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Ascension HIll,  Carrowkeel Megalithic Complex, Co. Sligo, Ireland

Death and Ascension -  a Pleiadian Path to Light

The ideal way to reincarnate is that the soul


1)  leaves the four earthly bodies at death (i.e. the physical, emotional, mental, and astral bodies)

2)  exits from the crown chakra,

3)  travels through the Shadow Land along a path to the Realm of Light,

4)  and from there, returns to the stream of life. 


This Realm of Light isn’t located at the galactic center or on the Pleiadian or Sirian stars, but right here at the outer edge of the great Wheel of Life (i.e. samsara) of Earth. The Realm of Light is a non-material spirit zone. So is the Shadow Land, the twilight realm after death and before life (i.e. the bardo, or the waiting room).

Pleiadian path to light

After establishing agriculture, after teaching people how to live, the Pleiadian Group of 8 went on to teach people how to die. The ritual of death was the end part of their second-grade curriculum. It was the toughest part. 


Such death ritual was not only necessary but also urgent, because too many souls in Ireland had been stuck in the Shadow Land, thus delaying the coming forth of Grade 3. 


Not only must people learn the proper way to die, but also a path to light must be made for and by every soul tribe, to guide souls in the future and to free stuck souls in the past. 


Every soul tribe in Ireland (and on Earth) needed to establish such a passage to light, with their own tribal soul power. It had to be the tribal soul itself blazing a trail of light. 


Understandably, there had to be many paths to light made, for the many starseed tribes all over the planet. 


Within the same soul tribe, the rite was often repeated a number of times to firmly establish the experience in the tribal psyche.

Still, you wonder, what does a Neolithic death rite have to do with us living in the 21st century? 


Well, it means good news: “There is a path to light for every one of us!”


This news was given to me by the Pleiadian teacher, Sincera. One of her key messages to her family on Earth in the 21st century is the following:


The path to light is open!


The path of ascension is open, in other words, whether the ascension shall take you to a galactic home of light or to a waiting room of light (mind you that you can go as far as the waiting room if your soul’s mission on Earth hasn’t been fulfilled), whether this path has the signature style of a historical man such as Lao-tzu, the Buddha, and the true Christ, or a prehistoric man or woman with no name. 


Ascension” means going up in vibration, and ascension includes life and death since they are two sides of the same process. You can’t go anywhere higher in death if you haven’t gone any higher in life. 


Ascension through the portal of death is but a continuation of a life-long process of aspiration and preparation. 


And the good news is: “The path to light has been made.


You don’t have to make it. You only need to find it. 


There are many paths to light in the spirit realm, one for each soul tribe on Earth. If you find the path made by your own soul ancestor, the rest of the journey will be easier than you think. 


The path to light is situated in the spirit realm, and can only be seen by the soul’s eye. If your soul’s eye is shut, you won’t see any shining path even if you stand smack on Neolithic ritual grounds such as the hilltop of Carrowkeel. You just see heaps of gray stones in purple-brown heather fields.

Carrowkeel Pleiades Pleiadian

Carrowkeel Megalithic Complex,  Ireland   Aerial Photo Courtesy of 

On the other hand, you can see the shining path with your soul’s eye without physically going to any of these sites.


But it is good to physically visit these sites, for memories are stored in these power spots and the presence of our Pleiadian family is strong in these portal regions. It can help the opening of your spiritual eye to take your physical eyes to megalithic hilltops such as Carrowkeel, the Ascension Hill.


Carrowkeel was where the paths to light were made by many Modiras and Cavals. 


Carrowkeel was the central site of the Ascension Rite, performed by and for every soul tribe in the Irish kindergarten.


To visit a central site in the material realm can help starseeds reconnect with their tribal souls. It can help starseeds find their individual path through life and the afterlife. 


But you don’t go to such a site to die.


Please don’t commit suicide on top of Carrowkeel!


That’ll be the highest insult you can give to a power spot. And for sure, you will get stuck in the Shadow Land as a hungry ghost.


Carrowkeel is not a place to die, of unnatural or natural death. It is a monument on a monumental scale. You go to such a place to—here is that famous Gnostic word again—to remember. 


“The remembrance will open your inner gate,” to repeat what Sincera has said. At death, a full remembrance will take your soul to your tribal soul, who is the keeper of a path to light.

Carrowkeel Pleiades Pleiadian

Carrowkeel Cairn G Aligned with the Summer Solstice Setting Sun 

You may feel, instead, that you are a graduate of another kindergarten, that your path to light is unlinked to an Irish hill and inaccessible through an Irish story. You may feel that the Irish story can inspire you to go on a quest, but can’t take you by the hand to where you want to go.


You wonder, how should starseeds like you find your way of ascension? 


My answer is, your soul knows how to find the way to the way. 


The Neolithic Child in you knows the way up if you have been around since the Neolithic era.


If you have been around for a shorter while, the Neolithic Child in your humanity knows the way up. The childhood phase of our humanity has been imprinted with the template of civilization. The pattern is there inside you.


If you find the Child, the Neolithic Child, you find the way.

" Live Happily. Die Happily. Be Reborn Happily."

- Our Kindergarten Motto

You've just read an except from Chapter 28 "The Child Knows the Way" in Journey to Our Neolithic Self.

To learn about Neolithic Ireland as a Pleiadian "kindergarten for starseeds" please go to the book's page to read or download.  

Journey to Our Neolithic Self 2020 thumb

"The last time you were truly happy was the Neolithic era."

- The Pleiadians

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