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Depression in Spring

Why it happens & How to get out

“Why do I feel bad when I should be feeling good?”

The question returned each year when cherry blossoms announced the full arrival of spring, a season I loved and hated. The best time of the year would playfully awaken my allergies and empower me with some form of depression.

Then I discovered that many people fell into depression in spring. The strange phenomenon has been commonly known as Springtime Blues, and clinically diagnosed as SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). I shall call it SAD in Spring.

SAD in Spring was powerful to the extent that the suicide rates in many countries peaked, not in winter, but in spring. The depressed felt so bad that they chose to end life, ironically, at a time when life was blooming.


I (Qin-Ra) passed the question on to my Pleiadian guide, Sincera (the spokesperson for the Pleiadian Group of 8). She gave me an in-depth explanation. Below is a Pleiadian take on why depression happens in spring and how we can get out.

— Message From Sincera —

Dear Ones,

It’s all about energy.

Depression, in general, is a result of blocked energy.

When blocked at various spots of your internal pathways, the life force cannot circulate smoothly or wholesomely. Only a portion of the energy can course through the pathways while the remainder is forced to change direction or get stuck.

The main pathway inside the human body is the Central Channel, which connects all of your chakras. Depression can result from the blocking of any of the chakras, but more often the lower ones. Those who suffer acute forms of depression have one thing in common: the blocked Heart Chakra.

Depression in springtime is triggered by the unique energy of spring.

The energy of spring has two sides: life and weather. On the life side, spring comes with a surge of expansive energy—a force of growth that enables plants to germinate and sprout, to expand beyond their seed forms. On the weather side, this is a dynamic, volatile, and chaotic time (you can have both winter and summer in one day).

These two sides combined make springtime a most powerful and unstable season. In addition, the abundant pollens in the air can cause allergic reactions, thus disrupting the body’s normal balance. The human body is bound to become unstable in spring, which then leads to frequent mood changes.

So, it's natural to have ups and downs in springtime, dear ones. Your body is part of a dynamic organism, not part of a monotonous machine. Falling into low states is something to be expected around this time of the year. It is when you expect spring to be an all-nice all-smooth season that you set yourself up for depression.


The energy of spring, however, isn’t responsible for your depression. Spring only reveals to you the energy blockages already in your body. The surge of new energy in spring clashes with the old blocked energies. The clashes are felt by you as various forms of physical and emotional pain.

Here, you have two choices.

You can either see it as the ruthlessness of spring or as the kindness of spring.

You can stop at the symptom level and identify with these unpleasant sensations, labeling yourself “a depressed person” and taking anti-depressant pills. No matter how advanced, these pills wouldn’t be able to solve the problem of energy blockage.

Or you can see such physical and emotional disorders as reflections of the energy blockages still hiding within you, now exposed in spring light. The pains are the pleas of your body to your consciousness: “Please do something about it!”

Along the path of the kindness of spring, you’ll come to realize that Mother Nature is on your side. Each spring, your Earth Mother, Gaia, is offering you a new opportunity to outgrow the wounded old you. Spring can initiate a new round of self-healing projects.

Along the way, you’ll also come to realize that there is a force that takes advantage of your vulnerabilities in spring. It invades your aura and attacks your psyche. This shadow force sneaks in at unexpected moments and pulls you into a downward spiral. Since it works in cunning ways, you are unaware of its operation.

This hidden force is chiefly responsible for the depression of humanity.

To reveal this shadow force that hides in the astral realm is one of our agendas at Dawn, as returning teachers from the stars. We expose a level of energy that has been disturbing the human psyche, creating most of the mental illnesses now permeating human societies.

This is a mental force. It invades the human mind frequently. It remains unknown to your awareness since it camouflages itself as your own mind. It broadcasts its messages into your mind while making you think that they are your thoughts.

Your depression, very often, was the direct result of an invasive thought.

Think about an occasion when you were having a wonderful time out in the sun. You were admiring the beauty of nature when suddenly a thought entered your mind.

“I should be having this, this, and this, but I don’t!”

Immediately, your focus was pulled away from the abundant now into a situation of lack. You remembered all the missing things and persons in your life. The wealth of the world outside only made these lacks inside more vivid. The loveliness of the world became a contrast to the ugliness of your life.

What happened was, the invasive thought grew into a mental vortex, which then grew into a state of depression. It was not your mind but the mental force invading your mind that brought you into a downward spiral, into a depressive state.

This shadow force not only invades but also possesses the human mind. It takes advantage of your weaknesses in springtime and utilizes your spring energy to grow itself in the form of a negative vortex. When this mental vortex takes over your psyche, depression begins.

Beware of this mental vortex.

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Now you understand what caused your depression in spring, what do you do?

We recommend the two-fold method below, which is easy to remember.

1. Love Yourself

“Love” means unconditional acceptance, validation, and support.

“Love yourself” means that you accept every aspect of yourself and embrace every one of your experiences. In this love, there is no judgment or criticism. It allows all experiential states to occur and pass through. Depression is just a passing state.

Sadness, anger, worry, doubt, fear, and other negative emotions will occur because they are a normal part of human emotional life. If you allow sadness to run its course, it will pass through your body and won’t turn into blocked energy.

“Love yourself in the spring” means that you move with the spring energy of your Earth Mother. She is expanding, so you expand with her. You let the life force in your body expand and move. Springtime is more about removing roadblocks than imposing limitations. All you need to do is ensure that the life force isn’t blocked at a chakra or meridian point.

The fecundity of spring, however, doesn’t command you to be super active in sex. The fertility of Earth doesn’t have to be translated into dating and mating, into erotic and reproductive acts. You can open other creative channels so that the life force finds an artistic outlet: music, dance, pottery, sewing, cooking, and gardening, to name a few. Even walking on the street can facilitate the flow of your life force.

Let the energy of spring flow through your body unhindered.

2. Forget Yourself

You’ve had those moments where so involved in an activity that you forgot yourself. The small you had disappeared and your problems ceased to exist. In those moments, you were free to be present, to be participating in an eternal presence.

This ability to pop out of the small ego is an inborn talent of every human being. In this ability, there resides your power to change, transform, and ascend.

Much of the psychological suffering of the human race on Earth is sourced in the illusion of the small self, as the Buddha has beautifully shown. The illusory sense of the self is responsible for a vast amount of self-induced depression. All depressive states are based on an illusory construct in a distorted mind. When this construct of a self is deconstructed, the depressive state loses its energy base. Suddenly, depression is gone.

Think again about that occasion where you were feeling good when suddenly you remembered yourself and your troubles. The return of the small self ruined your day.

What if you realize that this self is but a thought, an image, an idea in your head?

What if you see that this little self is what blocks your experience and separates you from the energy field of Earth?

Each of you is capable of experiencing the oneness of life, the oneness of the Gaian Field, and the oneness of the universe. In that state, depression has no reason to emerge. Depression is sourced in a duality state, in a mentality of separation. If shifted to a unity state of consciousness, many of your problems would vanish into thin air.

Try and see.

Dear ones, springtime offers you an opportunity to expand your consciousness. You can ride the surging energy of spring and expand into a whole new state of being:

You are Gaia, and Gaia is you.

The singing bird on the tree, the rustling leaves in the wind, the humming bees in the apple orchid are—you.

“This is me, this is me, and this is also me!” You go out and greet the spring.

You’ve become one body with Earth and she’s blossoming. Where is depression?



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