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5 Spiritual Ways to Survive Coronavirus

Buddha wearing face mask.jpg

2020.3.19  Equinox   Pleiadian Family Newsletter    In Response to the Rising Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic

Survival wasn’t your new year's resolution upon entering 2020. But now it is.

Will I survive? 


Yes, you will.  The question is, at what cost? 

Washing your hands and wearing a mask can protect your body, but not your mind. You might be able to defeat a physical virus, but unable to defeat an emotional virus — the virus of fear. If you are unprepared, you could be swept into the vortex of collective panic and get pulled deeper and deeper, ending up in depression.  

There's no doubt that a full-fledged attack on humanity has been unleashed, with coronavirus attacking the lung and fearvirus attacking the heart. 

Will you escape the herd's fate?


Will you stay intact in the darkest hour? 

Below are 5 strategies you can use to not only survive in the darkest hour but also shine.

  1. Realign With Your Soul


How well you will do spiritually and emotionally in the next few weeks and months depends on how strongly you are aligned with your own soul.

While the ego goes into a panic, the soul stays calm. Somewhere inside you, there is a place that can’t be touched by any thought of sickness or death. That place is where you go to realign with your soul.

Your soul sees a larger picture of cosmic harmony and knows that on the deepest level, all is taken care of, all is well. 

Even if the worst-case scenario happens, the soul knows that life, as energy, continues to exist in another form. 


2.    Become More Awake


A little virus can wake up so many people. People suddenly realize what’s most important in life. 

The awakening can happen on many different levels. Some people will open their eyes to see how they had been manipulated and controlled, some realize they have been chasing after the wrong stuff, some start appreciating what they have been taking for granted or throwing away what they thought they couldn’t live without. 

Many people will survive the coronavirus pandemic by becoming more asleep. But you are going to survive it by being more awake. 

You see this pandemic as a catalyst for spiritual awakening. You question, you investigate, you discern true reality. You examine your core values and fundamental beliefs. You test your honesty, sincerity, and integrity. You pass this test that has come in the form of a pandemic by being a person of truth. 


3.    Hug Crisis into Change


In one form or another, you or people you know will find themselves in a crisis situation.  Hardly anyone will remain unaffected by this escalating global pandemic. Sooner or later, the darkest hour will come to visit you. When it happens, what will you do?

If you resist it, the crisis will only get worse. If you embrace it, the crisis, as a vortex of energy, will have a chance to mutate.

It is in the embracing of the crisis that you see the opportunity hidden in it. This is often called “a blessing in disguise” by the spiritually experienced.  

Hug the crisis, and you'll find peace and strength instantly.  


4.    Return to the Basics


Ideally, during a virus outbreak, you run into the forest.


But you don’t have a cabin in the woods or even a tent on the beach. Instead, you find yourself locked inside a city apartment, facing concrete walls, possibly sharing a tiny space with other fearful human beings. 

This is as close you can get to being in a prison. However, this isn’t the worst place in life. Confinement can make a monk out of you, teaching you to find joy in doing the simplest things consciously. Cooking, eating, washing, pacing, sitting, sleeping… even breathing in and breathing out can be turned into an act of heightened awareness. 

Can you look at yourself in the bathroom mirror and say “I love you” twenty times? Now you have time. No more excuses. 


5.   Follow Your Dominant Love


What do you love and who do you love? 

Yes, you are spiritually advanced and can say that you love everything and everyone. But what is your dominant love, the thing/person/activity/situation/event that you value above all and would die for?

When things get tough and fear gets high, a flame in the human heart springs back to life. In the light of this flame, you see things in a different color and pattern. You know what to choose and how to organize. Confusion falls away, lethargy takes its leave, and your motor is rolling. 

Follow your dominant love and nothing will go wrong.

Love in the time of corona.





With this coronavirus outbreak, the year 2020 has given us a chance to ascend. This is the time to unplug from the Matrix machine, to shine our light and follow our bliss. We need to raise our own vibrations before we can turn around to help others ascend.


(Click here to learn How to Clear Your Chakras and Raise Your Vibration)

High vibrations are all around us, easy to access. We can reconnect with the high vibrations of the pure nature of Earth and the high vibration of celestial fields of light. We can reach out to our angels, guides, and spirit allies.


(Click here to learn How to Contact Pleiadian Beings of Light for Support)


There is a world of harmony just outside this pandemic chaos.


We are in the portal phase of Spring Equinox, traditionally a time for rebalancing parts of our lives to achieve equilibrium. 

At each spring and autumn equinox, at Loughcrew in Ireland, the rising sun shines into the 5500-year-old Pleiadian temple of Cairn T and illuminates the sun symbol on the chamber wall.

Loughcrew Cairn T sun alignment.jpg

Cairn T, Loughcrew, Ireland             Photos by Rob Hurson

No pandemic can prevent us from flying to Ireland in spirit. 

Let’s fly to Loughcrew at dawn on March 20 to celebrate the alignment of Earth, Sun, and us.

Happy Spring Equinox!

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