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Moon Eye

August 2023 is super rare!

August 2023 begins with a Super Full Moon (on 8/1), ends with a Super Blue Full Moon (8/31), features a Micro New Moon (8/16), a Moon-Saturn conjunction (8/30), a Perseid meteor shower peaks (8/13), and more (Go to

How will you utilize an amazing August to accelerate your ascension process?

I tell you what I’d do.

I’d use August to deepen my bond with the Moon.

“To rebuild a civilization of light,” the Pleiadians repeated, “you must rebuild your relationship with Earth, Sun & Moon.”

For they are the three Keepers of Life. An intimate relationship with Earth, Sun & Moon would thus take you to the source of life—back to the Source.

To build a relationship with the Moon, you take two steps:

Step 1 Learn to See the Moon as a Conscious Being Step 2 Learn to Move in Moon Time

Read the four Pleiadian messages (below) and you’ll understand these two steps:

Artificial Moon?

Exit Machine Time

Calendar of Light

Sun Consciousness

If you don’t have time to read right now (or if you want to rush out to see the Moon) you may want to consider my following suggestion:

Go 'n discover the Moon Eye!

Can you see the Moon Eye?

Can you see yourself through the Moon Eye?

You have a whole month (Aug 1-31)

to answer my questions.


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