaligned with cosmic events.

Mis-alignment leads to dis-connection: moving out of sync with what’s going on in the universe.

The best example being Christmas, offset by a few days to divert our attention from what really matters: Winter Solstice.

The Child of Light is an awakening human who defies the Anu Calendar and opts to live in sync with the universe.

To live in sync with the universe, you’ll have to begin with living in sync with the movement of the Earth, Sun, and Moon. You follow a Calendar of Nature, based entirely on their positions in space.

NOTE: The day before and day after also count.

Any of the three days can be set as your Day of Power.

The 8 Days of Power chart, which I researched and designed, is based on a Neolithic solar-year calendar seeded by Pleiadian teachers.

They gave our ancestors the concept of a circle of 4 cardinal points first (that is, the two equinoxes and two solstices). Then they added the concept of cross-quarter days, along with the symbol of a circle featuring 8 cardinal points.

This elementary calendar of an 8-sectioned solar year can be found in many cultures around the globe. It formed the basis of the Pagan Calendar (or Witches’ Calendar) widely used in pre-Christian Europe. In China, later on, the solar year was further divided into 24 sections (known as the "24 Energy Segments" 24节气).

I’d recommend that you start with this elementary calendar, applicable to most people on the planet (flip the dates if you are in the Southern Hemisphere).

You start with turning your year into an 8-spiked wheel.

The 8 points signify the 8 Days of Power, on which you can perform an Act of Power, to meditate, write, or pray, to envision, heal, or celebrate.

The 8 spikes help you to roll forth with the wheel of Earth and Sun—the Wheel of Life.

So, when you think of your year and plan for events, you see a round chart in your mind instead of a square sheet (please feel free to save my chart on your phone). Your new timeline is a circle-spiral, not a straight line!

This is the first step in creating your Calendar of Light, to be followed by learning to roll forth with the wheel of the Moon.

St. Brigid's Cross

Today (Feb.4) is the exact day of this year’s Imbolc, a Celtic festival celebrated in Ireland as a fixed (Feb.1) Christian holiday: St. Brigid’s Day. It’s an Irish tradition to weave a St. Brigid’s Cross with straw or grass (before or on this day ) as a good-luck charm.

Where did St. Brigid's Cross come from?

Now you know the answer.


If you’ve just become a Newgrange-born Child of Light on the Winter Solstice of 2022, this Imbolc will be the first Day of Power for you to enjoy. Why not hold a Name-giving Party with the Pleiadians to celebrate the new you?

If you are a one-year-old, two-year-old, or would-be Child of Light, you can still have a party with the Ps. Our Pleiadian family is always present in the 5th Dimension, accessible through the portal of your Heart.


Imbolc signals the end of winter

and the start of spring.

May this be the start of

a blossoming new timeline for you!



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