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How to Ascend to the 5th Dimension (pt 2)

Part 2 - A New Way to Access the 5D

Dear One,

At the moment you are in the 3D, reading a message from the 5D, presented in the 4D form of a blog post.

Your body is in the 3D (the 3rd Dimension of dense matter) while your mind is in the semi-spiritual realm of the 4th Dimension.

The 4D connects the material 3D and the spiritual 5D as a bridge, doorway, or conveyor belt. To reach the 5D, you cannot bypass the 4D but will have to travel through this zone between zones.

You’ll have to use the Delivery Service of various concepts and symbols. All mental constructs (images and words) from your human world exist in the 4D, and they work as channels and vehicles for inter-dimensional communications.

We, your Pleiadian family in the 5D, also employ the service of your 4D words and images to connect with you, to make our energy known to your conscious mind.

Thus, all words and images transmitted from us are meant to serve as transportation vehicles to bring you somewhere—to ferry you over—from this shore of understanding to that shore of experience.

We hope this part 2 of a message will get you to experience, even for a brief moment, what it feels like to “ascend to the 5D.”


First, we must clear more confusion from your mind. Below are two main areas:

1) The Ascension of Earth at Dawn into the 5D

Again and again, we said to you that the ascension of Earth does not mean that Gaia is leaving the lower dimension of 3D behind while leaping into the higher dimension of 5D.

Gaia will always have her four dimensions (1D, 2D, 3D, and 4D). As she moves toward the Age of Light, she is acquiring an extra dimension (the 5D) around her body. The “ascension of Earth at Dawn” can thus be paraphrased as the “expansion of Earth at Dawn.”

You are expanding, along with your Mother Earth, into the 5D.

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2) The 5D Energy of Love & Light

Many tend to think of the 5D energy of love & light as a high-frequency zone high up there: parallel to yet segregated from the low-vibe zone down here. In their minds, the two dimensions, 5D and 3D, sit far apart and don’t mingle with each other.

But in fact, the 5D energy is flowing into the 3D all the time! Flowing down, seen from your perspective, and flowing through.

The 5D realm has always been around planet Earth (only that it’s not yet part of her native domain) and Earth isn’t blocking 5D energy waves. The vibrational field of Earth is embedded in a larger, 5D vibrational field, and the two fields interpenetrate.

On your human level, the 5D energy of love & light has been flowing through your societies down through history, even in the darkest phase of the Nighttime. Most humans, in Sleep mode at Night, were not aware of such subtle energy flowing through their world. The 5D energy has thus remained to a large extent unnoticed and unrecognized.


With the above confusions cleared, you'd come to a liberating realization:

“My goodness, I’ve always known the 5D energy! This subtle energy has been flowing through my life. From time to time I did sense its vibe. I just didn’t have a word for it.”

Yes, dear one, you’ve known the 5D energy of love & light all your life. This isn’t a fancy New Age concept that you acquired from the internet, but a deep knowing that had accompanied your journey in life till the present moment.

It was love & light that drove you to this Pleiadian message. If you look back and shine the light of awareness, you’ll realize that the 5D energy has been INSIDE you all along.

That changes everything, doesn’t it?

Suddenly, the endeavor gets turned around. It’s no longer about striving for something new, but about rejuvenating something old. Not making it happen, but letting it happen.

It’s about allowing the 5D energy to flow through. You remove all roadblocks. You step out of the way. You make an effort to not block an energy wave’s natural course.

Looking around, however, you’ll see that most humans (including yourself) are often blocking love & light. People say they want more love, yet unconsciously are blocking the very energy they long for.


Because of a wounded heart.

There isn’t a human on Earth who doesn’t have a wounded heart. In our Pleiadian eyes, every one of you is a wounded being. The place where all woundings gather and congeal is at the center of your chest, the energy vortex known as the Heart Chakra.

The Heart Chakra of you, the human race on Earth, has been under attack during the Nighttime of History. Every one of you is walking around with a wounded heart, the differences lying in degrees. Your Heart Chakras are loaded with shadows, in some small as apples seeds, in others big as apples.

These shadows in your chest feel cold, hard, and heavy. They block the energy of love & light like walls and clamp the spinning of your chakras like weights. They are the roadblocks you must remove.

Now pause for a moment and feel your Heart.

Is there a shadow in your chest?

Light kills shadows.

Love dissolves fears.

Love is light, and light is love!

Not two energies, but two faces of one energy.

When you shine the light of awareness lovingly onto a shadow in your chest, the shadow won’t be able to withstand the power of this light. It will vanish.

Your awareness is your inner light.

Removing roadblocks is a continuous process, dear one. So don’t expect shadows to be gone forever with one flash of light. Clearing your Heart space is something you do regularly, as frequently as washing your hands or cleaning your house.

