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How to Contact The Pleiadians (#1: the App)

How to Contact the Pleiadians

(Part 1)

There are two vastly different approaches for seeking contact with extraterrestrials (ETs): the external and the internal.

The external approach wants to meet them out there, in the physical realm, outside one’s body.

This has been the conventional way, what we call the UFOlogist’s Way. It's portrayed in mainstream media, in Hollywood films and TV shows such as the popular Ancient Aliens series. It has been advocated by lead UFOlogists such as Dr. Steven Greer, founder of CSETI and architect of the CE-5 protocols for contact that involve the use of light, sound, and thought.

The internal approach means to meet them in the spirit realm, within one’s body.

The Pleiadians are a benevolent ET group, a type of light ETs. When it comes to contacting them, the internal way has superseded the external way since the time of Billy Meier, who introduced the concept of Plejaren (later called Pleiadian) ships through photographic evidence. Now it’s become the mainstream way, let’s call it the Spiritualist’s Way, to reach them. Most contactees who are in touch with the Pleiadians, such as Barbara Marciniak and Barbara Hand Clow, two leading channelers of our time, are walkers of the Spiritualist’s Way.

In a nutshell, followers of the UFOlogist's Way think that a physical device (i.e. UFO) is essential for making contact, while followers of the Spiritualist’s Way think that consciousness alone is enough. To make contact, the former says you’d better go to the desert, while the latter says you can do it at home.

This isn’t the occasion to debate which is better. However, one thing can be said, and you may disagree: the internal way seems to be more successful than the external way.

This article (in three parts) is intended to help you succeed.


Part 1: Install the App


"You are already in contact with us, the Pleiadians!

You just didn’t have an app to read what was going on."

What app? It's a metaphor, of course.

The Pleiadian App is not software to be installed on your computer or phone. It's a conceptual framework to be installed on your mind.

It is a simple app that gives you the key concepts to ensure your success in making contact. Contact begins by acquiring a basic understanding and the correct perspective.

Want to install the app?

Just follow the steps below to go through each perspective shift—this process itself is installing the app and preparing you for contact.

Shift #1 Energy, Not Person

You are contacting an energy, not a person: not an astronaut who steps out of a UFO, not a fairy who appears in a dream, not a ghost who sees you and whom you see not.

You are contacting an energy field. You can also call it a vibrational field or frequency range. We nickname it the P Field (Pleiadian Field), which is a field of light in the 5th Dimension, just above the 3rd Dimension of matter.

The energy of the P Field interacts with you in whichever sensory form that is most comfortable and most intimate for you as an individual.

Pleiadian energy can take an anthropomorphic form or an abstract form to interact with you, as an angel-like human or as a ray of light. Not a person yet very personal, Pleiadian energy feels intimate to you because it knows you, in some ways better than you know yourself.

Shift #2 Family, Not Alien

You might think contacting the Pleiadian ETs is a brand new endeavor in your awakening life, but Pleiadian energy is not foreign to you.

As 5th-dimensional energy, Pleiadian energy is part of your 10-dimensional galactic human design, part of your greater self.

The Pleiadians are your closest kin in the known universe. You are not meeting an alien energy, hostile or unfriendly, but meeting your own family, whom you can trust.

If you hold onto to the popular images of space aliens, you then keep yourself in a mental shell and block your entry into their realm. Don’t forget, we all belong to the same galactic human family.

Shift #3 Home, Not Wilderness

To starseeds whose souls had originated in the Pleiades, Pleiadian energy is the energy of home: the long-lost home, the home you’ve been seeking all your life. You’ve never actually lost this home energy—it has been with you throughout your journeys on Earth in the form of homesickness.

Contacting the Pleiadians is not a venture into space wilderness, but a return to a celestial home realm.

Once you taste the home energy, a state you'll recognize as “being home” as opposed to “being homeless,” the identity of Cosmic Wanderer will start to leave the command center of your life.

The energy of home is something you recognize in an instant. It cannot be faked or imposed. You just know it to be home.

Home is a place that you are never afraid to go to.

Shift #4 Love, Not Worship

When the Pleiadians say “we love you” they don’t mean the cheap love in this degenerate world. That is love as sentiment, as selfish need in disguise, as a manipulative trick. They accept you, validate you, and embrace you no matter what you have done or haven’t done.

