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Crop Circles and Pleiadians

A Note from Qin-Ra (WJ Qin)

“Who made those crop circles? Pleiadians? Sirians? Or neither?”

A 72-year old grandmother from Colorado emailed me the question a few days ago. I know many have similar questions, so I'll paste my brief answer to her here for you to read:

. . .

Both the Pleiadians and the Sirians are involved in crop-circle making, from what I know. This is one of the many ways that our Family of Light communicates with us.

When the right time comes, the crop-circle makers will make a self-disclosure. For now, they are teaching us in a playful way.

Crop circles can activate some deep patterns in our consciousness. Above all, they deliver the key message:

“You are not alone for we are here!”

. . .

As you may know, our Family of Light consists of many star human groups and communicates with us through a variety of means.

Crop Circles are their teaching devices to expand our consciousness. Besides letting us know that “they are here,” crop circles help us balance the left and right sides of the brain, as well as our mental and emotional bodies.

Simply by looking at these intriguing and beautiful patterns, you'll attain a brief state of inner peace. And you are lifted out of the chaos of the world, even for a moment. You remember there is a greater force that runs the show.

Of course, these skillful beings of light can project letters onto a field and send us word messages instead, thus sparing us the trouble of guessing. But that’s not the point. They wanted to engage us in a playful dance of the mind, and of the heart.

There were a few cases of crop circles with alien faces. This is my personal opinion: I think they were anomalies, even glitches in the system. The Greys could have gotten into the portal and projected their messages to confuse and mislead people. These faces look alien and seem spooky. Our Pleiadian and Sirian families don’t look like that at all!

The Pleiadians and Sirians don’t do abductions, either.

Now I’ve cleared the path conceptually, you can continue enjoying crop circles. Here is one that appeared at Avebury in July, 2021 (click on the image to see more recent crop circles provided by the website, Temporary Temples)

“Capture the energy!”

It says to me.

A perfect message for us now.

We are moving into that most powerful time in the year. From Samhain to Yule (Winter Solstice), this last segment on the 8-sectioned Wheel of the Year is a very potent time for starting a process of self-transformation.

I will be sending messages to help people prepare for the Winter Solstice Initiation (the Child of Light initiation). So stay tuned.

I wish you are wonderful Day of Power on Samhain.

Capture the light!

Can you see the 8 Days of Power

in this 2021 crop circle?

And the 2 -> 4 -> 8 ->16 motion?


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