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3 Things To Do Before Summer Solstice

Cairn G summer solstice sunset alignment.jpg

A portal into higher realms is what the occasion of Summer Solstice brings.

"How shall I prepare myself?" You might be wondering.

There are three simple things that you could do to prepare yourself for the portal phase.

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1. Be Alone

Disconnect from social media. 

Reconnect with your authentic self.

Sacred is your solitude.

2. Be Still

Take a break from being busy.

Turn restlessness into motionlessness.

Enter the Zero Point.

3. Be Empty

Release memories of the past.

Remove expectations of the future.

Nothingness is cool.


"So it's I, me, myself in the void.

What happens next?"


Well, let it be a surprise!

Fairy Lights

Whatever you'd experience in this portal phase, embrace it.

Remember, you are never alone in your journeys on planet Earth.

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