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What is Newgrange?

1. What is Newgrange?

Newgrange is a 5,500-year-old mega stone temple in Ireland, mislabeled as a megalithic tomb built by Neolithic farmers for purposes associated with death (click to read the orthodox narrative).

Our website presents an alternative and corrective explanation based on the self-disclosures made by Pleiadian builders of Newgrange. It states that Newgrange is a megalithic womb built by Pleiadian civilizers for purposes associated with life (click to read the Pleiadian narrative).

Just activated on 2020’s Winter Solstice, Newgrange can serve from here on as a Temple of Light to assist humanity’s rebirth at Dawn and the rebuilding of a Civilization of Light for the coming Age of Light.

What is the Newgrange Portal?

2. What is the Newgrange Portal?

A portal is a gateway into other dimensions and realms.

Newgrange is a megalithic portal into the multidimensional nature of Earth and the universe. It was built as an inter-dimensional device to assist the expansion and journeying of human consciousness. It is not a stargate that facilitated the space travels of star beings: it was a "stargate" that facilitated the spirit travels of earthly beings, a portal for you Earth humans primarily.

We (Pleiadian builders of Newgrange) designed her to be a gateway into the ten dimensions of the Milky Way Galaxy. She serves as a 3D doorway into the lower dimensions of Gaia's 1D and 2D as well as the higher dimensions of 4D, 5D, 6D, 7D, 8D, and 9D, with 10D being the mystery dimension that supports the nine (click to read about the 10 dimensions).

The Newgrange portal is linked to the heart of Earth in 1D and the heart of the Galactic Center in 9D. The Newgrange portal is also linked to the Pleiadian Central Sun in 5D and the Sirian Central Sun in 6D, offering direct access to the P Field and the S Field.

You can think of Newgrange as an airport from which the human consciousness can fly to various countries, to the heartland of Gaia, or the heartland of Ra.

What is Newgrang Portal to Ra?

3. What is the Newgrange Portal to Ra?

Ra is an ancient Egyptian name we recommend that you use to connect to the Galactic Central Sun.

Newgrange Portal to Ra—this isn’t a confused or careless New Age usage of old names, but a careful choice of words intended to help you form a personal bond with the energy of the Galactic Sun.

Newgrange Portal to Ra means that Newgrange functions as a portal into the reality of the Galactic Sunlight or call it the galactic level of the Spiritual Sun.

We (Pleiadian builders of Newgrange) have designed her to be a portal to the Galactic Sun, permanently. We set her in physical alignment with the Winter Solstice Sun to help our family on Earth make spiritual alignments with the line of suns above the Sun, leading up to the Galactic Sun.

The Newgrange Winter Solstice Sun alignment, an annual spectacle in the 3rd Dimension, points to a Galactic Sun alignment in the 9th Dimension that transcends earthly cycles of the seasons. The theatrical setup offers a yearly ritual occasion to empower the human consciousness with the light of the Sun and the Light of the Galactic Sun.

Your Sun is a portal to the Galactic Sun.

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What does Newgrange Portal Opened mean?

4. What does "Newgrange Portal Opened" mean?

We closed the Newgrange portal around 2,000 BC just before we withdrew from the physical plane of Earth. The invading Anu force of darkness made it impossible for us, the Civilization Mission from the Pleiades, to continue our work on Earth. We shut down most of our megalithic sites so that power wouldn’t fall into dark hands.

Newgrange, like our other sites, went into a dormant mode. The “dormant mode” means that these portals stayed intact but were no longer in use.

For 4,000 years, Newgrange has stayed in a dormant mode, with no permitted human usage of her portal service. Even though nature spirits have always been dwelling there, the human usage of the Newgrange portal ended four millennia ago.


Invasive activities (such as depositing human remains inside Newgrange) done in later times by migrant populations do not count as proper human usage.

We, Pleiadian builders of megaliths, have designed our sites around the planet to be co-dependent on the participation of human consciousness. Without the human factor, our megalithic sites wouldn’t be able to function fully. Our megalithic sites around the globe, therefore, all need the activation by human consciousness to come fully out of their sleep mode.

Three key elements must be in place to fully activate a megalithic site:

1) planetary alignment,

2) our invitation,

3) your participation.

The coded time for the activation of the Newgrange portal was 12.21.2020. The planetary alignment (the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn on Winter Solstice) combined with the maturation of human consciousness and the urgent demand from the dark situation of COVID19 plandemic made it possible for us to announce the Newgrange Initiation Rite. This was an essential step for the mutual activation of Newgrange and the human initiates.

The human initiates activated Newgrange, and Newgrange activated the human initiates. The mutual activation took place on the astral level in the 4D, in the astral temple of Newgrange—the Para Newgrange, so to speak, in a parallel reality. 

In more poetic terms, the Newgrange Womb Temple gave birth to a Child of Light in multiple individuals in multiple countries, and the Child of Light in them gave Newgrange the opportunity to be a womb portal to light again. This was a powerful and unprecedented soul act.

