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The Pleiadian Family Newsletter goes out regularly to support starseeds as well as earth seeds in their awakening/ascension process. 


2020 Autumn Equinox
2020 Lunghnasa
Pleiadian - Sirian Alliance
2020 Summer Solstice
Go For Your Dreams! Pleiadian Advice for Lightworkers
2020 Beltane
The Age of Light
2020 Spring Equinox
Survival Strategies
2020 Imbolc
All Is Well
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2019 Winter Solstice
Access Unconditional Love
2019 Autumn Equinox
Hill of Tara - Pleiadian Landing Site
2019 Lughnasa
1st Contact with the Pleiadians
2019 Summer Solstice
The Solstice Portal
2019 Beltane
Listen to the Trees
2019 Spring Equinox
Trust Life's Support
2019 Imbolc
Look For Signs of Spring
2018 Winter Solstice
Solstice Sun Alignment
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