Pleiadian energy is love unconditional. It demands nothing from you, it threatens no punishment on you, and it withholds no appreciation of you.

As your nearest family, they are equal to you in spirit. They are not gods or goddesses to whom you must offer worship or devotion. To meet your kin, you must first drop your hierarchical mindset.

"Please don't do this with us!"

- the Ps

Shift #5 Heart, Not Head

The Heart (short for Heart Chakra) is the seat of your soul, the head the seat of your brain. Brain is not mind, and mind is not soul / consciousness.

Pleiadian energy is a soul energy—an energy of consciousness, awareness, or spirit. They will meet you on the soul level rather than the mind level or brain level. The mind only facilitates and interprets the meeting.

You will meet them in your chest, not in your head. Connect with your Heart, and then with your head.

The meeting point, meeting room, and meeting event are always located in your Heart space.

Shift #6 Inside, Not Outside

Soul is found inside you, not outside you. Your soul shouldn’t leave home to meet the Pleiadians somewhere out there, but should stay at home to receive their visitation.

To meet the Pleiadians by way of astral projection is a huge misunderstanding.

They don’t want your soul to get out of your body, to be away from its physical seat, to fragment your existence.

They want you to stay grounded and centered. They want you to be present with the entirety of your being—this is the precondition for contacting your Pleiadian family.

“We meet you at home.”

Shift #7 Self, Not Other

If you are a Pleiadian starseed, by definition you are a Pleiadian! Have you thought about that? The turning point in your starseed awakening is the moment you realize "Hey, I am a Pleiadian living on Earth!" You remember your coming to Earth as an ET. This remembrance completely changes the way you think of the Pleiadians. They are no longer they. They've become we. So basically, you are contacting the Pleiadian essence in you and through that reconnecting with your soul energy that exists on a different level. You can think of this different level as a bigger circle around you, or as an earlier version of YOU. You are contacting the source energy that has birthed your Pleiadian self.

You are contacting your ancestral self.



In 2006 when I encountered the Pleiadians by a dolmen in Ireland, I didn't even know the word "Pleiadian" or the word "starseed." You can watch my 2019 documentary video about this amazing contact event that revolutionized my life:


Katie Thomas
Katie Thomas
Apr 30, 2021

Hello! I am so happy to find this site! I am a Pleiadian starseed. I have been reincarnated many times on Earth. I do remember volunteering to come to Earth, planning out my lives here, guiding humanity to love, light, and peace.

Humanity has so much potential, love, and beauty to give.

Humanities cries were heard in the Heavens and we recognized the pain and darkness being endured, as we endured them ourselves at one point and overcame them. No one “twisted our arms” to volunteer; we did this out of love, pure self-less love.

And due to the Dark Energy that used to surround us, we always been “stumbling around.” Now that Dark Energy has lifted, our past…

May 04, 2021
Replying to

You've described our starseed journey on Earth perfectly, Katie. Oh yes, the best is yet to come. Within our lifetime we are going to witness a lot of wonders and miracles.

For me, the best of the best is that we will be able to return to our star home with a deep sense of satisfaction: we've done it! We've accomplished our starseed mission on Earth. We can of course volunteer to stay on Earth and start a new cycle. We are reaching that end point (center point) that closes the old cycle.

Let's give our best for this most special lifetime! We do our very best for humanity and for Gaia.

Love and blessings to you, Katie.


I’m aware of going deep in the body to connect with spirit. One more thing is that I am full of love and always have been, even as a child I lay in bed wondering what I could do with so much love. I’m still like that now. I’m very loving.

May 04, 2021
Replying to

"Going deep in the body to connect with spirit"--there you said it. Many people make the mistake of trying to leave the body to find spiritual connections. Blessed you are to be so full of love. Be this love. Love knows where to go and what to do.


My name is Jan Atkinson

You can email me at


I believe I am a Pleiadian starseed. I found a post about an ancient Pleiadian landing site. The Hill of Tara and saw this website. Everything you describe about life on earth sounds exactly like my life. I’m a Lightworker trying to find my way. I’m following a Ascension guide and I have committed to help us get the 3D collective through to 5D. I am holding 5D consciousness now. I want so much to know my past lives. Every questionnaire I’ve filled out about what starseed are you comes out as Pleiadian. I have read about the Pleiadians and have been in a Pleiadian group and I love their channelings. I haven’t found definite answers so far. Thank you,…

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