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Pleiadian Family

For 5,000 years, during the historical era in the Night, you have been chained to a low vibrational state as a Domesticated Human and denied your birthright to live as happy, free sovereign beings on a planet of abundance.


We, Pleiadian bringers of civilization and builders of megaliths, return now at Dawn to help you, our family on Earth, to rise from the dark situation you’re in, to become free, happy, and brilliant again.

Child of Light

Groundbreaking Self-disclosure 

by Pleiadian 

Bringers of Agriculture

& Builders of Megaliths


Meeting Point

Hill of Tara - Pleiadian Landing Site
Hill of Tara - Pleiadian Landing Site

The Hill of Tara in today's Ireland was a meeting point in 5000 BC where the star side and the earth side of a human family reunited and rejoiced. We, the returning Civilization Mission from the Pleiades, chose Tara as our 1st signature landing site to reveal at Dawn. Though not our oldest site, Tara is the best to deliver the symbolic message of a family reunion:


"We are here!"

"The light inside you is our new landing pad."

Pleiadian Family

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