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Stop Judging Yourself by Numbers

See Through the Anu Matrix’s Number Game

Are you feeling bad about yourself because you have too small a figure in your bank account, or too few followers in your social media account?

You rank yourself by numbers. You evaluate your situation, or even your self-worth, by the numbers you've scored in various areas of life, be it financial, academic, social, or personal. Don't you?

You motivate, intimidate, or even beat yourself with those numbers in your head. Yes?

Dear ones, it is time to wake up and see what you have been doing to yourselves. In this Autumn Equinox message, we continue to expose the Anu Matrix that rules the world in secrecy and enslaves humanity in the name of civilization. We focus on revealing a chief means of operation that the Anu force has been using to tighten its control of humanity in the 21st century:

the Number Game.

The liberation of humanity at Dawn is contingent upon your awakening to the Anu force’s range of mind-control techniques, starting with becoming aware of this particular one. The moment you wake up and see, the moment you break free.

Below is an excerpt from Pleiadian Revolution, our upcoming book that reveals among others how the Anu force of darkness hijacked civilization and enslaved humanity.

* * * * *

Starting at the earliest age, you’ve been trained to derive the meaning of life and your self-worth from a set of numbers. Schools programmed you to automatically associate your self-worth with your test scores. The numbers assigned to you by the authority figures (the teachers) became internalized, and you learned to evaluate yourself by the numbers you had earned. You learned to see yourself through the lens of numbers.

As you join the workforce, your existential value is measured by the numbers you’ve earned in the form of money. Your human worth is judged according to the digits in your bank account. The external consumer environment constantly ranks you by numbers; each financial transaction reminds you of the painful or joyful reality of the numbers attached to your bank account.

Moreover, the media often portrays celebrities in terms of their “net worth,” making you feel worthless as your numbers are digits and digits lower than theirs. By reflex, you rank yourself by monetary numbers.

You people are not really “money conscious”, but rather “number conscious.” The numbers in monetary terms determine whether you are happy or unhappy. They regulate your emotional states. Monetary numbers have become the sole focus of many humans’ daily lives, their minds preoccupied with numbers, their consciousness obsessed with numbers.

A huge part of human mental energy is spent on accumulating and calculating numbers. And for those staunch believers in capitalism, numbers are their life goals, their ultimate reality, their God.

Willingly or unwillingly, the world’s majority are participants in the capitalist Number Game.

Social Media

Now, in the age of social media, most of you are unaware that the same old Number Game is being played out on new internet platforms, which are all running on the principle of numerical competition.

Upon entering social media, you enter a numerical world of hierarchy. Your social net worth is displayed in the form of the numbers of followers, subscribers, likes, and comments linked to your profiles. Immediately, you get ranked by numbers.

A naked, jungle-style competition defines the social media race for popularity (which translates as marketability), an internet rat race not much different from the rat race in the labor market at large.

Many have seen the dark side of social media, yet few see the Dark Pyramid ruling the social media world through hierarchy and competition, the same old Anu principles.

- - -

The push for transition into digital money and a cashless society based on the Internet, for example, serves the agenda to further segregate the human survival instinct from nature, by removing the material tokens of exchange, as well as the agenda to fortify in the human psyche the identification of their human worth in sheer numbers.

Reducing humans to numbers—this is the most insulting, degrading, and alienating act that can ever be done to humanity.

The Anu force of darkness has previously gone to the extreme of reducing humans to a series of numbers tattooed on their arms in the days of Nazi concentration camps.

Today, the Anu force strives to make you voluntarily turn from human into series of numbers—you’ll exist solely as a series of numbers: birth certificate number, social security number, passport number, phone number, etc.

It is trying to normalize within the human psyche the unnatural state of existing only as a collection of numbers. It would microchip you, so you’d forever be a controllable serial number—a reliable part in a giant computer machine.

Thinking in numbers is a Sirian way.

Numbers, by nature, are sacred. Numbers can be used to create a sacred structure of light, yet they can also be used to build a tyrannical system of control.

The dark Sirians’ (i.e., the Anunnaki’s) utmost agenda is not only to turn humans into series of numbers, but also to get humans to compete for numbers. In order to achieve this, they must get humans to believe in numbers, identify with numbers, and surrender to the tyrannical rule of numbers.

The truth is, these numbers that rule human life are artificial in origin, with no intrinsic value at all. They exist in human minds as a result of humans believing in them and assigning them value.

Controlling humans through an ephemeral thing—so defines the essence of the Anu force’s hallmark trick: the Number Game.

The Anu force has been playing two basic tricks on you Earth human beings. Its reptilian side plays the Power Game, its mechanical side the Number Game.

These two games, both being mind games, are what has kept the Anu Matrix running efficiently for 5,000 years.

--- End of Excerpt ---

Dear ones, as your family from the stars, we Pleiadians never judge you by numbers. Neither does your Mother Earth nor your Father Sun.

Those numbers that you thought were signifiers of your values and achievements mean nothing to us. We don't care whether you have $5 or $5,000,000 to your name, whether there are 20 or 200k people following you on the internet.

And in the eyes of the Divine Source that has dreamed you into existence, you, we mean each one of you, are seen as the precious One, unique and important.

Immeasurable is your human worth.

Dawn is the time to remove, piece by piece, the illusory construct (which we call the Anu Matrix) that has been beating the human spirit down and making you feel bad about yourselves, in the name of civilization.

In a true civilization, numbers play only a positive role in supporting an infrastructure of human experience, one that unites humanity instead of dividing humanity, one that elevates the human spirit instead of degrading the human worth into mere digits.

Of course, it will be a while before the global Anu Matrix comes crumbling down, before this tyrannical rule by numbers will become a thing of the past. As you know, for the time being, you’ll still have to navigate through a hierarchical world based on artificial numbers, still have to pin in numbers to get things done.

But these numbers no longer fascinate you, or frighten you, for you’ve seen through the illusion and therefore can treat them as illusions.

You’ll then be able to act like Neo, using numbers to get tasks done inside the pseudo reality of the Matrix, knowing that back home in the true reality of light, you are treasured by your soul family as the invaluable, immeasurable One.

May the Day of Power on the Autumn Equinox of 2021 (9/22-23) be the start of a new awakening process for you. From here on, you will become more and more liberated from the control of numbers, more and more loving to yourself and to your fellow human beings.

We wish you a happy day,
free from judging yourself or others
by the numbers in your head.

Channeler’s Note


I hope it’s clear to you that this message from the Pleiadian Group of 8 isn’t discrediting the sacred role of numbers, mathematics, or science.

To work with sacred geometry and numerology, however, we must first free ourselves from the oppression by illusory numbers—by bad numbers, so to speak.

This Pleiadian message, as an antidote, is intended to free us from being psychologically terrorized and spiritually imprisoned by numbers.

Spiritual freedom is what truly matters.

So, hey you, Child of Light,

give yourself a break.

Take a vacation from numbers
& enjoy being a child of Sun and Earth!


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