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Hill of Tara - Pleiadian Landing Site

Pleiadian Family Newsletter - Autumn Equinox 2019

This year's Autumn Equinox comes with a special present: a video about the Pleiadian origin of Ireland's mysterious Hill of Tara.


You might be aware of a Pleiadian connection to the Hill of Tara but might not know how exactly this important site began.


This video contains multi-levels of revelation. It explains the symbolic meaning of the twin circles imprinted on the earth.


"Hill of Tara - Pleiadian Landing Site" is the 2nd episode in our "Ancient Pleiadians Return" series.

Don't know where to go or what to do to celebrate Autumn Equinox?


Don't worry -- here's a meditation you could do to turn the occasion into a Day of Power. 


Below are five steps you can take:


1. Teleport yourself to the Hill of Tara


2. Sit at the center of the left circle


3. Connect your heart chakra to the heart of the Hill of Tara


4. Visualize yourself descending to the center of planet Earth


5. Align your heart chakra with the heart of the planetary sphere, the heart of the solar sphere, the heart of the Pleiadian stellar sphere, the heart of the galactic sphere, and the heart of the cosmic sphere.

cencentric circles.jpg

May the Autumn Equinox be 

a time of reunion.


Reunion with your SKY SELF.

Crop Circle-twin circles copy.jpg

Time to Be 

Your Unified Self!

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