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Moon Eye

August 2023 is super rare!

August 2023 begins with a Super Full Moon (on 8/1), ends with a Super Blue Full Moon (8/31), features a Micro New Moon (8/16), a Moon-Saturn conjunction (8/30), a Perseid meteor shower peaks (8/13), and more (Go to

How will you utilize an amazing August to accelerate your ascension process?

I tell you what I’d do.

I’d use August to deepen my bond with the Moon.

“To rebuild a civilization of light,” the Pleiadians repeated, “you must rebuild your relationship with Earth, Sun & Moon.”

For they are the three Keepers of Life. An intimate relationship with Earth, Sun & Moon would thus take you to the source of life—back to the Source.

To build a relationship with the Moon, you take two steps:

Step 1 Learn to See the Moon as a Conscious Being Step 2 Learn to Move in Moon Time

Read the four Pleiadian messages (below) and you’ll understand these two steps:

If you don’t have time to read right now (or if you want to rush out to see the Moon) you may want to consider my following suggestion:

Go 'n discover the Moon Eye!

Can you see the Moon Eye?

Can you see yourself through the Moon Eye?

You have a whole month (Aug 1-31)

to answer my questions.



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