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You are not alone!

You are not alone if you find yourself sinking down, if you feel you are about to hit the bottom, hitting the bottom, or never going to get out of the bottom alive.

To get the human race depressed and despaired is the whole point of this coronavirus plandemic, with an agenda to drag the human vibrations down to a bottomless pit.

No doubt, we need to fight against this downward pull. We need to get ourselves out of the depressed, zombie-like state.


Fighting depression with sheer willpower will NOT work. The more you fight it, the stronger it gets. Did you notice?

Here, I’d like to share with you 3 simple methods that have helped me, a seeker who has been through many Dark Nights of the Soul, a star seed who’s more prone to depression than an earth seed. These time-tested methods worked in getting me out of the pit.

1. Cry

It is so difficult to allow ourselves to cry! If you are a man, you may find it impossible to cry even when you are alone. Some men have never cried in their lives. If you are a woman, you may wish that you cry less and be stronger. “I should be laughing,” you say to yourself, “not crying!”

Let me reassure you, crying is not an act of weakness but an act of spiritual strength. Crying is surrendering and accepting what’s happening now. Crying is giving the blocked energy a chance to flow and mutate. Whatever weighs you down shall become pearl-like tears, out and gone. Then, your inner sky is clear and the sun is shining again.

Next time you are at the end of your rope, seeing nowhere to go, just sit down and have a good cry.


Note on 7/2/2021:

Recently I chanced upon the amazing work of a "Tears Teacher" from Japan named Hidefumi Yoshida. From his website I discovered the existence of a field called Crying Therapy and even of an American Tears Association! Take a look at his website and you'll feel motivated to cry more -- and laugh more as a result.

2. Sleep

Most of our depressions are caused by our mind. Our mind makes up stories and scenarios. Our mind judges and criticizes ourselves. Our mind creates inner hells.

Of course you know, meditation is the best way to stop the mind from tormenting yourself. There’s no need for me to share with you that which you already know.

I share with you here the Sleep Cure.

Perhaps you haven’t realized how well it works spiritually. Sleep is a great way to surrender to and accept what’s happening right now. Like shutting down your computer, you just turn off your whole operating system and give it a break. Tomorrow is another day, and you will see things differently.

Next time you are at the end of your rope, seeing nowhere to go, just go to bed and have a good sleep.

3. Compare

This is an idiosyncratic method I developed, a trick I use to turn my mind around.

What I do is, I compare my current situation with the worst situation that has happened to me in my past lives. I’ve been through horrendous situations. I’ve died so many times. Yet, I’m still here! Compared to what’s happened before, what’s happening now is nothing but a minor disturbance.

Instantly, there comes a change of attitude and a surge of energy. “I can handle this one, I can go on, I can fight through the siege!”

Give it a try and see if it works.

Next time you are at the end of your rope, seeing nowhere to go, just think of the worst worst worst situation that belongs to your past.


I've learned that fighting depression, a negative form of energy, with its counter energy of positivity will NOT work in the long run.

Fighting duality with duality will NOT work in the long run.

What works is embracing depression with the all-encompassing UNITY energy—you hug your small energy of depression with the big energy of the Source.

You hug it through crying, sleeping, comparing, whatever YOUR way is to align yourself with the all-accepting all-loving energy of the Source.

You see, no matter how depressed you are, Source loves you just the same.

Each time I remembered this and realigned myself with the vibration of the Source, my depressed mood would always vanish within minutes.

Why so effective?

Because there is nothing more to be depressed about.

The best is already here!

You know what I mean, don’t you?


If you don’t, here is a clue.

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