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Removing shadows from your Heart Chakra is a preparation step, however, to be followed by mastering various techniques that help you connect with the 5D energy of love/light.

The best technique can be said in one word:


Receive love

—this is the key to all techniques.

The purpose of removing shadows is that your Heart Chakra can freely do its job: to receive love. Your Heart Chakra is designed to be a receiver & transmitter of love, not a generator of love. You don’t create love in your chest, but rather, allow the love abundant in the universe to pass through your chest.

The 5D energy of love is a form of cosmic love. 5D love and 3D love are two variations of the Source Vibration of love. You may think that these two forms would require two different ways. But no, one way is enough, and the way is to receive.

From where?

From everywhere.

You begin by receiving love from any direction that gives you any kind of love: human love, animal love, tree love, mountain love, ocean love…whatever is available in your surroundings.

You give love a chance so that it can enter your chest and warm up your Heart Center. Yet, you don’t stop there. You keep going, for you want a higher kind—5D love.

What makes 5D love different from 3D love?

5D love is unconditional, beyond space-time.

3D love is conditional, within space-time.

Thus, you start with receiving the small, 3D kind of love from any life situation. Then, you allow the small love to expand and grow beyond all limitations, beyond time and space, to match the frequency of the higher form of love from the 5D.

If freed from time-space constraints and human psychological terms, 3D love would evolve by itself, rise to a higher level, and join hands with 5D love.

Since 3D love has opened wide enough your Heart, 5D love can flow into your aura with greater volume, intensity, and strength. You can sense the subtle 5D energy in more tactile ways; you can interact and communicate with it more consciously.

Bear in mind the two traits of 5D love:

1) 5D love is an intelligent energy. It brings to you not only information but also care. It works with you in smart ways, for your benefit.

2) 5D love is a magical energy. It takes you to places and transforms you in ways more creative than you can imagine.

Dear one, if you keep receiving 5D love, keep filling your aura with 5D light till a certain point, a mysterious and magical thing will happen:

All of a sudden, you realize that you’ve entered the 5th Dimension.

Your position has changed: it’s no longer you in a 3D space receiving love from the 5D; but rather, it’s YOU in a 5D space giving love to you in the 3D.

You are in 5D and 3D simultaneously.

You are fully in your body and fully conscious, yet, you’ve become a greater version of yourself.

This dramatic shift of vibration can be described as a lotus flower popping out of the surface of a mud pond. For a long time, the lotus’ head had been held underwater by a net. With the net removed and the water pressure gone, the lotus blossom feels for the first time the tantalizing caress of an otherworldly air.

Welcome to the 5th Dimension!


Channeler’s Note

From Qin-Ra

It’s easier for us Pleiadian starseeds to access the 5th Dimension.


Because we had come from the 5D. The 5D love/light is our home vibration. For us, it’s about remembering and manifesting our home vibration here on Earth.

Yet, it is more difficult for us.

Because many Pleiadian starseeds had volunteered to (re)incarnate in the darkest spots to assist the ascension of humanity—we chose to be Wounded Healers. Journeying through one after another traumatic events, we ended up having a big wounded heart.

We need to put more effort in removing shadows.

Please Read:

I see a place where quite some people (Star seeds & Earth seeds) get stuck.

They interpret “ascension to the 5D” as an act of “astral projection” or “astral travel.” One's consciousness attains an out-of-body experience, travels to a higher plane, and returns. So, they hope they’ll get lucky in their dreams. Or out of desperation, they seek help from psychedelic means.

Here, l insist upon the following:

You do NOT go out of the body!

The more rooted and centered in the body, as you’ll find, the easier it is for your consciousness to expand into the 5D.

And it isn’t your astral (dream) body alone venturing into the 5D realm, but rather the entirety of you in a sober, clear conscious state. You have full control in this meditative process, unlike in a dream state where you have no control.

A few more words about the “lotus” metaphor given by the Ps.

The lotus blossom can pop out of the water and emerge in the air because of the solid support from its stem in the water and its roots in the mud.

Your roots in the 3D are vital. The bigger your roots, the bigger your blossom.

“Ascension into the 5D” must be seen as a journey into yourself—into your body. It is when you go deep inside your chest, into the heart of your Heart Chakra, that the magic shift happens.

The 5th Dimension, however, isn’t the ultimate end.

The 5D also functions as an intermediary zone. Pleiadian teachers also work as a Delivery Service Team to bring us to an even higher level—to the source at the galactic center.

Galactic light is the light that the Pleiadians channel and transmit. The aim of these 5D star beings of love/light is to get us to experience a 9D Galactic Love/Light.

Too high for you?

Well, it's not as difficult as you think.

Coming Soon:

The yearly rite (free & open to all)

helps awakening humans to

experience Galactic Light.

Stay tuned!


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