Why Newgrange, not Stonehenge?

5. Why Newgrange, not Stonehenge?

Why was Newgrange, not Stonehenge, the first megalithic temple activated at Dawn? Many of you wonder.

Stonehenge is certainly more well-known and more iconic in pop cultures than Newgrange. But Stonehenge is in a dilapidated state. Its current situation of missing half of its original structure, a half ruin, cannot deliver the core message that we, the returning Civilization Mission, wish to convey to you.

Newgrange, in comparison, is a temple that has completely preserved and still accurately delivers the core message, which has to do with mending your estranged relationship with the Earth and Sun, with the source of life.

Newgrange is the perfect Womb Temple, aligned with the Sun and the Galactic Sun, to birth new humanity of light (Homo Luminous, so to speak) for the coming Age of Light.

Stonehenge, on the other hand, lacks an enclosed dome structure in its 3D physicality and therefore cannot best assist the human imagination of a womb space of light in the 4D.

Based on evaluations of the returning Civilization Mission, Newgrange was chosen to be the first megalithic site activated at Dawn. It wasn’t an arbitrary decision of ours, the Pleiadian Group of 8 who had designed and built Newgrange. We were appointed by the Council to be the first team to reveal and revive ancient Pleiadian megalithic sites on Earth.

Why Newgrange, not Pyramid?

6. Why Newgrange, not the Great Pyramid?

The Great Pyramid and the other two pyramids on the Giza plateau are also megalithic portals into other dimensions and also more iconic in pop cultures.

But the pyramids were not womb temples. They were not built to mimic the Earth Womb, even though they have served as temple spaces for initiation rites, just as their builders, the Sirian Technos, had intended. Their external form and internal structure are something quite different from the uterine space of the human female, which gives you the most intimate archetypal connection to the Earth Womb.

The building of a civilization of light follows a process similar to a human child’s development: first comes the mother figure and then the father figure into the child’s awareness. We followed this order thousands of years ago when we seeded the light of civilization and are following the same order as we return now to rebuild a civilization of light.

We, your Pleiadian family of light, played a mother role in the growth of your civilization, and a father role in the Sirian family of light. We, the two sets of your closest human family in space, shall continue this order of roles in assisting you during the long portal phase of Dawn. Understandably, a womb temple built by us, the Pleiadian mother figure, must be activated before a pyramid built by the Sirian father figure can be activated.


(Read More: Pleiadian - Sirian Alliance)

What's next for Newgrange?

7. What's next for Newgrange?

From here on, the Newgrange portal stays open to assist those who wish to embark on a journey of radical self-transformation, to become multidimensional humans of light—to become Children of Light. The initiation rite, Born into the Light, which results in birthing within oneself a new vibrational state best named as a Child of Light, began on 2020’s Winter Solstice and will continue as a yearly rite, free and open to all.

The physical Newgrange in the material realm of 3D, maintained by the Irish government, is accessible to tourists as a national heritage showcase. The nonphysical Newgrange in the astral realm of 4D, maintained by her Pleiadian makers, is accessible to her initiates, her Children of Light, as a Temple of Light providing them protection, guidance, and nurturance.

Now that the first megalithic temple activated on Earth, a vibrational possibility opens up for our megalithic sites around the globe to be activated one by one in due time.

To rebuild a civilization of light, you and us must join hands in activating the very megalithic foundation of civilization that we have built for you, our family on Earth.


(Read More: The Megalithic Foundation of Civilization)

What is Newgrange-born?

8. What's a Newgrange-born Child of Light?

Child of Light logo (sun).jpg

Child of Light” signifies a new state of human consciousness.

A Child of Light is an individual who has made a conscious soul act to form a new relationship with oneself and the cosmos through birthing within a new archetypal human who vibrates in harmony with the ascending Earth. Awakened and multidimensional, a Child of Light lives in the light: in blissful alignment with the source of light—the Spiritual Sun (Ra)—which can be accessed on multiple levels.

Child of Light replaces the old archetype: Child of the Shadows or Child of the Matrix (a symbol for the low-vibe humanity, alienated and enslaved during the historical era of darkness). The new archetypal humans, Children of Light, will play a key role and plays a key role in rebuilding a Civilization of Light for the coming Age of Light.

Child of Light is a free, autonomous being of power. Becoming a Child of Light is an act of rebellion.

One becomes a Newgrange-born Child of Light through the initiation rite, Born into the Light, which occurs every Winter Solstice at Newgrange (in the 4D). The initiation rite provides a ritual occasion to make a conscious soul bond with Earth, Sun, Ra, the Pleiadian family, the Sirian family, and the Newgrange temple herself.

Once initiated, the Newgrange-born Children of Light have free, lifelong access to Newgrange as their personal Temple of Light.

2022 Child of Light Initiation Rite

2021 Child of Light Initiation Rite

2020 Child of Light Initiation Rite

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