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2020.2.1 Imbolc Newsletter     In Response to the Rising Coronavirus Epidemic

Don't panic in times of unrest!


Yes, the virus is spreading, the market going down, and you are getting scared ... but you know, on a higher level, all is taken care of, all is well. 


All is well, at the ground level of your being. 



You can shift your focus away from the Matrix news, and realign yourself to cosmic energies of light that bring to you health and peace.


You can realign yourself with Earth's light and celestial light. 


To focus on the big reality of harmony around the small reality of chaos is the best protection you can give to yourself.

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The start of 2020 has given you an opportunity to rise above your life circumstances, to break old patterns and ascend.


We wish you love and trust in handling stress and distress.


You are OK. 

You can smile again.


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