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How to Contact the Pleiadians (#2: the Secret)

How to Contact the Pleiadians

(part 2)

The secret to a successful contact with the Pleiadians is … what is your guess?

You might say, I’ve read your Part 1, downloaded the Pleiadian App, and made my perspective shift. I know what the secret is. The secret is about going inside, not outside. It’s about seeing the Pleiadians as a form of energy, not a person. It’s about relating to them as family, not alien. Right?

Yes, you are right. This is the secret, but not THE secret.

You might say, then it’s about opening the Heart and not just the Mind, it’s about turning off the thinking and tuning into the feeling of love in the Heart Center.

Yes, you are right. This is the secret, but not THE secret.

You might say, then it’s about matching frequencies, it's about raising our vibration to their level, it’s about dialing into the Pleiadian station as if we are a radio or TV.

Yes, you are right. This is the secret, but not THE secret.

Contact (1997)

You might say, then it’s about meditating in stillness, it’s about being quiet and listening. The Ellie character in the movie, Contact, listened and listened … and eventually heard.

Yes, you are right. This is the secret, but not THE secret.

Now tell me! You say. What is THE secret?

Actually, I am hesitant to tell you what it is. To tell you would spoil the fun of searching. The fun of groping in the dark, the fun of getting frustrated, the fun of yearning to overcome. But most likely, you’ve done enough searching (since you are here, reading this blog) and need just a little hint from me to further your journey.

So I shall give you the hint. It took me years of groping through the dark maze of ignorance to figure out what THE secret is.

THE secret was written in Sanskrit.


I shall tell you that these mantra-like words mean.

Tat (that) tvam (you) asi (are)

THAT and YOU are ONE.



This “that” is not an ordinary "that" as in that person, that thing, that place and so on. Tat refers to a higher reality that you think is something outside you and other than you. It is the sacred reality, the divine realm, the spirit domain, in our case, the Pleiadian energy.

You are smart. You get my hint.

Now you know that if you operate in a dualistic mindset in contacting the Pleiadians you will not succeed. They’d be an other, outside you, different from you, and distant to you. They'd be somewhere away from you because of the gap created by your attitude. You might see things or hear things but you will not succeed. You might think you are in contact but you are not actually.

It requires a huge PARADIGM SHIFT to achieve successful contact with the Pleiadians.

duality —> Unity

This is just a hint.

A hint is only a direction.

So take this little blog as a little finger pointing to the giant moon. Don't stop at the finger (don't assume that you understand it means that you know it). Please look at the moon (please go ahead and know it through your own experience).

Now I’ve pointed you in the direction of oneness, using an ancient road sign taken from a 3,000-year-old Indian text, The Upanishads, which contained one of the earliest textual references to our New Age concept of the Law of One.

Now that the Tattvamasi road sign is up, from here on your journey should be quite okay.

If you are not okay, don’t worry! Before long I'll post a new blog to give you more hints and more cheers.

In summary, oneness, or better yet, non-duality is THE secret.

("Non-duality" written in Chinese)



This is soothing and healing and the husks fall away


I’ll continue to follow this app and finally find the all the answers I’m looking for.


I was guided to you. This is how I will find my way. I have long stories about my life on earth but your descriptions really resonate with me. Thank you for this app. I hope to continue to pray to meet my beautiful soul family. I can’t help but feel full of emotion and love and look forward to becoming closer to you.


Hi 👋 looking to gain friendship and alliances with other Pleiadians, Starseeds, Lightworkers. I’m trying to navigate the calling and need help


I’m so happy to have discovered this “app”. My story is too long to tell, but raising my frequency seemed so difficult and complicated... l started with shamanic work, then discovered various pleiadian channelers, finaly arriving here, where there seems help.

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