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How to Contact the Pleiadians (#3: techniques)

How to Contact the Pleiadians?

(Part 3)

Contact with the Pleiadians happens inside you, not outside you.

The secret to contacting the Pleiadians, as revealed in the previous blog, is that you overcome duality and become one with the Pleiadian energy field.

So how do you become one with the Pleiadian energy field? Below are four basic steps.

1. You start with an invitation.

You invite the Pleiadian energy to come inside your aura, as you’d invite a guest to come inside your house, and you request the Pleiadian energy to merge with you and become one with you. Pleiadian beings of light respect our privacy and free will. They would never invade our aura, let alone occupy it. But they’d be glad to come inside us and become one with us, at our invitation.

Your invitation can be done in any form. It doesn’t have to be a fancy liturgical ritual with incense smoke. But it has to be a gesture made from your heart. Be it verbal or silent, lengthy or short, the sincerity of your wish is what counts.

Be assured that there is nothing to fear in merging with a Pleiadian energy, in blending your vibration with that of the Pleiadians. Whether interacting with you as a singular being or as a collective, the Pleiadian energy as a whole is quintessentially light with many rays, which may bring to you warmth, clarity, and bliss. Merging with a Pleiadian energy is similar to merging with an angelic energy of light.

2. You raise your vibration to match that of the Pleiadians.

The variety of ways to raise your vibration converge at the opening of the Heart. Yet, opening the Heart alone is not enough. Your entire aura needs to vibrate at a higher rate. The key to raising your aura’s vibration lies in clearing your chakras and cleaning your central energy channel.

(click on the image to learn how)

Most spirit beings of light work with you through your central energy channel: they’d come into your auric space through the gate of your Crown Chakra.

The Pleiadian energy also comes in through your Crown Chakra and from there descend into your Heart Chakra. The Heart Chakra is like the living room, the Crown Chakra the front door. Pleiadian energy can touch your Heart Chakra, but cannot achieve a full entry into your aura directly through the Heart while bypassing the Crown.

Many people and perhaps you too have opened the Heart Chakra to the Pleiadians, yet could not make substantial contact. Now you know why. Most likely their Crown Chakra was blocked.

It takes time and effort to clear all your chakras and open your central channel. Be patient!

3. You meditate in stillness and silence.

Meditation in silence and stillness is the best way to contact the Pleiadians. When you are still, your energy rests in a pristine state of wholeness and strength. Stillness defines oneness, movement duality. You need to become one with yourself before you can become one with the Pleiadians.

You begin with seated meditation. You might be a seasoned meditator, or you might be a curious beginner, the goal for this mediation is to achieve the alignment of your four bodies (namely, your physical, emotional, mental, and astral bodies) in total stillness. Such alignment is key to manifesting your fifth body—your light body. Contact with the Pleiadians is essentially your light body contacting the light body of the Pleiadians.

You can read about this light-body meditation in Chapter 20 "New Womb Temple" from my book, New Humankind: A Pleiadian Herstory (p. 404-422)

As your light body grows stronger and your vibration gets lighter, conscious contact with the Pleiadian energy becomes an inevitable outcome (since you’ve made the invitation). It may take longer than you wish. But it will happen!

When it happens, you’d experience the Pleiadian energy as a stream of light entering your Crown Chakra and flowing down your central channel into your Heart Center. It will confirm its Pleiadian identity with you, and you will know with certainty that you are in contact with a Pleiadian energy. This stream of light would likely expand into a field of light, and you would experience this field of light as your own vibration. Thus you’ve become one with the Pleiadian energy field, you’ve reached the tattvamasi level, you’re in the “I am the Pleiadian field” state.

It’s best to not acquire too much pre-knowledge. It’s best to drop all expectations and demands. You stay passive in your meditation. You wait and let yourself be surprised. If you command the Pleiadians to come, if you summon a Pleiadian to appear, most likely things won’t happen. Why? Because contact with the Pleiadians is a leap out of your habitual self. It requires a shift of your assemblage point, a dissolution of your ego.

4. You communicate with the Pleiadian energy.

Oneness itself is boring. It self-splits into dualities for play. The whole cosmos is a play. Likewise, the Pleiadians interact with us in playful ways.

You want more than becoming one with a Pleiadian field of light, don’t you?

You want to interact with the Pleiadians, to talk with the Pleiadians, right?

Now comes the even more exciting part. Say you’ve succeeded in becoming one with the Pleiadian vibrational field. In that blissful I AM state, you can shift your awareness slightly from oneness back to duality. You self-split into two identities. One side is the Pleiadian presence, the other side you. In this deliberate duality state, you can facilitate an exchange of information in the form of dialogue. You can talk to the Pleiadian energy as you, and talk as the Pleiadian energy to you.

This playful duality is, of course, different from the rigid duality that you had to overcome to contact the Pleiadians. Grounded in unity, this playful duality comes as an expression of your expanded self, who consciously splits into two sides for dialogue, one side being a higher self, the other a lower self. These two selves talk to each other as if they were two separate entities. This “Self talking to self” is basically two levels of a whole interact with each other.

A playful mystical state as such is best left to your own experience. I can show you a direction and a few steps. But the best part of the journey has to be done by you alone.

To summarize, contact with the Pleiadians proceeds in the following pattern:

2 —> 1 —> 2

(Separation —-> Union —-> Communication)

Now you've read part 1, 2, and 3 of this blog on how to contact the Pleiadians, you know what the Pleiadian App is as a metaphor and how it works.

This app installed on your consciousness is meant as a conceptual tool to aid your navigation of uncharted territory. You may want to use it creatively. You may want to go further and develop your own Pleiadian app.

In closing, I shall say that we, the Earth humankind, are already (back) in contact with the Pleiadians, who are our nearest family on the human side of the universe. The question is how we become more conscious of an energetic exchange that has been quietly going on in the unconscious realm. As we learn skills to contact and communicate with them, we will be able to team up with them—our trusted allies from the 5D realm of Pleiadian stars.

They came to Earth over 11,000 years ago to help us kick-start civilization. They are here again, at the crack of dawn, to give us another kick-start.

Ancient Pleiadians Return

This little eBook by a Pleiadian builder of megaliths joyously reveals how civilization began on Earth and why humans have suffered so much during the past 5000 years. It’s a tantalizing prelude to the full story about Pleiadian love for humanity and the bright future of Earth.



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