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Worst-Case Scenario

& Best-Case Scenario

Bombs returned to the Gaza Strip. Looming in the sky is the prospect of a regional war and the question remains: “Could this be it, the event that set off a chain of events leading to the total destruction of humanity and Earth?” Looking into the future, many anticipate the coming of WWIII or even Doomsday.

You were probably scared at one point, as I was, groping your way through what the Pleiadians called "the Test of Gaza" (a spiritual initiation test that may last for months or even years). Here, I’d like to share a visionary experience I had, which can help you cross a threshold in your ascension journey.

A couple of weeks ago, I was sitting in a green field thousands of miles away from Gaza. I found myself sinking into deep worries as I tried to see into the future. My mind’s eye could see only events of mass destructions that ended up annihilating lives in Gaza and beyond—in fact, all lives on the planet.

The worst-case scenario had come true.

At this juncture, a ray of light shone into my awareness. The light enabled me to see a bit further, beyond the darkest kind of future I was seeing. Immediately I realized that I was being given a vision of the future Earth. The vision wasn’t a movie-like 4K picture. The gnostic happening of intuitive knowing was more like a flash of insight.

“Earth is fine!” I blurted out. “Even if the worst-case scenario happens, Earth is fine!”

For an instant, I was seeing, hearing, and feeling the planet two hundred years from now: the ascended Earth vibrating in harmony and joy, the new Earth thriving in the Age of Light, with all shadow forces gone. No matter how dark it gets in Gaza and beyond in 2023, our future Earth is a super bright planet in 2223.

I had glimpsed such a future possibility many times before. But I couldn’t see/hear/feel the certainty of this future until this moment. This autumn day in 2023 had brought me first to a pit of despair before granting me a brilliant vision of certainty. I could see what lay beyond the abyss of the worst-case scenario.

Not a pitch-black nothingness called “the End,” but a glowing bustling scene called “the Beginning.”

I saw that even if we humans had wiped out the entire biosphere, Earth would continue to orbit the Sun and the Life Project would go on. A Doomsday in our worst imagination would only usher in a new start for Earth. Her slate would have been wiped clean, she could restart afresh. A new consortium of species will be introduced into the planetary womb, including a brand new human race.

That is the worst-case scenario. If it happens, Earth will be fine. If it doesn’t happen, Earth will of course be fine (but she will ascend on a different route). This is the route of gradual transition from darkness to light, from Night to Day. And this is the route we want: to change realities bit by bit, to make the world a better place each day.

We, Children of Light, are fighting for a best-case scenario.

Yet, always lurking in the back of our minds is that dreaded shadow of a worst-case scenario. Deep inside, everybody is afraid. We fear a worst nightmare come true.

No one can say, “Yes, it will come true!” or “No, it won’t!” Even our wise and kind Pleiadian family can’t say for sure. They say that it depends on the choice we make. It is up to us whether to manifest a worst-case scenario or a best-case scenario.

That explains why we are in an intense clash of desired realities—a battle of two futures—during the portal phase of Dawn. Because humans on Earth are deeply divided, some wanting war, some wanting peace. The human race is self-splitting into two camps.

Before this moment in the Gaza Test, I could see the two futures of Earth: how important it is for us to fight for a best-case scenario. But I couldn’t see much beyond this duality. And I unconsciously assumed that the future Earth in my deepest longing was but one end of a polarity: it can be canceled out by its opposite.

Because I wasn’t tall enough to peek over the fence and see what lay beyond. So my sight stopped at the parting of ways in the 21st century. It couldn’t go higher to attain the incredible view: the two opposite ways would wind up at the same point in the 23rd century!

Call it an intelligent design.

The one who’s in charge of the universe has made a fail-proof plan. The master plan consists of two aspects: plan A and plan B.

Plan A is our best-case scenario—it’s the path of gradual transformation.

Plan B is our worst-case scenario—it’s the path of catastrophic change.

If Plan A works out, great!

If Plan B takes over, great, too!

Either way, the designer gets the desired result. Meanwhile, let humans on Earth decide which plan they’d rather take part in. Give them freedom within destiny. Let them choose what to experience. Whichever trail of experience they shall leave behind as a result of their free-willed choice will be valuable data for the next segment of the Life Project.

In the midst of this incredible vision, I felt a core shift.

I realized I was inside a happening that took place not in the distant future, but in the present moment. As if something had knocked me in the head, my eyes popped open, my spine realigned—I returned to the powerful presence of Earth now. I could see/hear/feel the One Life that is moving through the life forms of flowers and bees, trees and birds, them and me. I was feeling the invincible power of Gaia, our Mother Earth.

Her presence, called Life, cannot be destroyed.

Then I realized that the future Earth is but an extension of the present Earth. This powerful presence that I was witnessing, which I could only call Life, would carry on regardless of what we humans do. No matter how many lives are being taken away in the war zone of Gaza, nobody can take away the One Life of Gaia.

Life wins in the end.

The point of sharing my experience is to empower you.

You feel a lack of power due to chunks of your energy being locked up in fear. You fear the worst-case scenario, don’t you?

Here is where I (and many of us) had been stuck. We were stuck in a dualistic perception of the immediate future, and stuck in a lack of sight into the distant future. The lack of sight made us fear what we dread the most: that we might lose this spiritual battle at Dawn and fail in our mission to assist Gaia’s ascension.

If we can’t prevent World War III from happening, we fail our mission. In our imagination, if WWIII escalates to a nuclear holocaust, Gaia is finished. As much as we love and honor her, Gaia is vulnerable as a planet: she can’t handle a WWIII; she won’t survive a nuclear blast.

Oh. how small we think of our Earth Mother!

Gaia will ascend no matter what — this was the milestone vision given to me (Qin-Ra), the messenger, during my Gaza Test.

My Pleiadian guides urged me to share my vision with you, not to impose my vision on you. You are supposed to exercise your Power to See and look into what’s happening and what’ll happen.

We've come to a fork in the road between war and peace in the Middle East. At this critical juncture, the least you can do is work up your courage, look into your worst-case scenario, and see what lies beyond.

In closing, I’d like to share my vision of not-so-distant a future.

I see two families, adults and children, sitting on a carpet on the shore of Galilee. One family is Palestinian, another Israeli. They are having a picnic. They are eating the food their common ancestors were eating millennia ago:

Hummus & Pita Bread.

Two families become one

in the simplest act of eating.

The simplest is the hardest.

But such is the best-case scenario

choose to believe in and to live for.


(What I saw before the Gaza Test)

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